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New Crystal Friends, How They Assist Us, And A Thank You Discount


High-Vibrational Himalayan Ice Quartz with Rainbow Inclusion

One of the powerful tools people resonate with and are turning to for support in these shifting times are crystals. Like with anything, what you feel drawn to is a mirror of your own power and divinity and can assist you in reconnecting and remembering the Source of this within you. When we are having challenge, or there are veils, blocks and fears keeping us from “seeing” our light, then “Essence” tools can become useful in drawing them forth with greater clarity. The key is in not being attached to specific things, but understanding the gifts they can help to reveal with perhaps more speedy and efficient access to them.

A lot of crystal friends have moved on to their new homes recently and in their place I have been slowly updating my Etsy Shop, Crystal Illumination, with new ones.

You can check out the latest crystal friends here: Crystal Illumination

I have also added a special to the shop. Receive a “Thank You” Coupon with every purchase. After you place an order you will receive a Coupon Code that you can apply to your next order for 10% off your entire purchase. Offer good until 8/31/13. 

Keep checking back, as little by little new crystals are being offered, and I have a large group of Crystal Illuminations paintings to come within the next month, along with a “Free Offer With Each Purchase.” I’m always focused on service and fun! So stay tuned.


Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystal Pendulum

Also, if you’ve been a fan of the Lemurian L.O.V.E. Seed Crystals, just so you know, I only have 8 of these pendulums left from the original 50. They have been a favorite among clients, as well as myself. 🙂 So if they call to you, you may want to snatch one up while you can.

I thought I would offer this information again, as it feels aligned with some questions and comments that have rolled around recently, and is a way to provide some insights to people that are new to crystals on how they can support us and my feelings on the energy source of crystals as well.

I shared this info in a post a while back, Understanding Crystals and Their Role in Our Lives – A Lesson of Honor:

Where do I feel the metaphysical properties of crystals come from and how do they affect us? – That is a complex question that I can only answer through my heart and feelings. The energies come from Universal Consciousness itself, from All That Is, from their resonation with the purity of Essence and natural attunement evolved through the Earth’s consciousness, infused with Cosmic energy. Many have also been infused with information from ancient civilizations including Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria, and so on, throughout what we think of as “time” and also embody extraterrestrial energies, holding record keeping information, knowledge and understanding that is multi-dimensional, unconditional and boundless.


Enchanting Faery Quartz Record Keeper with Rainbows

First off, crystals are living beings, alive and full of Universal Life Force Energy, just like everything that exists. They each possess unique “personality” signatures that develop through the process of their evolution. Some come from within the Earth, others from the Cosmos, or blendings of each (as in the case of moldavite and tektites that are created from Extraterrestrial/Cosmic Essence by means of things like meteors that fuse with the Earth’s crust).

Crystals resonate their Universal energy at quantum levels in harmony with human energy. Their internal atom structures that create sound, color, light, etc., vibrate at different speeds like satellites, radars, computers…and humans are like receivers that tune into the vibrations. Crystals vibrate on frequencies in harmony with all levels of our consciousness, as if playing unique notes that can affect each person relative to their make-up and resonance with those notes. Crystals are naturally in harmony with the life force even in their raw, unformed state. They have precise internal make-ups that keep them constantly and consistently in tune and in harmony. They don’t actually hold electrical charges, but can produce them. They can keep you in tune through their own harmonic synchronization with the primal energy of life, which then in turn keeps you more in harmony with life itself. Each one is a unique and distinct individual, as are we, with its own harmonic frequency rhythms.


Mystic Midnight Blue Covellite – Transforms Dreams Into Realities

When we are willing to receive this energy and exercise our Essence, we can contact the energies from which the entire Universe is comprised and crystals aid us to do so, being such clear channels of this energy. This is why crystals and other minerals are so powerful and must be used through the highest consciousness of the individual for the highest good. This is imperative. The Universal energies contained within each is activated and directed by interaction with the same. Misuse and abuse of crystals has taken place over “time” and they are in need of our helping them to balance and reattune, which is why they call to our hearts and need specific partners and keepers to work with and to assist. Sometimes the connections are life long, or “lives long,” and sometimes we are channels to move them to where they need to go or to assist along part of their journey, just as they assist us – all with the bigger picture intent to assist the Collective Earth.


