Money, Physical Well Being…The Abundant Journey to Center – Integrating It All Without Any Charge

Being, doing, and having….

We can think of life having three dimensions: being, doing, and having. Often we attempt to live our lives backwards. We try to have more money in order to feel we can do more of what we want, so we can be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. We must first be who we really are, then do what we feel guided to do, in order to have what we want.

Shakti Gawain

~ I allow myself to be; I do what feels right; I have everything I truly want. ~

Today’s post was actually one I had wanted to post about 2 weeks ago and is based on information I once posted on facebook about the topic of abundance and money. Prompted by a lot of recent personal reflections, discussions, sharings by a dear friend, and feeling the collective energy, I felt it important to repost some of this and offer a few perspectives.

While none of this is really new information, as everything is recycled with new perspectives and energy, just because we mentally “know” something doesn’t mean we have learned to fully integrate it into our lives in every way. We get easily convinced that the buck stops at the mental understanding. Remember, we also have the emotional, physical and spiritual bodies to process. The emotional and physical, usually being the most challenging and last pieces, as emotional is very deep-seeded and works in trickier, subconscious, more hidden and potentially self sabotaging ways. And the physical is one that many light workers have moved so far away from in developing their spiritual consciousness, while expanding energetically.

Life is not about pulling to one end of the spectrum of duality over the other, or that one is “better” than the other. If that were true, we would not be in human form and have emotional and spiritual bodies simultaneously. We are full spectrum beings with full spectrum experiences available to us! We mustn’t forget any one of our parts. It’s about the need for integration and balance and returning to that which we have journeyed away from in order to develop the other side and help to shift things collectively. The real shift will come, though, when we make friends with all of our parts and are able to become master magicians of our ENTIRE life. We may end up looking like the proverbial “fool” card (card #zero or 22 in the tarot deck) to many along our journeys, yet the fool holds secret mastery that so simplistically encapsulates the seeming complexity of the complete cycle of the rest of the “cards of life” #’s 1-21.

We are all on different legs of the journey and have different parts to play. There is no place for judgment of where anyone is at. In simplified terms, a very male oriented and traditionally and physically based, structured, aggressive, powering over energy has been slowly balanced out by those shifting into the more female oriented, unconventionally and spiritually/emotionally based, flowing, peaceful and empowered within and power to create energy. In doing so, many light workers have turned their backs on the old ways in order to strengthen the new ways to level out the balancing scale. This was needed to equalize the playing field so to speak and to help shift things into a new reality of experience. However, there is the tendency to continue further and further towards one end of duality, pulling the rubber band so tight between its opposite that it will eventually snap, blow out, or short circuit! Not to mention, an imbalance gets created and there can still be a subconscious or conscious charge in opposition to the opposite, also creating the constant turmoil and battle within and without.

Many have started their journey back towards center, which is the experience of integration that is now needed in our return to natural harmony with all.

With the wisdom gained, we are able to make the journey back with our sack full of all of our goodies (the fool card again – see right) that we’ve acquired in our processes along the way and are able to utilize these gifts to magically master all of the elements. We can stand in the middle of anything, integrating it all without charge and flowing in oneness with bigger picture vision of the wholeness of everything.

While necessary to have strengthened the feminine side, it is not the “end all” answer. The key lies center at a third position that encompasses all things simultaneously and can dip in and out of each polarity or be of both at any given moment without any judgment or attachment to either. I believe that many of us have at least mentally grasped this in it’s entirety, as stated, since this is the easiest part to integrate. Where we fall short is in emotionally and physically integrating. My guess is that some may be partially or half way there emotionally and the physical is the remaining fullness to incorporate. Which brings us back to abundance and money, and even our physical health.

