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Forging Your Own Dream Life ~ An Inside Look & Interview with Healing Facilitator & Adventure Guide Lynne Day

Today I’m happy to share an inside look and short interview with a visionary leader in her own right, Lynne Day – visionary of passionate living.

Lynne Day

I believe that everyone has a unique story that imparts something beautifully inspirational and supportive even if they don’t think that they do. I like to find and reveal the hidden treasures in all people, all of life, and everything in between. ūüôā¬†While living in service so naturally that it is out of thought, but merely a breath is wonderful, I also feel it to be valuable to honor, recognize, and have gratitude for those beautiful gifts. There are seeds of inspiration that when heard, read, seen, or experienced at just the right moment, can help foster the same in others.

lynneThis is part of the reason for sharing stories like Lynne’s – to help light that spark for others. I love to also share some of the inside things I have come to see and/or share with each person to offer another perspective that reveals their unique beauty I admire. Lynne is just one example of so many shining lights out there, simply “being” and “being” it well.

Lynne DayLynne definitely is one that walks the walk of everything that is meaningful to her. She really knows how to live a zestful life and simply by being who she is and doing what she loves, she is an inspirational example to others. Everything she touches is full of love, laughter, light, and life.

I hope you enjoy a more intimate connection with her through my own sharings and some of her own.

And for some amazing insights from Lynne’s clients, check out these testimonials about her healing and guidance gifts: Testimonials

A Little Background On How I Met Lynne and My Words About Her:

lynne and me

Me and Lynne biking in Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley, CA

Lynne and I both happened to live in Reno at the same time, unbeknownst to us. We shared a mutual friend who gifted her a Reiki session with me and from the moment she stepped through my door, we shared tears, laughter, and a kinship that was like connecting with a long lost friend. We both chuckled that we’d not met earlier, but all things have their divine timing.


Lynne’s tattoo I designed in co-creation with her

Lynne also became my very first sacred tattoo design client, shortly thereafter. This was such an amazing experience to be part of with her (her first tattoo) and I still remember when we drove up to Lake Tahoe together (which we both LOVE) and I shared the drawing and symbolism behind it with her, how magickal it was to experience that energetic connection through its manifestation – the beginning of quite a journey with this for me. It was also a beautiful gift to see her eyes light up in love with it. ūüôā

We share an ongoing joke about bananas that will likely not ever be embraced by anyone outside of us – all stemming from a raw food meetup in Reno we attended together (but turned out to be much different than we thought) where we sat in a circle and the leader had us “pass the banana” in order to speak (exactly their words). Who ever was holding the banana had the platform and this had us riddled with uncontrollable laughter, which just so mirrors the lightness and child-like spiritedness we share. It was one of those funny-bone ticklers that literally had me crying and laughter-tummy-sick for two days after. This is one of the things I admire most about Lynne is her knowing how to never lose that inner child, how to bring it out in others, and how to make the most out of everything.

Lynne DayIt is never a dull moment and always full of laughs when in Lynne’s presence.

And it wasn’t long after that we both moved back to Southern California – not planned and again unbeknownst to each of us, but we both received the message to move at the same time. She went first and I followed just shortly after, within like a month, feeling it was important to both of our journeys.

Since the first time we met at my home for her session, our times spent together (even though not often) have proven to reveal a kindred spirit we both share in many regards. Some of which include both being freedom lovers, adventure lynne and dogtravelers of the world, lovers of nature and animals, and having an innate sense of not being able to conform to any reality other than our own. If not doing the work she loves, you’ll find her off on the next adventure exploring the nooks and crannies of nature near and far.

That is one of the many things I love about Lynne is that she just “is who she is.” She loves her life, she loves life, and she creates her life as “she” chooses.

Lynne DayThis is one of the first things you’ll discover if you have the pleasure of meeting Lynne and receiving her gifts of service, is how much she exudes joy and love, how unconditional and nonjudgmental she is and how ready she is for the next adventure. You name it, she’s there! And yet she still manages to have this sweet shyness and demureness that is adorable.

I love her simplistic approach to life, as she truly understands what is most valuable and important. Like with anyone, there’s the ups and downs of life to maneuver in, but as her quote on her website shares, “The water knows its destination. Don’t fight it, let it take you there.” Lynne is an example of embracing and flowing with life, rather than fighting it, and where she arrives, she is, happily.

