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Full Moon Journeying & Nature Cleansing

labryinth full moonFor some reason Labyrinths keep showing up and being part of my life recently. I had a round of Labyrinths back a few years ago, and that’s circling around again.

This past Saturday for the Full Moon, after a hike in the foothills here locally, a few of us went to walk the Labyrinth at St. Mark Presbyterian Church in Newport Beach. I had never visited this Labyrinth before, but I really loved it upon first seeing/feeling it. It couldn’t have been more beautifully and perfectly set, with the Full Moon directly in sight through the clearing of trees.

full moon labyrinthOnce we reached center, the four of us just naturally took our places at the four directions, without premeditated direction, as we faced the Full Moon in silent meditation before making our journey back out.

It was really quite powerful, even for those with us who had never walked a Labyrinth before. For myself, I kept feeling this strong rotation like that of the Moon orbiting Earth, long after I’d completed the Labyrinth. It was as if things were very fluid and activated into motion from the intentional experience.

full moon labyrinth walkAs I’ve written before about Labyrinths:

Every step of the journey is integral to the path of wholeness that you are on.

It is ever-changing and ever-perfect, taking you to your own sacred center and back out into the expansive reflection found there.

At times you may need to call upon your intuition and creativity, engaging receptivity and courage when deciding to enter the journey to center or not – the way in is the way out.

I’ve so been enjoying the “way in” recently, as I’ve been continually journeying deeper and deeper to my sacred center. I’m not too concerned as to how that will look on the way out, as right now I’m just immersed in the inner, knowing the outer will take care of itself by embracing that.

The Labyrinth was a common Native American Indian symbol that they used to represent life as a journey and our infinite, eternal nature. It is a way to understand that life is what you make it and the way we choose to live it, determines the degree of freedom and expansiveness we experience.

It is a portal of life evolution.

The sacred journey Saturday beneath the Full Moon has been one of many sacred experiences of late that have been facilitating the personal evolution I am ready for.

wrightwood mountainsAnd following this beautiful evening, I spent the day in the mountains of Wrightwood yesterday because as John Muir said, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”

It was wonderfully serene, as being colder now, but still without snow, there was hardly anyone around. This provided a perfect opportunity to ground the energies from the evening’s Full Moon experience and open to the fresh newness.

Throughout the day seven different red-tailed hawks chimed in with their presence, one of which I watched fly in and land on a nearby tree, as she observed and listened to me talk to her. And just off in the near background I could see her large nest in the tree tops. (Click here for: Hawk Spirit Symbolism)

red tailed hawk1


I can’t express how much it truly is enriching and renewing to lose yourself in nature. It provides such clarity and nurturing to any place you’re at in your life.

Again, as John Muir shares, “Keep close to Nature’s heart…and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”


“Fresh beauty opens one’s eyes wherever it is really seen, but the very abundance and completeness of the common beauty that besets our steps prevents its being absorbed and appreciated. It is a good thing, therefore, to make short excursions now and then to the bottom of the sea among dulse and coral, or up among the clouds on mountain-tops, or in balloons, or even to creep like worms into dark holes and caverns underground, not only to learn something of what is going on in those out-of-the-way places, but to see better what the sun sees on our return to common everyday beauty.”light in the forest

Pieces of Peace – Discharging & Recharging Your Energy with Nature & Natural Creative Self Expression

Wherefore art thou my little crystal friend?

One of my new crystals I just posted about and have been working with has decided to go off into another dimension momentarily, literally disappearing in thin air. I’m getting that she will come back when we are both ready.

A couple of days ago (and I feel it’s partially tied into her disappearance) I had another of my power surge outages, but kind of big. Sometimes my emotions, breakthroughs, and shifts affect weather and Earth conditions, and sometimes they affect power. You know just what I’m talking about if you’re reading this and nodding your head. 😉

Instantly all the power in the house went out for about 40 minutes the second a surge of intensity hit in terms of me saying inwardly, “this is not happening anymore!!!” to a situation in the past I had felt powerless to. I guess I had a little too much vehement emotion behind it. Oops!

I called the power company and they said a big incident at a substation locally had happened with power out in the whole area. Not being able to do much, I got quiet and decided it was a good time for a Reiki healing attunement to assist, knowing I have the ability to shift my experience.

The minute I centered into the attunement, the power all came back on. lol! And needless to say, so did my experience thereafter. I felt centered, balanced, and peaceful.

As I recently shared with a dear friend and client, “We are not powerless, but powerful!!”