Pair of Prehnite – Stone of Unconditional Love, Healing, Elemental & Celestial Connection

They each vibrate a different energy frequency depending on their make-up – for example, their  colors resonate with corresponding Chakra energies, and specific types hold varying vibrational resonance. They ARE Universal Life Force Energy within crystalline and mineral structures that embody codes of collective existence that are timeless. They are here to aid us in tuning our own vibrations to that frequency and supporting us to remember who and where we come from and to harmonize with the Earth and Cosmos. They can help support specific energies, act as healing guides, support inner growth, amplify things, bring things to light, help with clarity, strengthen, etc..but overall they help us to stay in tune, clear and balance all levels emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. They are representative of wholeness and can help us to remember our own….

To accept and welcome a crystal into your life is an honor, which they as well mirror, and is not one to take lightly. It is a responsibility and commitment not to abuse. This is the way that all relationships should be viewed…our relationship to crystals, animals, plants, the Earth, the Cosmos, to each other, and to ourselves.

Faery Stones & Crosses – Staurolite, Star Bright….

faery stonesThe first star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.

Like the nursery rhyme, enchantment is ours for the wishing and with the heart-full wishing comes the experiencing.

Two of my magical finds last weekend at the Gem Faire, were connected with a realm I live and love – the Faery Realm. I’m constantly amused with the synchronicity of crystals and stones finding their way to me and their beautiful timing.

My two finds are what are known as a Faery Stone and a Faery Cross (Staurolite). These two new friends are bringing extra enchantment into my experience and are making themselves at home while we reacquaint ourselves. They are enjoying my mini Quartz Faery Wand from Sedona (which doubles as a pendant) and the three of them are conspiring to bring more magic and fun into the next phase of things here for me.

hummingbirdThey are already playing their tricks, as just when I started writing this, my computer connection went out and I had to jump the connection back up. Another fun experience was when I went outside to photograph them in my Faery yard and immediately a hummingbird appeared fluttering right by the hummingbird post in the ground and when I placed my wand on the small Christmas tree we have potted in the yard, a crow appeared overhead on a post and cawed down at me. I turned for an instant back at my wand to place it on the branches, and then turned back and the crow was gone.

rv2And interestingly, this morning, right across the street was parked a lovely, large RV and this has to do with a vision I have for when the timing aligns, to be living and traveling around in one. So that was quite synchronous, as it has never been there before and its blank white outer shell felt like a blank canvas to create from. 🙂

Anyway, the yard here receives tons of small bird visits daily, hummingbirds, crows and ravens, as well as insects like fuzzy centipedes, spiders and butterflies, and earth worms abound. I found a beautiful web today on one of the Star Jasmine that was perfectly cosmic.

yardThe yard has completely transformed into a sweet enchanted haven amidst suburbia.

And these Faery friends are enchanting my experience and office right now, as I write, sitting perched against my rose heart frame of Nestor with my wand right in front of me. (Keeping them close by creates a powerful positive energy) She and I have journeyed much in my meditations and beyond in the magical realms beyond the veils.


My Faery Quartz wand

I always love to share about the crystals and stones I find, embodying beautiful vibrational presence for the energies and experiences we are having, and this lovely Faery Stone and Cross are no exception.

I hope you enjoy learning about them and perhaps you might welcome one into your life as well, as I find them to assist in charming your life.


Staurolite, also known as the Faery Cross, when it naturally occurs twinned in a cross formation, is known to be a talisman of good luck, supports stress, anxiety, fear, and depression relief, and connects and balances between the physical, astral, and extra-terrestrial planes. They can occur as more angled x’s or can embody a perfect cross – the crosses are more rare and therefore more valuable (even for such a tiny one as the one you see here). Interestingly, they are thought to be associated with the astrological sign of Pisces.