Lynne is multi-faceted in the hats she wears. She loves all of her “jobs,” although would never refer to any of them as that, as they just are natural extensions of what she loves doing, and she creates her own schedule around what feels right for her.

lynne in bali

Lynne in Bali

Lynne Day is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Hiking Adventure Guide, as well as works for Whole Foods and REI only a few days a week simply because she loves being of service, working in fields she loves (helping with nutrition and outdoor knowledge), and assisting in an environment of community. She is an example of seeing and loving the value of every part of her life, cohesively bringing all of her gifts together in a blend that gives her what she desires, and that speaks volumes.

Lynne expresses, ” I am¬†a healing facilitator, adventurer and nature lover” who loves to “share with you my love of life, and to begin to bring awareness of living a happy, meaningful and fulfilling existence by maintaining a balance of body, mind and spirit.”

She really is an example of integrating all of her loves and gifts into creating anew each day, the life she desires to experience. She’s a perfect example of how to turn your passions into your life’s work, do what you love, and live your dreams.

Lynne also has a sweet shyness, as I mentioned, and very humble quality to her, which creates a nice balance with her fun-loving nature. This is part of why I also wanted to share my own insights alongside the questions I asked. I hope you enjoy knowing Lynne a little bit more through her words.

Lynne Day In Her Own Words:

lynne at lake tahoe

Lynne at Lake Tahoe

“I am a nature girl at heart with a love of being close to a big city. ¬†I suppose this comes from being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where the natural world was everywhere, yet cities, with all of the culture they offer, were nearby too.

Today I can honestly say that Southern California is a perfect ‘home base’ for me. The mountains, the beach, the city, a major airport to fly off to places unknown, are all at my doorstep. ¬†I love it!

I consciously choose to see the positive in everything and every situation and consider myself a ‘glass all-the-way-full’ person. ¬†I practice living my life to the fullest each and every day.

I believe that happiness is a choice and yes, it is my choice! ¬†I take care of myself from the inside out and is the only way to finding the way back ‚Äúhome‚ÄĚ. ¬†The outside shell is but a reflection of one‚Äôs inner life.

I look forward to connecting and smiling with you and to explore the possibilities for deep healing and inner discovery.”

A Short Interview with Lynne Day:

lynne at the channel islands, california

Lynne at the Channel Islands, CA

Tania: What things inspire you most in life and how does that translate into the services you share with others through your passions and gifts?

Lynne: Every day is a new day with infinite things to learn, explore and do.¬† An infinite wisdom in the Universe, making it all somehow ‚Äėhappen‚Äô.¬† It fascinates me and I always am inspired by it.¬†¬† I think by me living each day to it‚Äôs fullest and always seeing the positive and infinite possibilities in life, often times inspires others to do the same.¬†¬† That, in turn, inspires me to be more of me and share more of me.¬†¬† Does that make sense?¬† lol

Tania: What do you love most about living in Southern California and how does it mirror who you are?

Lynne: The mountains and ocean are right here.  The energy of both combined, fuels me.  I love getting outdoors and exploring it all.  I get to see the ocean every day!  I love the diversity of people and things to do in LA.  I love having my spiritual community close.  I love having a major airport nearby where I can fly in and out so easily.  And, of course the beach climate…for me, it’s ideal.

Tania: I see that you love to travel the world and are such a free spirit. What are some of the most memorable places you’ve explored and how have they influenced your life and work?

Lynne: Backpacking the Inca Trail through Peru was life-changing.  I became very sick and was the sickest when I had to climb the highest peak of 14,000 feet.  Without the support of my team/tribe, I would not have been able to have accomplished it.  It made me realize that we all need each other, we’re all connected and that there’s so much connecting us all.  

Bungee jumping in New Zealand was one of the scariest things I had done at that time (I am scared of heights).  It was a metaphor for my life.  I knew that if I could take that one step forward, that it would allow me to be free and give me the confidence to do others things that scared me.  And I did it!!

Tania: Are there any particular people or experiences that have been instrumental in your life and how have they inspired you and your work?

lynne loveLynne: Yes.  My Master Teacher is Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith.  I have studied and practiced his teachings now for 7 years.  And of course people like you Tania Marie.  I just love you!!

(Tania:) Aw! Thank you

Tania: Do you have any favorite quotes or mottos that are the foundations of your life?

Lynne: “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” ~Albert Einstein¬†

Whenever I have a question, I can always look to nature for the answer.  It just makes sense to me.

