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Reason For Rainbows



Just because….

I was inspired this morning when I woke up and saw the 8 paintings I’ve done so far, displayed across the floor in a rainbow collage that tickled my heart and soul. I then knew instantly I was being guided to post some rainbow inspiration, so I am sharing these photos that I’ve taken of some rainbows showing up in my life and this enlivening music by Yanni (whom I listen to so often), as there is always a “Reason for Rainbows”.

Okay, so maybe the reason is that the way I live my life is from the full spectrum of the rainbow, and then some.

Maybe it’s because my palette as an artist of life is limitless in breadth of colorful experiences and I am one who loves to dip into life fully and make splashes with vibrancy.


Maybe it’s because our feelings are like a rainbow of reflections that are beautiful in and of themselves. And, when fully expressed, are a miracle of natural art that IS only because of the integral flowing strokes coming together.

And maybe it’s because life just simply is a rainbow of experiences that I find to be an exciting adventure.


last evening’s second stunning sunset

I know I am definitely experiencing the colors of life in high definition these days and that equates to pure harmony. I have even seen this weekend the mirror of this not only in my current paintings I’m creating, as I continue to explore the unlimited colors and combinations, but also in two sunsets back to back that have been stunning, high-definition, colorful sunset displays of the Universe giggling along with me in my “rainbow explorations”. Who knows what today will bring. It’s a suspenseful surprise always!

“Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.” ~Unknown

I’ve already shared about letting your feelings move through you and allowing your humanness to be the reflection of Divinity it is. The feelings that you bury, never go away until you embrace, forgive, and allow them to move through you. A good place to start is to always be mindful and conscious of what you’re feeling, thinking, saying, AND doing. See how these are setting the tone for your day…and life..and be willing to receive the origin of these feelings (as there is always a trigger to something behind it) so that with recognition and accountability, you can let them go.

Feelings are like all things natural…they must keep cycling through or you end up fighting an exhausting and futile battle against the inevitable.

Each color of your wings is a color of your truth and spirit to share. Don’t be afraid to let it flow. Spread your wings wide and sore to the heights of you.

“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” ~Aberjhani

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