As you can imagine, their energy helps you to connect with the Faery and Devic kingdom, nature spirits, elemental beings… as well as to the energy of the Earth, nature, and all of her wonderful creatures, helping you to gain greater appreciation and sweetness for all of life. Historically, Staurolite crystals have been used for white magic to empower alignment with natural energy and are very healing, calming, centering, and spiritually grounding (as they help you connect with the electromagnetic field of the Earth). They are excellent for support with addictions (especially smoking), cultivating conservation (making you more aware of your actions and how you treat the Earth), increasing relaxation and peacefulness, helping to move energy down through the Root Chakra to the Earth Chakra and Mother Gaia (leaving you feeling safe, less fearful, and protected), soothing to your emotions and overall well-being, helpful for finding lost objects and using your time more wisely, negates a tendency to overwork and to over commit energy, enhances and strengthens rituals, and assists treatment of cellular disorders and growths, increasing assimilation of carbohydrates.

Having Staurolite with you can also benefit those close around you, as it fosters a connection to the natural world in anyone who feels its resonance.


Faery Cross – Staurolite

Staurolite are found in Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Brazil, and the USA. The one I have comes from Russia – seems fitting with my Russian rooted name Tania. They vary in color depending on where they come from – ranging from red brown, dark brown, or brownish black in color. They are prismatic and I find mine to have a sparkly sheen. The meaning of the name comes from the Greek word Stauros, which means cross, but they don’t always form clear crosses, yet the vibration is the same regardless if it embodies a perfect cross or not.

There are many very old stories and historical tales about Staurolite and how they have been used over time. Historically, they are known to have been in use since at least the time of Christ, but to others much longer. 🙂 One story says they were used in the Crusades to aid Richard the Lionheart to heal and another says that they were first formed when the faeries cried when they heard of the news of Christ’s physical death, which is why they form in a cross.

Tales, or truth, the energy of these stones is known to be helpful for anyone who would like to work more with beings of the natural world, and to contact other beings here on Earth, including animal and plant spirits – and of course faeries, hence their name.

Interestingly, stories tell that they are also known as a symbol of Christ because of the cross within the stone and thus can help you to embrace the gifts brought through this Christ Consciousness. So they cover both sides of the spectrum of the magical and faith realms.

I love how they emanate a strong Heart Chakra energy and so they resonate deeply with bringing more unconditional love for all of life.

Faery Stones:

faery stone

Faery Stone front

Faery Stones are another beautifully magical friend that are native to northern Quebec, Canada. These “natural sculpture” calcium carbonate stones are made of fine argillaceous sand with limestone cement and were formed in permeable layers of a basin created by receding glaciers, where water, laden with carbon dioxide flowed through the rock and dissolved the limestone it contained. Then under different pressure and temperature conditions the lime deposits left in the lakes from the receded glaciers were sculpted by the waterway flows into rounded pebbles and abstract forms of natural art. They are then carried by the water and deposited along the shores of lakes and rivers – one of the main rivers where Faery Stones are found is the Harricana River (second longest in Canada). Some have small traces of prints left by microorganisms, miniature worms, or organic remains that were fossilized millions of years ago.

These smooth pebble-like stones (so inviting and comforting to hold) are each very individually unique and to the Indians that first came up the rivers and discovered them, looked like biscuits. This is the reason for the river’s name, “Harricana,” which means “river of the biscuits” in the Algonquin language. The Indians have called them Faery Stones and often carried them as lucky charms on their expeditions and the most beautiful of these stones were offerings between lovers. The biggest specimens were seen as protective and sacred and so they were given a place of honor in their homes.

Faery Stones are said to “adopt” you and act as a little helper to assist with taking care of details and providing safe, nurturing energy in your space where you can work freely both spiritually and practically. They also have a strong connection to the Earth and impart consciousness about caring for her and all living beings.

faery stone

Faery stone back

Healing properties of Faery Stones include bringing good health, prosperity, protection, peace and calming, grounding, ease depression and loneliness, release stress, dispel negative energy, thoughts, anger and jealousy, are excellent for radiation and chemotherapy patients, reduces heat from fever, helps to balance water and hot flashes in women with menopause, balances calcium in the body, helps heal wounds, bruises, and reduce inflammation, encourages friendship and love between parent and child, and lovingly helps bring back the inner child in us, making us feel happy and joyful, and focused on cherishing precious moments.

The sweet little Faery Stone that “adopted” me, to me, looks like a round little cherub with wings to the left and even seems to have a smiling face on the front along with tons of markings all over it. 🙂 And on the back, I was taken with all of the impressions left in it that look almost like Runes and encodings that are almost map-like or creating a diagram and formula.


