Accelerated Support for Embracing the New with Opened Hearts & Creative Explosions

Me at Machu Picchu

As I’ve been immersed in Reiki, animal spirit guide and intuitive support sessions lately, I have been experiencing a lot of the same themes coming up for others and am excited to feel the courageous motivation coming through from those really ready to rock and roll! Many are hitting that breaking point where change is upon them whether they consciously wanted it or not…the secret is – you do, as we create our realities, and now is the perfect time to take advantage of the energies that can support this new time of exciting, creative experience into a more joyous and empowered you.

It’s awesome to see all of the beautiful souls that are emerging into their light at this time and wanting to embrace things in more depth and fullness. Even with those I have had in classes and that I come in contact with on a regular basis, it is clear to me people are eager to move into a new experience and just needing gentle assistance, personalized support, inspiration, clear and focused reiteration, more resonating energy and like-mindedness around them, and comforting motivation to get both feet over the fence.

These are pivotal times for not letting go of the dreams you’ve been envisioning and a little loving nudge and guidance can be the way to remembering who you are, seeing through and stepping out of the delusions of the illusions – outer, conditioned patterns and stimulation, fears and self sabotage – and honing in on the gifts you already possess, but just need empowering from within. This is now a time for a new way of relaxing into the very heart and essence of you and “being” rather than striving for, right here and right now.

I had started offering “The Empowered Visionary” Email Support a couple of months ago, as well as have just recently added combined Reiki Healing Attunement and Animal Spirit Guide Sessions to mirror the needs of others and provide accelerated support in ways I can. (for more on Reiki Healing Attunement and Animal Spirit Guide Sessions, see below)

“The Empowered Visionary” Email Support was created to aid co-creation of the New Earth that is birthing by empowering the visionary leaders.

You can read about “The Empowered Visionary” Email Support at the link above, but basically what I’m offering is a partnership of support to help motivate, activate, nurture, empower, inspire, reveal, and kick start things into gear so that you can begin to share the joys and gifts of your heart as you were meant to – one visionary to another! I offer this in email support ONLY, but with a special focus:

  • To inspire a call to action
  • Work co-creatively and co-supportively together in responsible partnership

So…..If you are you able to: 

  1. Commit to taking responsibility
  2. Open your heart courageously and vulnerably to go deeper than you ever have
  3. Be willing to explore new perspectives
  4. Be willing to let go of preconceived ideas
  5. Be willing to hold unconditional and non-judgmental detachment
  6. Take action immediately in steps conducive to the level of what you desire 
  7. Be ready to bring your inner world into the outer world 
  8. Be ready to embrace change in big ways

Then this may be the perfect partnership for you.

I find email/writing to be a safe way and a way for people, myself included, to really let go and to flow with their thoughts – especially the creative and visionary minds. For me, writing is a way to process through things and much of the time, after I have written something out, the light bulb takes place. It just needed that committed, safe process to explore and allow energy to move. Then it also provides a log of what is shared that you can re-read and go back to or print out to use as you need and find new gems each time.

To have someone that can intuitively mirror, while holding that space for you,  and that truly understands and can offer a resonating hand, can make a big difference. This is a way to not only kick start the action you desire in your life, as well as revitalize the actions you have been taking, but you will also experience more magic in your life, experience more synchronicity, embrace deeper joy, find more balance and in essence experience being more in touch with your heart authenticity so that you can be the empowered, unique and beautiful visionary you are.

Heart of flowers we created at a heart-opening, shamanic ceremony in Peru

How much do you value living with greater peace, courageous passion, and infectious inspiration? I know for me, it means everything to me, because I can’t provide the level of service I share with the world through my creations, if I don’t first have that experience and connection within myself. If you also desire to be of your highest potential and greatest service and good in the world, then it starts with you. Empowering other visionaries is important to me, as I see the creative visionaries as leading the creation of a new experience for the collective here on Earth, as we journey into the world of creative thought and love.

Creative energy is powerful and is coming to the forefront of a new reality we are creating through our hearts together. Creativity is being nurtured and respected more now and with progression this is the automatic mode of existence we move into. It is a vital aspect to living from exercise our creative potentials.

“The Empowered Visionary” Email Support Investment into You: (Secure Paypal Credit Card Payments Accepted Only)

  • 1 email + Response ~ $44 
  • 5 emails + Responses ~ $175 (1+ free) 
  • 10 emails + Responses ~ $350 (2+ free) 
  • 25 Emails + Responses ~ $965 (3+ free) 
  • The Committed Visionary of Action Package:  1 month of one daily email and response ~ $1111 (almost 6 free)


Reiki Healing Attunement and Animal Spirit Guide Sessions

If you or the animal companions in your life are in need of healing support in some way, if there are intents and goals you want help in manifesting, fears and blocks to be released, stress, unclarity and confusion to be put at ease, or greater flow, inspiration and empowerment to be activated, then Reiki Healing Attunements combined with Animal Spirit Guide Sessions are opportunity to receive the support you desire.

These provide empowered healing that will leave you and/or an animal companion feeling refreshed and supported on every level, while balancing the Chakras and stimulating the body’s own natural healing abilities. After a pre-session analysis, done via email, you’ll schedule a time and day for the session to take place which will be followed by a full, dedicated 30-minutes healing. Post-session, as a new sense of lightness is returned, you will receive a detailed email report of the session with insightful finding with an an optional animal spirit guide reading of the power animals that are with you and the wisdom they impart.

It is not necessary that you be physically present for a session, as Reiki is easily administered with the same results from a distance, allowing a personalized, remote and unobtrusive experience (you stay at home, the energy gets sent to you).

Reiki Healing Attunement and Animal Spirit Guide Sessions Investment into You: (Secure Paypal Credit Card Payments Accepted Only)

  • 1 session with email report ~ $65
  • 4 sessions with email reports package ~ $195 (1 free)
  • 8 sessions with email reports package ~ $390 (2 free)
  • 20 sessions with email reports ~ $1100 (3+ free)


If interested in beginning “The Empowered Visionary” Email Supportor having a Reiki Healing Attunement and Animal Spirit Guide Session, you may contact me at

These are not posted on my website, so the only way to acquire this service is by emailing me. So if you or someone you know is interested and stumbles upon or is looking for just what I’m offering, pass this along and send me a message so we can discuss where you’re at, and if this kind of support would be a good match that would benefit you. Gift certificates available for others as well.

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