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Heart of a Faery – Raw Ruby and Faery Quartz in Copper Pendant

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Ruby:

Love – Confidence – Loyalty – Courage – Integrity – Devotion – Happiness – Healing -Passion – Enthusiasm – Generosity -Inspiration – Prosperity – High Energy – Power -Leadership

The ruby is a stone of nobility. The energy of the ruby is intense and vivid. This stone encourages one to follow bliss. It also acts as a “plug” for holes in the energy field. Wonderful stone for the 1st (root/base) chakra as it stimulates our basic instinct of/for survival. It strengthens both the physical and emotional heart.

Ruby brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage. It instills stamina, vitality and strength. A good stone for removing blocked energies in the reproductive system. It re-energizes one after exhaustion. Also good for balancing the blood’s sugar. It also helps to reduce negative thought patterns.

Ruby allows you to love Self and Spirit. A good stone of protection and is also a devotional stone. This is a stone that all those who are in service to others should have upon them. it helps you feel more like giving to others and doing so with love and joy in your heart. There is no room for resentment in ones heart who is being of service to others and this stone does not allow that to be a part of your heart. it helps you relax as you caretake others because you can trust you will not be trapped in any way in that role. it helps all to be warm, caring and help out with the needs of others. it also helps one with
devotion to others.

Ruby encourages passion and a zest for life.  It improves motivation and setting of  realistic goals.  Balances the heart and instills confidence.  Ruby encourages  joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage. It promotes positive dreams and stimulates the pineal gland.  Aids in retaining wealth and passion.  Ruby encourages removal of negative energies from your path.  It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigor. Calms hyperactivity.

Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymphatic system.  It treats fevers, infectious disease and restricted blood flow.  Ruby stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen.

Faery Quartz is a fledgling Spirit Quartz, showing the milky white lazer wand point and a light coating of smaller crystals growing on it. Faery Quartz has a very soothing energy, which brings peace and calm to those in its energy field, including the groups, families, and individuals. This soothing energy is extremely beneficial for emotional pain or illness. It also brings heightened energy even as it calms. Faery Quartz is great for meditation.

Physically, Faery Quartz is used for detoxifying the body and tissues, removing pain, and overall healing. Extremely fine, delicate, bright crystals. The refinement they possess seems to lift the consciousness just far enough to be able to perceive our very close neighbors. They appear to emit “faery” energy because their structural refinement resonates with that plane. If placed on the chakras, they cleanse and dissipate unwanted energies.

“Heart of a Faery” is a lovely, balanced piece, drawing in the strong, groundedness of the raw ruby sitting atop the light, refined and airy loveliness of the faery quartz wand below. Allowing one to harness the magic, while also manifesting it. This piece is also done in copper and measures in at slightly over 3″ long and 3/4″ at the widest part. The faery quartz has a white/apricot frost on top and delicate filaments afloat inside. The ruby is a very deep, purpley red. Price: $100 plus shipping and handling. Contact if interested.

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