Sacred Tattoo Consultations Now Available PLUS “Spiritual Skin” Updates

Sacred Tattoo Consultations:

I receive a lot of inquiries and questions about tattoos and people wanting to receive advice or get my input and ideas on things. I end up spending a lot of time, as it is my desire to be of service and help people as much as possible. However, I can’t possibly continue to keep giving away my time, as I have services I need to be tending to and have to utilize my time and energy wisely for all of the new creations I am channeling and that have timing needs to get turned out by, as well as “actual” clients I do assist.

So for those who would like assistance with zeroing in on the energy and specific design elements, placement, images, flow, etc. (for your sacred tattoo) that would be most resonating and supportive for your personal journey and what you are wanting to create in your life, I am now offering “solo” consultations via email (same as I did before with the sacred tattoo design process), but minus the actual design work.

Of course, for those still wanting assistance with me actually designing the piece for you, I am still available to commission for this work at the same service rate as before: Sacred Tattoo Design. This service rate of $125/hour was for actual pencil to paper time and the consulting (usually done through extensive emails), research, meditation, and any extra goodies I infused into the process were added gifts to the very intensive journey.

However, for those who still want the help, may not be able to manage the design service rate, but still want to ensure they are manifesting the perfect energy for their lives, you can now receive consulting support, which still includes the same process I offered before, minus the design work.

To receive sacred tattoo email consultation, simply contact me at The rate for email consulting is:

  • $55 per email plus response 
If more than one email is needed here are some packages:
  • $125 per 3 emails plus responses ($40 discount)
  • $195 per 5 emails plus responses ($80 discount)

Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep

A surprise is in store for Spiritual Skin. I will share more when I am able. Thank you to all the beautiful reader testimonials and for the loving support with this book, whose message I feel has really been part of a huge paradigm shift in consciousness on this subject. I’ll keep you posted. For any readers who haven’t shared a review, testimonial, or comment, I’d be grateful to hear from you. You can post your reviews here: Reader Reviews


After this month, the ebook – PDF version of Spiritual Skin will no longer be available. You will still be able to access it electronically via Kindle and get your own Paperback version on Amazon.


James Spooner working on my dragon

A couple of weeks ago Allison and I went in for a back-to-back “spiritual skin” tattoo session with LA’s vegan tattoo artist, James Spooner, who specializes in quality tattoos with no ethical compromise. Yes, he is the same James Spooner that directed the documentary film, Afro-Punk, that explores race identity in the punk scene. We love James! He is just a super cool, sweet, talented, eclectic, great energy, (and vegan!) guy! I met James at World Fest last year and had kept in contact since, watching the output of great work he was doing over the year. So when the timing presented itself, and Allison was game, it would be our turn to sample a little of his energy. Yay!

I was there to just touch up and finalize my magical dragon (so, no, nothing new!) It was super cool, as not only had I never went with a friend to get a tattoo, or had company along the journey, but the highlight was being able to see in person one of my designs come to life on skin! I had designed Allison’s very first tattoo, which started out as a lovely wrist design, but as she shifted, became a gorgeous and powerful, large upper back and neck piece! I was so proud of her to say the least and James worked his skills with the design to add some of his own magical elements. A potent co-creative sacred tattoo! Even Allison’s husband, Chris, joined us later for the fun (his first time witnessing a tattoo session)! Firsts for everyone!

We looked like we were camping out for the weekend, as we lugged in bags and backpacks full of vegan and raw vegan food and drink for the long day ahead (12:30 through 8:30pm). James is now at his own solo studio spot – Monocle Tattoo, a very cool one indeed, and we were excited to be some of his very first clients to visit the new studio.

Was interesting timing, as it was just two days into my personal time off I took, unbeknownst to me I’d be taking it!

We wanted to capture photos of the art in progress to be able to share and document, so we just shot what seemed like normal, random images (actually Allison and Chris did all the photography). But when she shared them with me today and I finally viewed the images taken, I was beside myself at what a comical array of images it was!! Or, at least it was to us! It was such a dichotomy of silly satire vs. the reality of intensity of the process. Anyway, will be sharing the images in a fun you-tube video montage soon. Allison still has a couple more sessions, so who knows what will be caught on film.

I had no intention of sharing the images, but since they were so naturally candid and just us “being us,” I thought it would be great to share the process.

~ Empowering lives, one sacred tattoo at a time! ~ 

If interested in a sacred tattoo consultation, sacred tattoo design, or have any questions about sacred tattoos or my book, you can contact me at 

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  1. This is a really fantastic. All the things you do. I especially like the little Vegan part.

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