Cosmic Heart Activation Bimini Retreat Update

I’m getting more and more excited and filled with beautiful heart-expansive chills as things evolve with the Bimini Retreat and I watch the perfect group start to form that will be sharing the energy of the week together.

I will continue to post updates on any new information and spaces that are available.

Of the 20 spaces available for the Reiki, raw food and dolphin communion retreat, we now only officially have 16 left.

Of the original 5 spots available for the Atlantis Vortex boat trip on the 21st, we now only have 1 spot available.  

Many have shared their resonance and said they will be joining, but as a reminder, your spot can only be held with a deposit. If you want to hold your spot, a deposit of$500 is needed for the retreat and $150 for the Vortex trip. Once the boat Vortex trip is filled, we will be taking names for a waiting list in case someone can’t make it or anything changes, which can tend to happen with very potent experiences such as this, where the right energetic mix of souls will be called together.

For those that want to stay on and connect with us doing the meditation on the boat Vortex trip, at the same time, there is also an optional land Vortex trip available.

The boat vortex trip is $300 extra which includes staying at The ARC. If staying at Bimini Bay, there will be a charge for the hotel room in addition (around $500). In this excursion, we would take a boat to the Atlantis Vortex, an area approximately 35 miles from Bimini in the Atlantic Ocean, part of the Bermuda Triangle where many mysteries have occurred. It is believed that the power crystal of Atlantis is beneath the waves in this area. It is an energy field of immense proportions where we will meditate and work with the new waves of information and consciousness being brought forth to assist our transition, anchoring the energies of this Harmonic Convergence 12/21/12 with our higher vibratory selves. This is a day trip with limited room and weather permitting.

The land Vortex is an area on the north tip of the island that the energy lines run through, it is a remote area, and a good walk. Those who choose this option can connect in with us doing the meditation, on the boat, at the same time, which will make for a very powerful group intent and collective activation. This journey is $150 extra which includes staying at the ARC and includes your food.

Please mention at time of booking, if you feel drawn to join one of these Vortex trips, as space is limited and arrangements will need to be made.

The energies of the trip will be very powerful and the Vortex trip will be very intense. We will recommend a book for those participating in the Vortex trip to read prior to coming to ensure everyone is prepared for the energy we will be connecting with.

Reposted from the Awakening Website:

The last of the triple dates in this ‘final countdown’ is 12-12-12.  On this date, the Crystal of Thoth will be activated beneath Lake Titicaca, along with the Ruby Fire Crystal of Energy, in Bimini.  The Crystallization of the planet will complete.  What occurs on the 12-12-12 is the Ascension.

With all nine of these master Crystals active, the new Earth grid will then achieve full programming.  Ten days later, in support of the harmonic convergence of planets, this new grid will be launched.  What takes place on December 21,2012 is the birthing solstice of the New Earth. At that time, the Earth will journey through a Time gate where a new world will be born.

For more information on the entire trip visit Bimini 2012

Contact me at with questions and to secure your spot.

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