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Angels in Disguise

joy my angel

My precious little Earth Angel, Joy

When people think of Angels, certain images and ideals come to mind, but in fact there are Angels that walk among us and share their loving presence and grace with us in a variety of ways.

People are familiar with the term “Earth Angels”, but this doesn’t just speak to humans that seem to be sent from above at just the precise moment you need them.

True, Earth Angels can be a family member, friend, teacher, grocer in the check out line, stranger on the street, homeless person in the park….someone who shows up suddenly and serendipitously in your life.

But there are also Earth Angels that show up as animals that cross your path or that are your soul companions, as plant, tree, crystal, and rock beings, or simply as Divine messages and signs appearing as guideposts and answers to your questions.

In all of these cases, they will feel sent from above and their presence will feel Divinely orchestrated and full of grace.

Take time each day to share gratitude with the Earth Angels in your life and to be present with every living being that crosses your path, as well as with every moment. You are never alone and always much loved.


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