“Not all Who Wander Are Lost” ~J.R.R. Tolkien¬†

I‚Äôm all over the place (lost it may seem to most) but as long as I‚Äôm grounded ‚Äėwithin‚Äô I am never truly lost.

Tania: If you could only use 5 words to describe yourself, what would those be?

Lynne: Loving, Adventurous, Spiritual, Peaceful, Optimistic

Tania: Can you share a little about how your journey in the healing arts and the world of nature evolved into your service to others?

lynne snow angel

Lynne snow angel

Lynne: I think from a small child I was surrounded by nature and adventure and also grew up in a family dynamic where I was sort of the ‚Äėcenter‚Äô of the family, the one who was either the rebel or the ‚Äėgo to ‚Äė person for help.¬† It sort of set the tone for who I am today.¬† I find that I feel at my best with nature and adventure in my life and when I can help people through my energy work and wisdom of life experiences.

Tania: What do you love most about being a Reiki Practitioner? Massage Therapist? Outdoor Guide? And what do you hope to support and inspire in others through these services you provide?

Lynne: All of these things bring forth my greatest gifts.  I feel that when we can share our gifts and our true selves, there is no greater success in life.  To practice this and inspire others to do the same, inspires me like nothing else.

Tania: What are some of your favorite places to take people on an outdoor adventure?

lynne at mayan ruins

Lynne at some Mayan ruins

Lynne: It just depends on the person/people.  But I love showing people new places or watching them light up when they see something in nature that they have never seen or noticed before.  It brings me great joy.

Tania: How has the practice of Reiki influenced your work? Does it enhance your massage work? And if so, can you explain how and what your clients have experienced through the combination of receiving Reiki and massage?

Lynne: Reiki has influenced every part of my life.¬† I don‚Äôt really know how to explain it but my clients always tell me that there‚Äôs something ‚Äėdifferent‚Äô in my massages.¬† That I have a very peaceful energy about me and that they feel so much better when they‚Äôre around me.

lynne dolphin

Lynne on the Santa Monica Pier, CA – a mascot herself for environmental awareness

Tania: You’re such a fun-loving person who seems to always have a positive outlook. Is there anything that brings you down in life and if so how do you find balance to return back to that positive state of mind?

Lynne: Thank you. ūüôā¬†Yes, there are things that bring me down of course.¬† One thing that pops up for me right away is people‚Äôs neglect for the environment and ignorance for what their contribution is to our failing eco-system.¬† I find balance and optimism when I know that I am doing as much as I can, making a difference but especially when someone reaches out to me and expresses concern and wants to know ways in which they can help.¬†¬†

Tania: What are your dreams for your work?


Lynne ice skating

Lynne: I have never been one with a big set plan.  I just follow my heart basically and try not to look too far forward or too far back.  Just stay in the moment and enjoy every one of them to the fullest.  I guess that translates into my work always evolving and changing but at the same time having an intention of adventure, healing and bright light always!

Tania: If someone wants to contact you for a Reiki or massage healing session or to acquire your guide services, how can they reach you?


(310) 755-8815

Thank you Lynne for allowing me to share more about you so that others may find inspiration in the qualities I admire in you. 


In Home Reiki – Bringing Peace & Balance to You

Inner peace and balance is found within

In today’s fast-paced world of time shifts, acceleration, and influx of new energies to assimilate alongside the day-to-day routines, taking time to nurture your needs is not a luxury, as your well-being determines everything else you are intending to create.

If you can’t find a way to peace, then perhaps bringing peace to you helps take away the added worry of how? It then leaves you only needing to say yes!

Does relaxing in the privacy and comfort of your own home while being pampered in nurturing energy, releasing the stress and tensions you’ve been carrying, feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalized as if you’ve taken a 4-hour nap, and receiving healing and personal enhancement to the quality of your life sound good?

If so, Reiki may be the answer that simultaneously does all of this and more.

Whether you are interested in a general pick-me-up, looking for relief, are recovering from an illness, need pre-op and post-op support, are home-bound, or just prefer the comfort and convenience of your own home, having the ability to relax your mind and body to aid recovery and well-being can make a difference.

