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Diversity, Up Close ~ October 2013 Energy Forecast With Lee Harris

There’s a new heightened speed being experienced for what you can move through these days, and with that comes the necessity to really learn how to be able to rebalance, center, and renew yourself just as quickly, as well as to release the energy of others and what is not “yours”.

Lee’s October Forecast shares about this and provides insight on ways to empower yourself and create those healthy boundaries, while also being mindful of taking up more of your own space and showing up in life in bigger ways than you ever have given yourself permission to do.

He also touches on the “chaos” that we continue to experience while things transition and how if you really keep mindful of and committed to doing your internal work, while staying centered, that you’ll find increasingly amazing opportunities abound and at all new levels.

Which leads to October providing an “energy lift” that will really expand things in all areas, then shift again in November.

Like with anything, there are cycles and so you learn to ride the waves and discover how to manage your energy. So if you have been feeling contracted and challenged recently, you will have the ability to shift this experience this month. And, for others doing well, things are going to just continue to be enriching.

Lee expounds again on “Boundaries” which is an important and much misunderstood topic. So you’ll find it helpful to listen and have this information reiterated for you, as with anything repetition does help to actualize something.

He also shares something I teach, which is learning how you can hold your space of wholeness, love, compassion, and strength in any chaotic situation and this will be the magickal alchemy to shift things for them and yourself. He also shares that if this is something you’re not able to do, then don’t forget to do the work of renewing, releasing and reclaiming energy, or you will take on some of theirs.

And lastly, Lee shares about how more and more heart-opening is taking place in relative ways, which creates softer experiences for us all. Yet always remember that everyone is moving quickly with their changes and with this, we each are affected differently. So take this into account and view and feel it all through your heart.

Always take responsible accountability as well, for how you are showing up and realize that you are also going through your shifts, which plays a part in things as well.

Be willing to be here as much as you can. It’s time to show up, as you only have this moment. Everything beyond this moment is not guaranteed.

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