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Paisley & Peacock – A Faery’s Realm Unfolds Through Sacred Tattoo Design

Sacred Tattoo DesignI enjoyed an enchanted weekend in nature both at the ocean and in the canyon forests, which not only provided this faery some revitalization, but was the perfect invigorating energy to channel this newest sacred tattoo design, for a fellow faery client.

The original piece stands just over 5” tall and just under 5” wide and will be sitting over my client’s higher heart area of her upper back. 

What came through as the elements to include were a peacock, faery, the OM symbol, and a lush touch of paisley accent – all either elements my client shared a love and resonance for, or that channeled as a mirror of her reflection.

The result being a mythical peacock cradling the faery as if she is inside of a blossoming bud or lush garden sanctuary of the peacock’s feather brilliance – expansive consciousness and radiance unfolding.

The peacock is her familiar, guide, and aspect of her higher self supporting her inner and outer journey, and a reflection of her inner beauty, gifts and dreams in all of their glory. The faery, my client, stands with grace, peace, simplicity, vulnerability, and courage, with hand to her higher heart, feeling, sharing, healing from this loving space – her purpose in life – through all that she is, as is reflected by the peacock. From here she also is taking a vow to self to commit to following her heart’s passions, being all that she can be, and committing to her path.

The peacock’s tail feathers are like the journey of this path she will take…including the twists and turns and yet all part of the beautiful perfection that the exploration will take her. The design is almost like a blossom in its shape, that sits at the higher heart, revealing my client’s authentic self at center. The faery stands in grounded strength, and balance, as the peacock dances around her…representing peace within the dance of life being possible, no matter what comes.

To break it down, for those of who you enjoy symbolism, here are some words on each of the elements interwoven.

Peacock symbolism: a symbol of integrity, the beauty we can achieve through showing our authentic, true colors, guidance, protection, holiness, nobility, vibrancy, helps you on your spiritual path, breathes new life into your experience, rejuvenates self-esteem, expands your creativity and imagination, and speaks to your courage to show up as your unique self. It also symbolizes glory, vision, watchfulness, royalty, spirituality, awakening, immortality, refinement, beauty, desire, enjoying life, generosity, longevity, compassion, sensuality, immortality, and expansiveness. In Buddhism the peacock symbolizes expansive consciousness and is representative of the all-compassionate goddess Kuan Yin. The eyes of the peacock feathers symbolizing the omniscient essence of the soul that is all-seeing and all-knowing. As a royal status, peacocks represent the realm of the Empress and High Priestess. Being a solar animal peacocks express the essence of vitality, radiance, glory, stimulation, life, health, and invigoration.

Om symbolism: conveys an understanding of the very ancient, primitive universal principles, as it represents the sound of life and the harmonic tone of all creation. It also symbolizes the sacred, oneness, totality, creation, evolution, sustaining, manifestation, divine expression, eternity, and indestructible truth.

Paisley symbolism: resembling a twisted tear-drop the paisley design is of Persian and Indian origin, but the modern name, “paisley” is of Scottish descent, made fashionable in Europe by the town of Paisley in Central Scotland. The paisley design is rich in spiritual and symbolic meaning. In India, the paisley signified the time of harvest, a time of both socio-economic and spiritual significance. “Paisley is an art form representing the totality of life within a drop. Fertility, creation, abundance, all of what is necessary to bring something into being. Paisley was created into botanical drawings by the Europeans which points to their organic nature and connection, encompassing an entire plant from seed to root to blossom with their shape, which is essentially a spiral. Spirals are ancient symbols of the intersection of physical and spiritual, and connect with DNA.  Paisley is a great tool for meditation that can be used to zone in and out at the same time.”

Faery symbolism: of course faeries connect us to the elemental world, the organic, Nature and Mother Earth, and the magickal. At the spiritual level they symbolize access to the world of extrasensory perception. They symbolize hopes and dreams, living an enchanted life, and the dance of life fully experienced and sensually enjoyed. They represent good luck, a happy life, and fulfillment of wishes, as well as help there to guide you.

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