For those that aren’t aware, I have been a practicing Reiki Master Teacher, teaching and treating standard Usui Reiki since early 2007, offering my supportive services of Reiki treatment sessions and classes. Many of my current clients I assist by distance, however, I also have been providing in-person treatments alongside these. This makes it more convenient for those who enjoy the more hands-on connection and need a good excuse to stop everything for an hour to just “be” with themselves, supported in loving Universal Life Force Energy.

Whether its relaxation or relief you desire, Reiki is a gentle and beautiful way to help balance, harmonize and restore your energy systems. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, pain, strengthens the immune system, stimulates self-healing abilities, accelerates recovery, and maintains and enhances health.

Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level based upon a loving, nurturing touch or channeling of energy, with an intention to heal. It is a stress reduction technique that will accelerate your body’s natural ability to heal. Reiki is not a religion and can only enhance your spiritual or religious experience. It is a complimentary treatment to any and all other treatment modalities, improves their effectiveness and benefits and helps to stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities. It is not meant to replace professional medical advice and Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or prescribe medication.


You can schedule an appointment either by email or phone at least 2 days in advance. A confirmation of the appointment will be sent to you. You can contact or (775) 343-9244.

I prefer to arrive approximately 15 minutes before the session to set up the massage table and to prepare a harmonious flow in the space, which will assist in an optimal experience.

I will provide the massage table (unless you have one yourself), music, and any other tools I may feel called to bring, as in crystals, aromatherapy, etc.


The treatment will last 1 hour for which you will be fully clothed as you lay comfortably on the massage table. Your feeling of relaxation will be like you would experience from a massage, minus the manipulation of skin or tissue. I simply, intuitively, and systematically place my hands over, lightly on, and around your body from head to toe, front and back. The feelings and sensations vary for each person and even with each session, depending on your body’s receptivity at the time. General experiences are of deep relaxation, floating sensations, feeling heat or warmth, cold, tingling, etc. Different thoughts, emotions, and visions are possible. Anything that arises present something to learn from and release. Any healing you are intending comes from within and is not dependent on anything outside of you. Healing takes time and commitment and is relative to each person’s experience, however Reiki provides the support that aids responsible healing. As with massage, it is a good idea to drink plenty of water to assist your body in the release of toxins on both physical and emotional levels, as well as to honor your need for rest and nurturing.


Individual Reiki Session – 1 Hour – $85

Package of 4 Reiki Sessions – $300 (savings of $40)

Package of 8 Reiki Sessions – $600 (savings of $80)


Individual Reiki Session with Intuitive Support – 1 hour and 30 minutes – $150

Package of 4 Reiki Sessions with Intuitive Support – $500 (savings of $100)

Package of 8 Reiki Sessions with Intuitive Support – $1000 (savings of $200)


Creating a healing space and time to just “be” and relax is essential to your well being


Up to 20 minutes of travel time from Costa Mesa – beyond this there will be an extra charge that we will set before the visit.


Give and receive a unique experience of gentle, loving support through Reiki. You can contact me with certificate information.


Customized invoices via Pay Pal will be sent upon confirmation of the service chosen, prior to our scheduled appointment, or you can pay cash in person. Cancellations of any appointments made, need to be done at least 24 hours ahead of the scheduled appointment.

Reiki as Empowered Support in these Fluctuating Times – A New Lease on Life with an UNBELIEVABLE $99 SPECIAL on any class of your choice!

There are many different healing methods and modalities, as well as creative¬† and personal growth endeavors, and supportive means to choose from that can all¬†aid in helping one move more gracefully and peacefully through these shifting¬† times. With so much happening and shifting¬†around us¬†and within us, things speeding up and intensifying, and worries and concerns¬† over what the outcomes will be, it’s no wonder so many are experiencing¬† challenges and increased levels of stress, anxiety, confusion, exhaustion, and¬†unhealthiness. Everyone is ready for a new lease on life and perhaps even a total reinvention and revitalization. Things are all coming to a head, as transitions take place.

It can seem similar to a turkey pan at Thanksgiving where you have a really dirty, greasy pan that you try to clean, but in the process of scrubbing, the¬† water becomes ever more murky, dirty, and greasy and it seems like you’re¬† getting nowhere and seemingly worse. Yet once you continue to move through the¬† stirring up phase and loosening up of the grime, the more things come to the¬† surface that were trying to hang on, but inevitably will release and wash away¬† with continued persistence and your trust and knowingness that that is just the¬† process. With each rinse and each scrub, the pan increasingly becomes cleaner¬† and soon you have yourself a bright, shiny, clean pan that looked nothing like¬† it did before, and during, the process of cleaning. Such is the same with¬† changes in life. Things seem to come to a head and get worse before they get¬† better, but it is inevitable they WILL get better.