So, I am trusting that my lovely Ice Quartz will show up too. Joy liked her as well. I had just that evening placed it on her third eye and she was absorbing her energy meditatively. I also had slept with her for the first time that night under my pillow. And the next day after having put her back where she goes during the day, she was gone.

Alongside a lot of amping up in terms of synchronous magick taking place, there have also been some more zany and powerful energy stuff going on lately indeed. I know I’m not the only one, as I have spoken with a few people experiencing similar things. All of it demonstrating our ability to affect everything around us and the importance of being mindful of what we are feeling and thinking (because it WILL manifest), knowing we are not helpless, but have the ability to change anything. It also demonstrates that nothing happens arbitrarily, as we are connected to every thread of life and experience around us, in mirror to what’s going on within us.

Even my computer has been daily absorbing tremendous energy and memory useage even when I’m doing nothing. Then it slows down or gets stuck and I have to manually go and control/alt/delete. I like to think of it as clearing and repatterning with each “End Process” I hit and a reminder to not allow over stimulus to take place so I can keep my eye on the focus of greater flow at hand.

My computer just seems to be “processing,” and “percolating” information in the ethers, just as I know I am doing in receiving and integrating  when not even conscious of it. Perhaps it is also connected to the fact my sweet little Russian Tortoise, Gaia, only hangs out at the base of the processing unit all day and night. She DOES love her binary codes and is learning to telepathically connect with me more. 😉

Needless to say this all brings me back to the consistent importance of finding the right balance, unique to each, that maintains that inner peace, or knowing how to always re-center in order to not allow over-stimuli to sneak up on us.

Nature, the natural, anything earth connected and creatively expressive of your heart authenticity will assist in making any needed energy adjustments. The more you can integrate these on a daily basis, in some form and way, you will find things to remain more level.

I’ve been noticing my spending a lot of extra snuggly connecting time with little Joy (my bunny) and was told to take out my treasures of nature connections and have them on or near me, when I’m not actually out in nature, in order to remind me of the natural processes and cycles, as well as to keep me tapped in to the root of who I am at heart. This will, and does, assist in helping to discharge and recharge.

I have an increase of energy moving through me lately and that I am channeling in my work and in the interactions with clients and others, that it has become increasingly important to find ways to maintain peaceful balance. One way is by my physically needing to retreat and be away from all external stimuli and another way is to be with nature, have it with me, or be creating naturally like a child.

I know that for me, creating and doing expressions that come from my hands in very natural ways, is a necessary component to being me, as well as to experiencing balanced health and joy. I don’t believe in there being any certain way to create from your heart. And it doesn’t have to be about you doing so as your profession, as much as it about you doing so for the greater good of your well being.

I love the times I can create like a vulnerable child, lost in my own little make-believe world where I enchant the creations and adornments I produce into life, with the vision of my heart.

Being in nature, natural, and infusing nature into my life is key for me and I know I am not alone. It’s something we all once knew how to be innately – in harmony with the Earth and cycles of Cosmic flow and life.

I was reminded to go to those places in my heart and mind, when I’m in the midst of over-energy, of my times spent on the beaches at Crystal Cove here, hiking in the hills overlooking the ocean, my snow time in nature by Lake Tahoe, and all the amazingly beautiful animal spirit guides that have been enchanting my life recently – the starfish, seagulls, pelicans, dolphins, hawks, chickadees, and owls. And specifically, I was guided back into the feeling I felt, while in Reno, as I intuitionally created nature/shaman adornments that captured the essence of all of this, as well as when I created a new painting there that was a gentle flow of the same element.

I felt like a little enchanted child in my world away from worlds and it is in that place I am able to rebalance in peaceful mindfulness of my energy flows.

hawk and seagull feather earringsAs mentioned before, I am no jewelry maker and do not intend to be, but I intuitively knew and received vision immediately upon finding them, that when I was gifted these three treasures of hawk, seagull, and a giant mussel shell that I would somehow interpret them into wearable adornments of nature art – more in the vein of a child from the ancient realms.

I did not want to do anything to take away from their natural state. I merely wanted a simple way to create them into something I could integrate into adorning myself with – reminding me of something a Mermaid or Native American Indian would have worn or created without anything overly fancy, and definitely in the vein of heart vulnerability.

In keeping “simple” it would also maintain their integrity of innately natural beauty and energy I wanted to have enhanced and threaded into my experience when worn. Plus, I would add a little “Tania-essence” integrated in. 🙂

What I created was a pendant and two earrings. All of which took no more than a half hour of child-like blissful fun.

Yes, you do have time in your life to do the things you love and want to do! 