I have found that for myself, I have also expanded so much in the polarity opposite of the male (yang) into the female (yin) that I’ve actually short circuited or blown out. According to Laura Bruno, medical intuitive, and my own naturopath and my own intuiting, it then appears as a yin deficiency alongside a yang deficiency. Not that either are not operating, but the yang would be in non-full or non-productive form and the yin would be way overblown. This coincides with the DNA shifts and our body’s energetics becoming more crystalline and light form, requiring and calling for “new” ways to support and nurture it that are not the ways we have been used to. However, the intent is not to disengage and allow our temple bodies to disintegrate or break down, but rather to rebuild them into new and revitalized forms by operating at optimal with all of our pieces integrated with the new energy and new ways of being from both sides of duality, as one newly created divinity of being.

Many light workers are experiencing the physical breakdowns and manifestations of what seems like unhealthiness, but rather it is a call to action that we take a new approach and not turn our backs on our bodies, but harmonize them with our gained understandings and work with them with our acquired learnings and new energies, while aligning them in natural harmony with earth. To follow the natural rhythms guided by intuitive flow and being in our hearts with love for all of creation, which includes all of what we each are embodiments of, is key. There is no sin of the body and no sin of things. It is an illusion and the way we have attached ideas to, and value to, or used things in control over or with unhealthy fears at core, or the values we have assigned some things over others, and the judgments based on conditioned patterns and instilling from others, that is the real issue. The culmination of getting hit with so many seeming “issues” right now really is a sign that all things are progressing perfectly and reminding us of the last pieces to integrate so that the new experiences can be in their entirety – not on a half full tank.

We need very grounded and strong foundations for these new forms we are becoming and for the new we are creating, so as not to recreate the same again. So completely stripping away the old foundation and rebuilding a new is of importance. We can’t continue building the new, as we have, on an old, outmoded and weakened foundation, which is what we have  been doing. We have been building taller and taller, our sky scrapers, but in order to ensure them not crumbling, we are getting the nudges to go back and work at the ground level with the new wisdom we have gained. We need not tear down all that we built, as we have the ingenious capability to work below the surface from a new perspective that will not topple our work, but merely strengthen it deeper.

This reflects in our Chakras and our movement back into the lower Chakras now from a new enlightened perspective to regenerate them into full and optimal empowerment and expression, just as we have been doing with our upper Chakras. The beauty and magic lies in the clicking on of all lights simultaneously at full potential.

It is time to explore those last pieces that are holding you back in whatever part of your life that seems to be operating at less than and understand the message and hidden teaching that can unlock and release you from the perpetual patterns and hindrances.

So, the judgment of money as evil, negative, bad, something to control with, or even the judgments of it being something you have to work hard for, isn’t spiritual, doesn’t come easy, or isn’t something that you create from doing what you love, as those are meant to be hobbies and not real jobs or meant to be given away free…these are all some of the core reasons preventing abundance for many light workers. Not to mention, not valuing yourself, not valuing that your work is important and equal to any other kind of work, fears of being all that you are, guilt around having more than others, fear that the money will make you into others that use it as power over, and non-trust in yourself as to being able to utilize the abundance in productive and beneficial ways…all come into play and then some, in hindering the ability to have the abundance the universe offers us (which isn’t limited to any definition of what abundance includes). We are not meant to live with scarcity programming in any way. That was something learned, to unlearn.

Money is a tool for exchange. For people to complain about money in any form, even complaining about having to use it to pay for creative and healing services is something that takes place a lot. It takes energy to create and money is ONE form of exchange of energy. It is not the end with all, but it is also NOT the enemy. True we were once all involved in a beautiful time period of being our true selves and exchanged our gifts freely with each other. It wasn’t viewed as our “work” but simply an extension of who we are and freely giving and receiving with each other and there was no mind to payment – just simply being you and having everything you needed because of that way of living collectively. And potentially we will, and are returning to that, but in the meantime, the current form of money is simply that…an exchange of abundant energy between us, that may shift its form again, as we shift, but will do so when we shift our relationship to it and our judgment perspectives to match the rest of the ways we have been shifting.