Reiki is a healing method that can help support people to move through the¬† stress and uncertainty. It is much more than a “coping” mechanism, as it is a¬† supportive tool in self-empowerment, aiding one with making healthy changes and¬† handling things that arise during the transitions. The Universal Life Force¬† energy, which Reiki is, embodies the very essence and consciousness of the new¬† era we have moved into and is extremely supportive in helping to create the¬† planetary shift in consciousness that is unfolding.

Suffering and discomforts one might experience now, and perhaps to come, as  things continue to transition, are minimized and peace of being is  re-established through the support of Reiki. This is why Reiki is, and has been,  spreading its beautiful, loving, and supportive energy at a wider and more rapid  scope. It is truly helping to placate and calm the waters, while reducing  suffering. We start to recognize through Reiki, how we are not at the mercy of  anything and we can really take hold of our lives and create the peace of mind  we are yearning for.

Reiki is a safe, gentle, natural, and easy-to-learn healing technique. Once  your body has been attuned to connect and to receive it, you have Reiki for  life. Reiki is something we all innately have access to and use often without  even knowing it. The process of an attunement just supports us in accessing and  remembering this gift we have to use. It also helps us to refine that gift for  personal use and in our service to others. There is no greater gift one can  offer, than the energy of Unconditional Love, which is Reiki.

Reiki is helping us to collectively maneuver with more ease and swiftness¬† into the coming era of increased peace and well-being. It is a beautiful gift¬† we’ve rediscovered that truly has the ability to aid movement towards powerful,¬† co-created changes that are needed in our personal and planetary evolution. As¬† we use Reiki to help ourselves, each other, and the world, we will continue to¬† experience ever-increasing blessings and doorways of opportunities.

Learn to heal animals and people with Reiki (pronounced ray-key), a Japanese
word meaning Universal Life Force Energy, which permeates all living things. The
practice of channeling Reiki is an easy-to-learn, gentle and powerful system of
natural healing that reduces stress, induces relaxation, supports intentions and
provides many other healing benefits. As a very powerful aid to personal growth,
Reiki works on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. It can support
any intention, person or animal you desire to help, while simultaneously
activating self-empowerment. Reiki is based upon a loving, nurturing touch or
channeling of energy, with an intention to heal, and can be refined for personal use and in our service to others. It is a complimentary treatment to any and all
other treatment modalities, improves their effectiveness and benefits and helps
to stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities. It is not meant to
replace professional medical advice and Reiki practitioners do not diagnose or
prescribe medication.

Reiki helps balance, harmonize and restore your energy systems by using the
energy centers in the palms of the hands, which are placed in varying positions
on, or over, the body. It is not necessary that a client be physically present
for a session, as Reiki can also be administered from a distance. This creates
the same results and helps alleviate the roots of ill-health, while stimulating
a great feeling of general well-being. Full sessions, healing attunements and
initiation attunements coupled with class instruction can be administered to you
regardless of your geographic presence, as your response will not differ in any
way. Not only is it great as a general tune-up or tonic in times of
“unchallenged” health, but since it is drawn through and not from the
practitioner’s body, your energy remains intact and not depleted.

A Reiki Healing Attunement helps to remove blocks and promote growth and
healing for any specific concern or issue you are facing and would like support
with. It also aids in goal achievement by helping you to move past existing,
resistive blocks and limiting patterns. In a Healing Attunement the Higher Self
is allowed more of an “active” role in the process of achieving goals.

I’m currently offering a $99 ONLY special on any class of your choice. Reiki 1, 2, or 3. Regular prices are as follows: Reiki 1: $222, Reiki 2: $333, and Reiki 3 Master Teacher: $666. This special is only good until the 7/15 full moon. Secure this class rate until then and you can schedule your class until 8/15. Class to be held in Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA. Don’t miss out!

This offering is provided with intention to support you to help yourself and
to learn how to heal other people and animals towards compassionate goals,
intentions and worldwide healing and change. Reiki is a perfect antidote to
stress relief, more peace, clarity and overall well being that can transform and
help support your chosen path in life. Reiki can also help to empower your goals
and more efficiently come from a heart-based place in attaining desired,
harmonious results for the highest good.

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