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Why All the Ladybugs at the Ocean’s Edge? – A Symbolic Message

ladybugEverything has meaning, at least that is how I choose to live my life. I see and receive symbolic meaning in all things in and around me, as well as create a consciously symbolic life of meaning and intentful purpose.

Whether small or big, I gratefully receive the beauty the Universe gifts me, enjoying the messages and connection the awareness of it all brings into my life. Sometimes that message is one of awareness to make compassionate and conscious change.

Yesterday I broke away for a couple of hours at the beach with a friend, and several new friends there, did I find.

It was a beautiful day with glistening sun on the ocean, as we walked and I looked for treasures from the sea, finding many.

What I also found were many little ladybugs at the water’s edge. I found this odd and pondered why, while in the process picked up two of them and placed them on my skin so that they could dry their wings in the sun light and my warmth.

These two little ones stayed with me, crawling and resting on my arm and my “Live Love” hoodie adorned with “Peace” sign for the entire walk, until their tiny wings were dry enough to set flight again.

The question still remains as to why ladybugs were at the ocean in the first place and after researching a bit, I found this was not an uncommon phenomena, yet still a mystery.

Some sources say that the ladybugs give birth during this time, and that some are blown to the coast when the Santa Ana winds whip through. And some debate how and why the ladybugs come to gather on the shorelines with two categories of reasoning: ladybugs floating to shore and ladybugs gathering at the shore from land. This would mean large numbers of synchronized ladybugs taking flight perhaps as a result of rapid growth in population in contrast to depletion of resources. In which case they may be setting off to forage or may be coming to shores to drink or gather there with reluctance to cross the water, after journey from land to the water’s edge in search.

And then some have thought ladybugs are blown or knocked into the water and then drift ashore caused by major winds or storms. It’s been shown that some ladybugs can float for over 150 hours with the estimated average time floating for washups to be about 33 hours.

So, were these ladybugs I found a product of environmental conditions or loss of resources? Or is there another mystery and message they are bringing to us? In either case, as with everything, there is something to be received by their coming to be found at the ocean’s edge. While I’d like to believe they love the ocean as much as I, I would tend to think that just like with the enormous amount of bees I’ve found on the water’s edge over the last year, that there is altogether another message in this and one to take to heart.

Since ladybugs are such beautiful symbols and good omens of things to come, would their message not be ironic in this context?

Lady bugs are a sign of good luck, of wishes coming true, love and protection. Lady bug wisdom according to my favorite shamanism site: 

Carries the Golden Strand that leads to the Center of the Universe 

Past lives 

Spiritual enlightenment 

Death and Rebirth 


Happiness, Love, Luck, Friendship

Good Deeds Done

We are definitely in a process of rebirthing and reinventing, myself included. What do you take away from their message?

All I know is that I wanted to save them and nurture them when I saw them and loved to be a stand in tree of energy for these two to find their strength again.

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