Hawk and seagull feather earringsThe hawk earring is 9 1/2 inches long. The seagull earring is 8 inches long. I chose Swarovski crystal beads in the colors that most resonated with how they energetically make me feel, which were icy blues, pale aqua, light emerald and olive green, as well as golden yellow. I adore them and they can be worn alone or together, depending on the energy I want to embody.

The pendant I created is one that likely not many but myself would wear because it is so boldly big. I absolutely love it! It is nearly 6 1/2 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide! I have never found such a large mussel shell before and never one as gorgeously colored as this one. It was hidden under some rocks in a tide pool that normally isn’t seen, as the tide is usually out when I’m there. And it just happened to catch my eye as I walked by. The colors are so rainbow-vibrant and remind me of a peacock feather. I knew it was to be a pendant right away. It reminded me much more of an abalone shell though.

Mussel pendantWhen I found the crystals for the earrings, again, something happened to catch my eye. I saw this one large silver starfish clasp and given the magickal connection with them on the beach recently and my love for them, I knew it was for the pendant. I very much felt this pendant creation to be a mermaid/ethereal sea goddess energy embodiment and this adornment was perfect. I didn’t know how it would work, but I just knew somehow it would. I kept the shell in its natural state on the outside and to help keep the iridescent vibrancy of its coloring that shows up when it is under the water, I brushed it with linseed oil and let it dry. It now permanently has that glossy watery essence and deep coloring. The star fish clasp happened to be the exact fit to place the top of the mussel in behind it and I used a nontoxic glue to affix it permanently. It was so perfect and is my favorite magick piece to wear on a longer thick silver rope chain right at my chest.

The process of discovering, creating, and wearing these pieces of peace from nature is serenity of heart manifested. And in times of “power surges” or over-stimulation, I know I have several choices to seek solitude for rebalance either in physically going into nature, being with or wearing a piece of it, energetically supporting myself with a Reiki healing attunement, actively engaging in natural creative self expression, or tuning in to creative visualization to transport my emotions and energy into the realms of our harmonic Earth.

Mussel pendantI thought I’d add the symbolism of each of these for anyone who enjoys, much like me, the messages and medicine of these animal spirit guides.

Here is some information on the symbolism of mussels from Dreamtation:

Association: – Protection, – sometimes qualifying, sometimes protecting, – beauty of the form. Question: – Which feelings must I protect? Which structures do I appreciate?

Key words: Cover, – connection with the sea. Description: A mussel has served once a mollusc, a sea creature, as a dwelling. Mussels were estimated by people close to the earth always high and were used as devices, jewelry, in ceremonies as well as when currency. General meaning: Your connection with the sea, – your tools or useful devices, – what you estimate. Association: Female sexual organs, – any hard bowl. Transcendent meaning: A clear understanding of your own hard bowl.

Mussel pendantThe mussel can be seen as a magic symbol which rescues the strength of the transformation in itself. She owns the ability to protect, and is a sort of vessel by which she stands in respect with the female emotional side of the nature. It is a female sexual symbol whose form reminds of the Vulva. At the spiritual level the mussel in the dream is a miniature for the expiry of life and death. It is the picture of the grave from which the person will rise one day, a symbol of the fertility.

For more on starfish symbolism see: Exploring the Magick of these Star People

For more on hawk symbolism see: Hawk Spirit Symbolism

Here is some great seagull symbolism shared in Animal Totems: Dictionary of Birds by StarStuffs:

Seagulls are spiritual messengers that demonstrate that a higher communication with guides is taking place. He shows how to see above situations with a higher clarity and teaches that there are many perspectives to consider. Seagull shows a sense friendship and community and the cooperation that is needed for the whole to operate successfully. He teaches how to ride the currents of the mental, emotional and physical worlds. Are you going with the flow or fighting it? Are you cooperating with others? Are you open to your guides? Seagull can teach you many lessons of looking, living and being. It is time to listen and watch for the nuances and timing of action.

And here is some other interesting seagull symbolism:

The seagull is associated with Lir, a Sea-God in Celtic lore. Like many birds, the seagull flies between the earth and the heavens, bringing messages to mortals. Gulls are highly intelligent with a complex social structure developed partly to ward off predators. Gulls live in colonies and sometimes utilize tools. Gulls can catch a wind current and, without flapping their long, pointed wings, sustain a course that makes them appear motionless. What we like most about gulls is their gentle and quiet nature, although, when they feel threatened by a predator, members of the gull colony join forces to ‘mob’ the intruder. The gull’s highly developed social structure allows them to co-operate in this way. The larger species of gull are particularly resourceful, inquisitive and intelligent. The gull teaches us to emulate these qualities, and also how to ride the fickle currents of our emotional lives. Their message seems to be about ‘going with the flow’, since their aerobatics prove the advantage of seeking the path of least resistance. Native American cultures have made the seagull a symbol of the care-free attitude, and of versatility and freedom. Among seafarers, the seagull was thought to be the soul of a dead sailor, and for this reason it was never shot (remember what happened to the Ancient Mariner). A gull that settled on a ship’s rigging or gunwale was considered an omen for a happy journey.


