Earth Love


With a New Moon in Earthy Taurus, today’s 50th Earth Day celebration gets an extra boost of reflection upon what is of most authentic value in our lives and points a light at how we can together live in greater harmonious alignment with our Mother Terra – the most amazing mother we’ll ever have who gives unconditionally without ever asking from us in return. Let us take her example to heart and root a deeper level of compassion in action as a way of being.

Although today is the 50th celebration, every day is, and always has been, Earth Day and every day is opportunity to return to natural harmony within and without. May we walk with mindfulness, be the change, actively steward Nature with compassion and love, never take our beautiful Mother Terra and all of her children for granted, live with gratitude and greater awareness of all the gifts our home provides us, and come together to beautify and enrich this planet so that our ancestors and children will be proud and the universe smiles upon us.

We’ve been planting our love seeds for Earth by getting our yard and garden going here. Astrid has a small batch of fresh, homegrown yummies to look forward to in the Garden Tower to include her favorites – lavender, peppermint, sweet mint, dill, cilantro, curly parsley and flat Italian parsley. It seems like Terra and the Faeries are smiling down upon our new plant babies, infusing magickal rainbow light nurturing for them to grow with vibrancy. 


My larger garden is slowly growing back this year too, which includes a lot of lavender and other blooms. Yesterday we just had all of the front, side and back yards cleaned up from Fall and Winter, turned on the sprinkler system again now that temperatures are above freezing at night, and had our roof cleaned of pine needles. I cleaned up all the pots and garden of the old cycle of plants and today am going to plant some seeds in the larger garden.


There are so many new green shoots sprouting everywhere, daffodil and iris plants galore out front ready to pop with color, and a lot of new plant surprises seeded by the forest critters and elements on the way. Inside, kept safe, I have strawberry plants for Astrid too. I need to grow them indoors to keep the strawberries intact for her, as the forest animals love to gobble them up. That’s also why I only plant herbs, as they don’t seem to be interested in them and I don’t particularly want to do a lot of netting and extravagant housing to keep them away from plants.

I love everything to commingle naturally. One day I’ll get my small dream greenhouse, but for now I enjoy the simple life and organic ways of beautifying and cultivating.


Another way we’ve been giving back to our Earth Mother was by planting new tree babies.

Before hiking on Saturday we donated to Sugar Pines Foundation and picked up our bag of sugar pine tree seedlings to plant in Tahoe for the 50th Earth Day celebrations this week. Pick up was curbside to receive a bag of 15 babies to help with the restoration effort of natural regeneration of sugar and white pines in the Tahoe region and beyond. Sugar Pines are the world’s largest pine and they and the white pines are only about 5% of the trees here still, due to a non-native invasive fungus – blister rust – that killed them off.


This felt very resonant especially given my word for 2020 you might recall is “regeneration” and I love the forest and trees. We decided to plant ours around the house and in our forest yard. We look forward to nurturing them and watching them grow tall and strong over the years to come.


And indoors, Astrid is doing a lot of grounding, as you can see below by her nestled up against her Quartz and Amethyst friends. I love how both her nose markings and the Amethyst create a heart. She adores Mother Terra, as after all, rabbits are ground dwellers, feeling safest with all four feet solidly anchored and are at home within her womb.

Alongside outdoor cultivating and regenerating, I’ve also been a busy bee indoors, as new seems to be sprouting everywhere. I’ve done some Spring cleaning and have seen the blossoming of new client relationships from all over the world I’m honored to support, a potential new book cover project I’m exploring, been wrapping up Magick Rabbit gifts beautiful souls have been sending off to friends in need of a smile right now, and still crafting my novel with the continually shifting energies that come through.

It’s been busier than I had imagined, which means scaling down again and making sure to adhere to timeline schedules to maintain balance.

All in all, everything feels fresh and mirroring of Earth’s sprouting joy and colorful canvas strokes she gifts us with at this time of year. And I’m looking to Mother Terra as my example, leaning into her cycles and surrendering to the natural flow of inner wisdom that knows better than any contrived idea I try to create.

astrid earth love

May each step we take be gentle and kind and every footstep leave an imprint of love.


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Thank you for planting some Sugar Pines. It is a magnificent tree species with huge cones!

    • my pleasure!! ❤ i love the sugar pines and their cones! it's rare that we come across them, as they are hidden amidst some hikes we do, but it's a joy to see them. i have one of their amazing royal cones sitting in front of me on my desk. i just LOVE them!

  2. Weeeee! Happy Earth Day to you and Astrid! It’s sleeting here right now, so no gardening today, but it’s a New Moon henna mud pie day. 🙂 Lots of love ….

  3. Wow Tania. Lots of regeneration going on with gardening, planting, nurturing, and playing of course! Happy Earth Day. 🌍

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