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The Heart is the Bridge



For everyone experiencing separation in one form or another, whether through physical transitions of loved ones, the inability to be with loved ones, or even feelings of being fragmented, lost, or disconnected from parts of yourself…. ❤

The Love Remains

So many are experiencing some very heavy and intense things right now, which includes the physical transition of loved ones in both human and animal form.

I just wanted to extend my heart to each of you, in complete understanding of the tremendous ache, emptiness, ripping of the heart, and what seems like an unrelenting challenge this can leave you with.

I know that nothing right now will ease the pain, as that is something only time can do.

And to that I can only say to allow yourself to mourn, to feel, reach out to others, and be gentle with yourself, just as your loved ones were with you, as they want you only to remember and embody the love.

These shifts are not to intentionally hurt, as there are far-reaching reasons our human emotions can’t wrap around at present, but in many cases can be to actually assist in your growth and shifts your loved ones can see before you do. It is one way in which our loved ones make the ultimate loving sacrifice to ever-gift us, even when it appears to be the cruelest form of infliction.

It is also a way for us to deepen our compassion and to truly honor the journey each soul has to take.

There’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss my beautiful Nestor.

As time went on I felt her true and lasting presence in my heart deepen. That’s the timeless place I can go to merge with her, as this feeling, that kind of love, is nothing that can be taken away and it increasingly grows day to day.

And it is that expansive love that dwells within, which enables me to see and feel her presence reflected in every thing around me, and to recognize the continuous and unexpected gifts she bestows upon me.

Life is fragile and all we can do is live and love as fully as possible every moment.

Your beloveds have received and given that kind of all-encompassing and unconditional love from, and to you, and while their physical presence moves on into eternal expansion, none of that is ever lost or taken away. That is the preciousness that remains, long after they move on.

Sending love to you all and wishing you much peace to your hearts.

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