Ice QuartzNeedless to say, a lot of energy is shifting, old structures are releasing, old foundations are being uprooted and slowly replaced with stronger more authentic ones, and with all of this a lot of powerful and crazy energetic things can and will take place. But there are ways you can support the shifts, regain empowerment in the process, and maintain a healthy balance of staying conscious of your energy and consciously bringing yourself in alignment with nature and the natural rhythms within.

I received a lot of insight in my short time with my Ice Quartz friend and realize for now she is where we both need her to be.

To my sweet Ice Quartz friend:  May you know how valuable the deep inner peace and wisdom you have imparted to me is, which I hold in heart as you continue your journey. I look forward to your return in divine timing. Until then, may peace be the wind under your wings.

Hawk Spirit Symbolism – Gaining New Insight with Visionary Empowerment

Mountain Chickadee

Me and one of my Mountain Chickadee friends

Recently I have had a lot of bird spirit guides show up including an owl (which is so rare here in Southern California) that hovered and soared over the front of my car while in traffic on the freeway saying to myself, “the winds are wise” just moments before. And while I was away in Nevada, visiting my family and spending time in the Sierra Nevadas and at Lake Tahoe, I experienced one  amazingly magickal day with some Mountain Chickadees (they flew all around us, landing on us like trees, singing and brushing our skin as they flew by, and coming to sit on my hands and fingers when I put them out and called them), but it was the Marsh Hawk that prominently showed up each day.

Even before embarking on this trip Hawks were showing up here and there, including finding a Hawk feather on a hike, which I felt to bring with me to Reno to turn into a pair of earrings with another feather, coincidentally. 😉 However, every day there was one or two beautiful Marsh Hawks that were there to greet us in the morning and evening, Hawks that showed up on snow shoeing hikes, and graced the highways on the way home. The Marsh Hawks really got my attention and I was fascinated with their beauty and majesty and every day looked out for this particular one that enchanted me.

Marsh HawkHe would look penetratingly right at me when I would slowly drive up to it and get out of my car, but would only stay long enough to catch my eye in soul connection and to make an energetic impression. I tried to get clear photos of his beauty, but as if he knew, he would allow me one photo only from afar each time and then soar majestically off over the marshland. Having to zoom in beyond my camera’s clarity capabilities, I could not capture his grace and beauty in detail, but am sharing the photos I did get, nonetheless for sake of imparting his energy. I was able to also one day get one photo of a friend of his who shared this marshland with him. Nonetheless, he made a deep impact on me and we had an interesting energetic partnership over the week on an energetic level of exchange that I knew had meaning.

Full MoonDuring this week I also spent a lot of time in nature, on the mountains, in the snow, and by the lake, recharging my energy, receiving the gifts that awaited me, reflecting, and intentfully inviting the shifts that this experience held for me. I had no idea that the day of arrival was on the Full Moon and had even forgotten until I looked at my calendar, that not only would we be celebrating my mom’s 70th birthday, but that we would also be there in the place that Nestor had transitioned on what would have been her 10th birthday – February 1st. It was a powerful energetic time period in many ways for me.

Full MoonHaving been greeted by a spectacular rainbow orb sunset display (which I’ll share in an upcoming post), mustangs on the hill, a full moon sky of clouds that mirrored a bird and feather-like wings, and lastly a clock that didn’t work properly, displaying December 4th, 4:44 am when I went to bed that first night, I knew the angels were guiding and supporting the journey ahead.

Marsh HawkMore of what culminated in terms of shifts and experiences to come later, but back to the Hawks and their symbolism for now, as they feel to be of significance not just for me, but perhaps for many of you also experiencing them either in waking or dream time. Their symbolism and medicine feels very potent and on point for things right now and even in terms of a lot of the shaman and medicine energy sacred tattoos I’ve helped co-created recently and am currently working on.

I decided to look them up in greater detail than what I knew limitedly of them, as I felt there would be a message in their showing up as signs so much. I stumbled on some information immediately that completely mirrored the exact things I had just gotten finished stating out loud in terms of what I was experiencing, processing, and reflecting on for the shifts I felt were upon me.