Money isn’t the only form of exchange to energetically balance goods and services shared. Yet, there is nothing wrong with money. I have always found it very curious that some believe that being an abundant being means to have abundance in every way, BUT financially. Where was it written that money was not part of that equation? At least as long as that is our collectively chosen form to operate within for now. We are on this earth to learn to live as the abundant beings we are in every sense of that word, whatever way abundant translates in your life. It’s the attachment we have on things, the way we let things control us, or our misuse, judgment or scarcity programming that can get in the way.

Just because others abuse things doesn’t mean that you will. That is a conscious choice you can create for yourself. It’s something many have bought into, that money is wrong. It’s how people have abused it that is the issue, not the money itself. And yes, at some point money may not come into play again and trade services will be the focus, but until then, a shift in perspective on money and the value we place on ourselves is important and will help get us to a new experience.

As more visionaries, creative and spiritual innovators step forward, this is increasingly PART of the embracing needed and integration with that movement back towards center, along with our physicality. We are not to give up anything in our journey to center, but to incorporate all things in a new way, in order to be one with all and to experience all. This involves realizing your worth and equality and that what you have to offer is valuable in every sense of the word and by realizing that, others will mirror it. Don’t let others invalidate you or allow those viewpoints to further disintegrate your feelings towards yourself. Don’t allow the misinformed beliefs of others to shape your beliefs and life.

Just something to think about. If something isn’t operating at its potential in your life, there is something there to look at and shift in order to create the balance and fullness of experience we are born with access to.

The issue is not to chase after money, or anything for that matter, but to allow things to flow in and out of our lives without judgment, attachment or need for control. Things will reflect our abundant full potentials in natural ways however that is meant to be mirrored in your life, whether monetarily or otherwise. But believe you are always taken care of and that everything is in divine order.

What is the definition of abundance? Something that is plentiful and flowing in large quantities. The way our abundance works in this now moment is with consciousness of the flow in and out of anything and everything for a higher good in a loving, compassionate way. Nowhere does it talk about having a limit as to what can be part of that abundance. It doesn’t only, but can include money or not. Key is not to have a negative energy towards it or anything else for that matter, as it’s WE who foster the energy of something by how we perceive it and how we attach reflection to it. And anything we have learned or had subconsciously programmed into us, CAN be undone. Especially now. We have available to us SO much support and energy to shift things instantly. We need only to intend it and consciously see, to have things shift. And of course, it is always helpful to ask for assistance in any form that you are drawn to and to start “being” the new.

Scarcity consciousness limits the universal flow of abundance, and is rooted in fear. If you move beyond this and know that the universe provides “all” that “you” will allow, then there is never any fear of running out or not having. As my good friend Tim Fullerton (poet extraordinaire) shared in his good analogy, “It’s like electricity. There is not a good electricity that lights your home, and a bad electricity that gives you a shock. It is all in the use and value we put upon it.”

You may find that for the moment, depending on your individual place in the process, that you may need to divorce yourself from things, beliefs, or certain people or exposures and shut out that type of energy while you strengthen your natural “you” ways of being and believing. But then remember that the now is not about isolation or being separate and opposed to things. It is about being able to then re-enter anew with all the foundational gifts you acquired and then enjoy the magical fruits of integration and new perspectives you’ve gained that will create a new and full experience.

As a Pisces, I understand the need to create energetic AND actual boundaries in order to process and strengthen my own feelings without infiltration of anything “not” of me. But after stepping outside, I now know the importance of returning and relearning how to be able to, as I shared before, stand in the middle of anything and integrate it all without any charge.

So remember to be who YOU really are, and do what is in your heart, in order to have all the abundance that is available for you to embrace. At the core of who we each are is an integrated being that like the Universe, is all things and nothing at once. No judgment and no attachment, yet complete and abundant fullness of experience we can walk in and out of with unconditional love. We are the innovators of a new template in creation!

More on the physical aspects and some ways to help with these shifts, will be in the next blog.

Until then live, love, laugh, enjoy, create, share and give abundantly.

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