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Honoring Our Interconnectedness & the Souls Who Remind Us Of Our Song


I’ve been blessed with these four magickal souls in rabbit bodies in my life and have been forever changed because of them. They’ve all reminded me of my song, helping me get to where I am today. Our love transcends time, not to mention opens gateways through it. We have so much more to create together and I welcome walking that path with them in my heart and others that will join, as we do.

“The spiritual path is not a solo endeavor…We are in it together and the company of spiritual friends helps us realize our interconnectedness.” ~Tara Brach

I’m grateful for all of my soul family who have been a part of my life and helped me to remember who I am, which includes all connections that have intertwined and of course friends, loved ones, biological family, Cosmic family, and the other amazing souls who have come to me in animal bodies including the incredible Gaia my Russian Tortoise, Tee-Ta my first turtle love, Iris the white parakeet with aqua cheeks, and Sweetie and Girl my two powder blue parakeets.

It’s always amazing to me to look at how the tapestry has been woven into such richness because of all of the threads.

Honoring the Eternal Soul Bond Shared

Wishing my parents a beautiful anniversary, as they celebrate 48 truly devoted, unconditionally loving, and courageously committed years of expansive growth and partnered dance together and in union with my brother and me.

You and we have been through so much together, in this life and beyond. It is a gift to witness your evolution individually and together and to continue to see how true love supports continued growth in your life and as an extension into ours.

I am grateful for the soul agreement we made and committed to honor, for the love you’ve always shared, and for the challenges that have pushed me to grow into who I am and keep to my path while assisting you each with yours.

We have a unique soul family connection that is very rare.

Thinking of you on this day and always carrying you in heart and soul where ever I am.

Wishing you many more magickal years together on Earth and honoring the eternal soul bond you/we have and will continue to share beyond this realm.


A classic photo capturing the essence of my parents – Marie and Frank – taken one year ago on the cruise half of their epic Alaska journey, as they celebrated their anniversary. They had been inspired by the incredible adventure Dave and I had the year before there and got to experience their own magick, as they were gifted with amazing memories and once-in-a-lifetime sightings and animal encounters that created a most memorable trip for them.

Near or Far – You’re Always in My Heart

Staircase to the approaching full moon taken yesterday on my beach walk with Kate Magic at Crystal Cove

Answers received to some big questions recently, have had me connecting dots and understanding what I’ve been weaving since birth. It’s all revealing some adventurous new developments within my reach to joyously manifest in the coming months. This expanding core relationship within, is showing me the way it is translating outwardly, simply by allowing authenticity to live.

Look within your heart and ask…

It’s like reaching a fork in the road, but rather than only choosing from one of the path choices that lay ahead, I’m able to see and create a spiral staircase to the sky.

The new inspirations led me to ponder how it relates to who I am at heart and my soul mission, bringing me to reflect on the amazingly beautiful connections that fill my life with soulful friendships all around the globe. I find great peace, joy and comfort in the way this translates in my life.

I know many have found precious connections with people they either have never met in person, or perhaps have only met once, and yet maintain the most powerful bond that transcends all time and space.

It’s testament to our being a collective family and that there truly is no physical distance that can lessen the bonds we share. There is only eternal unity.

There are also those that despite all odds, find their way together in the physical as well. And that is a joyous celebration when we unite on all levels. Such was the case with my twin soul, Nestor, and our finding each other once again in this life.

However, the connections are experienced, the bottom line for me is they exist, they fill my heart, and having these depth-full experiences , alongside the connections with my celestial support system and my connection within, I never feel alone anymore.

Words can’t embrace the gratitude and magnitude of how I feel about the experiences of these friendships. I cherish the soul sisters and brothers I have had the opportunity to reconnect with and each day am awed by the synchronous way we all continue to connect more and more with our collective families.

Synchronously, as I’ve been pondering this and the ways it is getting woven into the fabric of new paths I’m being shown, my dear friend Kate Magic, whom you may have remembered from an interview she did with me last year about the significance of spiritual tattoos and my book, Spiritual Skin, arrived back in town just yesterday. My bestest faery sister, Laura Bruno, whom many of you also know and have heard about the many fun and pivotal, magical journeys she and I have shared, was the instrumental nudge in connecting Kate and I. (By the way, Laura, if you’re reading this, I’m looking forward to a faery gathering soon! <3)

Last year, Kate and I had the opportunity to meet in person for the first time when she was out on visit here from the UK. She and I have maintained a beautiful friendship over the year (which seems to have sped by in the blink of an eye) and when she returned this year, we were able to pick right back up, as she stayed here with us overnight, allowing some quality time over the last couple of days. I remember, once we connected, it was a “magical” 🙂 rekindled soul remembrance. For those who haven’t heard about Kate, she is one of the world’s best loved raw foods and superfoods experts and author, but most importantly, she is a beautiful, radiating light.

In our conversing, we could relate how each of us share the same kind of journey with our service and soul joy missions we are on and that this takes us on these beautiful journeys with others all over the world, whether literally or soul traveling in our hearts with those we love. What a blessing!

This is one example of all things coming together that support our finding meaningful relationships in our lives in the most seemingly arbitrary ways, but exactly when we need, and are ready, for them. (Sometimes you just need to take off your sunglasses in order to see the ever-present shining light.) It also, not only speaks to the boundless unity we share collectively, but also that there will always be more cycling into our lives at the most beautiful and pivotal moments.

I’ve been thinking about this and in my heart, honoring and cherishing the beautiful friends I have been so lucky to find and so lucky to have been found by, both near and far. No matter the distance, time not spent in physical communication or relating, or shifting energies that transform things while they reconfigure supportively, it’s always a seamless flow when things do allow for the reconvening of communion to take place. In the interim, its an unspoken bond that connects and is ever-present. Each soul comes in and out of our lives in divine timing and as we set them up previous to coming into this life. I look forward to the stars aligning and new intents to manifest that will bring not only more connections into light, but the in-person relating as well.

These kind of connections are the food to my soul and for me, is the unique way my soul experiences things. I know many share this kind of experience with others across the globe, where the connections are just so remarkable, it truly doesn’t matter where each of you are, as you’re always connected in your heart. The same happens with those you remarkably find living just down the street or under your nose in some way, and suddenly it sneaks up on you and pinches you, right when you asked for it.

We all have different needs and ways about us, but underlying it all, is a mutual heart connection we all value, however that translates. I’m grateful for the loving support shown and given to me by my precious friends, not only when the light is shining as others may want to experience it, but also in my times of challenge, through my quirks and oddities as an unusually unique being, and through the frequent shifts my journey takes me on. To my beloved soul family of friends, near and far, I love you. You’re always in my heart and carried with me everywhere I may be and go. I look forward to connecting with more of you in new ways soon.

I’d like to close with one of my all time favorites from Michael Jackson, “Will You Be There.”

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