I hope you enjoy this insightful information from All Totems on Hawk Spirit Meaning, Symbols, and Totem: (view link for more details and information)

Hawk Spirit Symbols: Awareness, Perspective, Insight, Truth, Visionary Power, Guardianship, Strength, Initiative, Decisiveness, Creativity, Messenger, Caution, Maneuvering, Leadership

Hawk Meaning and Medicine: The spirit of hawk brings with it many different meanings. If the hawk totem has entered your life recently take a moment to stop and reflect on some of the following messages:

  • Awareness, Perspective: Do you feel like you’re moving forward in life blindly, or simply going through the grind? If the hawk totem has recently entered your life you may need to stop and take account of your situation. Observe the minute and fine details of your surroundings because it is likely a juicy morsel of information is hidden in the high grass. The spirit of hawk represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences and will help you to become more observant. Many of the messages Hawk guides bring are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that allows Hawk people to survive and flourish.
  • Insight, Vision: Are you lacking confidence in yourself, are your bottling up your creative ideas and going unheard? Hawk medicine is both insightful and visionary. Stop doubting your ideas and assert yourself. Trust in your instincts and feelings and have confidence in any bright ideas that have recently come into mind.
  • Initiative, Decisiveness: Are you hesitating or procrastinating about something important in your life? Are you avoiding someone or something out of fear? Hawk totems wait patiently to strike at their prey, but when the time comes they strike with both speed and precision. If you stand by too long, any opportunities that have presented themselves will slip through your grasp. Take some initiative and seize the moment!
  • Caution, Maneuvering: Have you become reckless and impulsive? Do you often find yourself being outthought or outmaneuvered in life? Hawk spirit can alert us to those times when we should NOT take action because we do not yet have all the information we need. For example, someone is thinking about becoming involved in a relationship, personal or business, yet they get the feeling that something is “not quite right”. This needs to be heeded and Hawk’s spirit sent forth to gather the appropriate information to help the person make the best choice. Trust in your intuition, Hawk’s meaning may be telling you to steer clear for very good reasons! Be patient and fully examine the breadth of your decision making, once you have enough information Hawk will guide you to implement this knowledge to your advantage and steer you towards a more favorable path.
  • People with Hawk Totem are…
    • Observant
    • Cunning
    • Decisive
    • Visionaries
    • Leaders
    • Creative
    • Strategic
    • Messengers

Marsh HawkHawk’s Message: The hawk is a messenger of insight, adaptability and openness, it is also about visionary power and guardianship.  Hawk’s meaning teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don’t use, a blessing for which we haven’t expressed gratitude, or a message from the universe.  The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us. Hawk awakens vision and inspires us to a creative life purpose. Look to the world around you for there are symbols buried in everything.

Marsh HawkHawk in Dreams: To see a hawk in your dream, denotes that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. You need to proceed with caution. Alternatively, a hawk symbolizes insight. Consider the phrase “hawk’s eye” to mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds of change.

Cultural Symbolism:

  • Native American: Among Native American traditions, Hawk served the role of messenger guide, bringer of messages and portents of change. Hawk reminded the people they needed to be awake and aware. Many Native American tribes admire the hawk for its speed, endurance, perseverance, and sharp eyesight.
  • Celtic: In the Celtic tradition Hawk empowers a person to seek out their ancestral roots and to examine in depth that which is positive (so that it may be integrated into a person’s life) and that which is limiting (so it can be released). Tradition is only worth honoring when it supports joy and fulfillment in one’s life! In this tradition Hawk also supports the solar side as stated above, helping a person to move forward in life and to seek out great quests to embark upon.
  • Greek: In Greco-Roman mythology, the hawk is the ‘swift messenger of Apollo/Mercury,’ and is associated with the sorceress, Circe.
  • Chinese: The Chinese associated this bird with war.
  • Christian: In early Christian symbolism, the wild hawk represented evil; the tamed hawk signified the convert; and the hooded hawk symbolized the Christian hoping in the Light of Christ even though surrounded by the darkness of earth. Because of the hawk’s swiftness in darting down and grasping its prey, this animal is a symbol of death, injustice, violence, and those people who prey upon the weak.
  • Egyptian: In ancient Egypt, the hawk was considered a royal bird and a symbol of the soul (ba). Isis is said to have shape shifted into a Hawk to save Osiris. Horus also carried Hawk medicine which allowed him to see the “unseeable”.
  • Indian: Gayatri is the Hindu hawk who brought an intoxicating drink of immortality known as ‘soma’ from heaven. He is also a vehicle of Indra.Hawk
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