Surprise Guests, Hidden Beauty & Unexpected Gifts in Wyoming


After our amazing time in Colorado, we didn’t know what to expect from Wyoming and like some places are more like stop-overs for us, we figured it, too, might end up being more of a transition to just get us further up north. However, what I continually discover is that no matter where you are you can find interesting things to experience and hidden treasures around every corner, and our first two stops in Wyoming have proved just that with unexpected gifts and even a surprise guest!


I received interesting information that my sweet Pisces friend, Janet, was only about 8 or so hours away from us just before we headed out from Estes Park, Colorado to Laramie, Wyoming. Janet was on her own personal journey that had taken its own surprising twist, starting out as just a one day trip, but turning into an open-ended excursion. Janet had been traveling for almost two weeks before getting to us, following a similar, but abbreviated path that we had taken, as she so sweetly shared being inspired by the photos and experiences I’ve been sharing.

When we discovered she was close behind, rather than turn around to go a different route and start heading home, she decided to join us at our next stop.

And so she did.


We felt a little bad that the two places we would spend time with her happened to be these transition areas for us, and so our usual beautiful (oftentimes spectacular) rv sites, were just regular rv parks off the highway.

Yet, having great company and opening to the unknown experience proved a gift and as always shares how valuable being present in the moment with an open heart to what shows up without expectations, will shower you with valuable experiences.

And so we shared a wonderful time the last four nights and four days, since Janet’s arrival the evening of Thursday, June 9th.

Dave and I made our journey to Laramie, Wyoming on Wednesday morning, getting to see herds of Pronghorn running in the open fields along the way. We continued to see Pronghorn nearly every day thereafter, each time we drove through the flat open plains of the area.

By the time we set up and had a late lunch, the day was gone, but with the long sunshine filled days until 9pm or more, we went for an evening hike to acclimate ourselves to the area and get acquainted with it like we always do.

This took us to Medicine Bow Routt National Forest enjoying a 3 mile loop through the forest and past several flowing streams and beaver ponds, as well as across beautiful fields lit by the setting sun.


The next day we drove out to Vedauwoo where we enjoyed Turtle Rock Trail, which was beautiful with tons of beaver ponds throughout and unique rock outcroppings and formations people can rock climb (and were).



That evening we received Janet’s arrival along with her sweet little Daisy (who’s part Chihuahua and Poodle) and shared a jackfruit taco dinner, I put together for us, over conversations of her adventures that led her to us so far and sharing some of our own.

The sky also greeted Janet with a wildly vibrant pink, blue, purple and yellow sky with lightning storms lighting up the dark clouds in the distance every second, which was ominously like an apocalypse was upon us. 🙂

20160609_203618_resizedsunset and lightning


The next morning we set up our umbrella over the picnic table and enjoyed breakfast and lunch outdoors, while continuing to catch up, relax, do a little writing, and then made our way to our first hike together.



This took us on a drive out to Centennial to the Little Laramie Trailhead, which was a gorgeous hike we all really loved.


From the minute we stepped out of the car we were greeted by the beautiful pine aroma that was intoxicating. We enjoyed this stunning 4 and 1/2 mile loop trail that follows a portion of the North Fork of the Little Laramie River.


We did both the River Trail and Meadow Loop Trails (upper and lower), which meandered along and through streams, took us by beaver ponds and scenic views of the river valley with the larger mountains in the background, and across meadows and through forests – all along with perfect temperatures and fun times choosing our footing through the water and mud.


Even little Daisy enjoyed wading in the streams, but we cleansed our feet in the pools and all came out of the forest fresh and clean, inside and out.


That evening we decided on exploring the town and a cool restaurant we’d found called Sweet Melissa’s. So we meandered the eclectic part of town along the train tracks where the cool Big Hollow Food Co-op is that we’d shopped at the day before.


We had a little wait for a table – the vegan and vegetarian restaurant was super crowded and lively, rivaling places in LA – so we walked down the street to have some drinks at Born in a Barn. I enjoyed a gingerale, while Dave and Janet sampled some local beers.

Then we headed back to Sweet Melissa’s enjoying both great conversation and delicious food that included Falafel Sliders, Lentil Curry, Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burritos, and Jerk Seitan with coconut rice, plantains, onions, peppers, and pineapple. Yum! We took home leftovers that we enjoyed at lunch the next day.

Almost every day we also encountered a rabbit or two and this would solidify a magickal unfolding was always at hand.


This celebrated the end to our time in Laramie, as the next morning on Saturday, we were off to Green River, Wyoming.


It was a four hour drive for us, so by the time we settled in and ate our late lunch left overs, we decided to just drive through the town to check it out and stopped at a park along the river.


The winds were crazy and a light rain started, so after playing in the playground on swings, we headed back.

No sooner did we get home, did the rain stop, the skies cleared, and a double rainbow decided to gift us a welcome.


20160612_100532_resized20160612_101055_resized20160612_105721_resized20160612_110724_resized20160612_110733_resizedThe next day we got out early and drove to the Flaming Gorge, which extends from Wyoming into Utah.


We decided to go to the Utah end, hearing it was the most scenic, passing over Flaming Gorge Dam and had lunch at Red Canyon Lodge (salads and vegetable pastas) in a beautiful outdoor setting looking out at a lake with birds buzzing all around.


It was a long drive, but the day of beauty was a gift as we took in 3 miles of the Red Canyon Overlook Trail with stunning vistas of Flaming Gorge and the Green River and then ending the day wandering a little over a mile of Little Hole Trail that follows Green River.


So we were able to see and experience the river from both above and below. 🙂

We even had a Golden Eagle sighting while at the Overlook who flew through the Gorge and then right to us when we said “come back this way”.

It was a really beautiful day.


Janet left us today to go check out another part of Wyoming before connecting with us again on Tuesday for one more evening at the entrance to Grand Teton National Park.

But just before Janet headed out in the early afternoon today she and I spent about 4 hours together on the Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop, but I’ll save that for the next blog and story, as it was a perfect send off to the area with a very sacred and powerful experience for us both.


Until then, I hope you enjoy these highlights we’ve found in Wyoming.

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed our time with both Janet and Daisy.


Daisy became well integrated with all of the fur babies aboard the Magick Bus.


Tomorrow we’ll be stationed in Moran, Wyoming, just 1 mile from the entrance of Grand Teton and 32 miles from Yellowstone.

From here, we’ll be able to explore both and being in the south end of the massive Yellowstone, will allow us to explore 3 ends of the park on this trip, as after that we’ll be headed into Montana and enjoying West and North stops as well. Very excited!

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  1. The iris or orchid like flowers, picture #8, are really intriguing. Never saw those before. Any clue what they are called?

    I think you’re subtly bolstering my dream stream, here, from over there. LOL 🙂

    • yes! they are so amazing and enchanting aren’t they? i’ve not seen them before, nor many other wild flowers i keep coming across. wish i knew their name, but don’t. if laura sees this, maybe she’ll know. it’s such a beautiful time of year because all of the wild flowers are blooming in the fields and forests..i can’t get enough of them!

      hehe!! sneaks!! you’ll get your flowing water yet!! 😉

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