Jenny’s Chrysocolla

This one seemed to jump out at me in the pile I was looking in, having been hidden under all the others. And came to me when I had returned to the Faire a second time on impulse, with only 20 minutes left before closing and left with just this and a spectacular, perfect Chrysocolla piece that is for my dear friend Jenny in Bimini, who had asked if I ever see something for her to get it. That had its own synchronous story including a Poseidon-looking man I purchased it from.

I love following my heart.

And I LOVE my new Faery friends. If you ever come across these sweet Faery stones, perhaps you too will welcome their enchantment into your life. A beautiful way to create more peace and Earth compassion, not to mention invite some magic into your daily experience.

And of course, healthy, organic practices and creating your own nature sanctuary, even if just a small area of a window sill, balcony, area of your room, home, decorated potted plant, or yard and garden if you have one, can be a way to invite the nature spirits into your life and help you tune in to that Earthy connection that supports overall well being. You will also welcome animals, birds and faeries when you create organic beauty, while keeping the environment clean and our Earth and bodies away from harm.

Heart of a Faery – Raw Ruby and Faery Quartz in Copper Pendant

Spiritual and Healing Properties of Ruby:

Love – Confidence – Loyalty – Courage – Integrity – Devotion – Happiness – Healing -Passion – Enthusiasm – Generosity -Inspiration – Prosperity – High Energy – Power -Leadership

The ruby is a stone of nobility. The energy of the ruby is intense and vivid. This stone encourages one to follow bliss. It also acts as a “plug” for holes in the energy field. Wonderful stone for the 1st (root/base) chakra as it stimulates our basic instinct of/for survival. It strengthens both the physical and emotional heart.

Ruby brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage. It instills stamina, vitality and strength. A good stone for removing blocked energies in the reproductive system. It re-energizes one after exhaustion. Also good for balancing the blood’s sugar. It also helps to reduce negative thought patterns.

Ruby allows you to love Self and Spirit. A good stone of protection and is also a devotional stone. This is a stone that all those who are in service to others should have upon them. it helps you feel more like giving to others and doing so with love and joy in your heart. There is no room for resentment in ones heart who is being of service to others and this stone does not allow that to be a part of your heart. it helps you relax as you caretake others because you can trust you will not be trapped in any way in that role. it helps all to be warm, caring and help out with the needs of others. it also helps one with
devotion to others.

Ruby encourages passion and a zest for life.  It improves motivation and setting of  realistic goals.  Balances the heart and instills confidence.  Ruby encourages  joy, spontaneity, laughter and courage. It promotes positive dreams and stimulates the pineal gland.  Aids in retaining wealth and passion.  Ruby encourages removal of negative energies from your path.  It overcomes exhaustion and lethargy and imparts potency and vigor. Calms hyperactivity.

Ruby detoxifies the body, blood and lymphatic system.  It treats fevers, infectious disease and restricted blood flow.  Ruby stimulates the adrenals, kidneys, reproductive organs and spleen.

Faery Quartz is a fledgling Spirit Quartz, showing the milky white lazer wand point and a light coating of smaller crystals growing on it. Faery Quartz has a very soothing energy, which brings peace and calm to those in its energy field, including the groups, families, and individuals. This soothing energy is extremely beneficial for emotional pain or illness. It also brings heightened energy even as it calms. Faery Quartz is great for meditation.

Physically, Faery Quartz is used for detoxifying the body and tissues, removing pain, and overall healing. Extremely fine, delicate, bright crystals. The refinement they possess seems to lift the consciousness just far enough to be able to perceive our very close neighbors. They appear to emit “faery” energy because their structural refinement resonates with that plane. If placed on the chakras, they cleanse and dissipate unwanted energies.

“Heart of a Faery” is a lovely, balanced piece, drawing in the strong, groundedness of the raw ruby sitting atop the light, refined and airy loveliness of the faery quartz wand below. Allowing one to harness the magic, while also manifesting it. This piece is also done in copper and measures in at slightly over 3″ long and 3/4″ at the widest part. The faery quartz has a white/apricot frost on top and delicate filaments afloat inside. The ruby is a very deep, purpley red. Price: $100 plus shipping and handling. Contact if interested.

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