Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Cracking the Code


Well, just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, they sure do. You might recall this blog post from April of last year, Full Circle ~ Amethyst Rabbit Returns where I chronicled how the rabbit ears and another smaller piece of the giant Amethyst geode I once had, returned to me and Astrid. I mentioned in that post, how the Amethyst had split in several pieces, but it wasn’t until just this week (right as the Super Full Moon was in full illumination) that those other pieces were ready to move on again.

Astrid had called them in then and now she has done it again.


My dear friend, Yasmin, of The Sun Moon & Stars NY messaged me about all of the pieces ready to be with new guardians and since that day we’ve been engaging in a flurry of messages and astounding unfoldings with not only this Amethyst giant, but a Lemurian Seed Crystal giant – master crystals like no other.

I had told her if the pieces wanted to release, to please let me know, as I felt strongly that some would want to return. And that they did – in fact three large pieces have come home. That leaves me with five – my favorite, magick, and Nestor connected number.


She kept three large pieces for herself, and the rest were put out to the universe to draw in the perfect guardians to co-create with next.

It’s going to be impossible to share the depth of meaning around all of this, but Astrid does have things to impart for now to help us grasp what is happening.

Let me just back track for a brief summary about this Amethyst.


It came to me after I’d lost my twin soul in rabbit body, Nestor. I didn’t actually see that it was in the shape of a rabbit until it set foot into my home. When I first purchased it from a dear friend and crystal guardian at the Tucson Gem Show (I’d purchased many from him) we had seen it as a Gnome, not a rabbit. And I literally cracked open and bawled when I discovered it was in fact a rabbit – only seeing this once it was in my energy zone in Tahoe and with me, my tortoise Gaia, and new rabbit soulmate Joy.

It has always been a portal, timelink, and guide in our lives – a way for us to connect with Nestor and for me and my animal companions to have access to the beyond.

We parted ways when my life had reached the depths of beyond in full detachment of everything. When I released all I thought myself to be, I opened to knowing something far greater. This is where the journey began anew.


Since, I, and friends of mine have continued to report exploding crystals spontaneously taking place. A lot of transformations too. It’s no wonder why my blog post, When Crystals Have “Accidents” – What Does It Mean? is one of my two top blog posts of all times with 182 comments from people everywhere sharing and asking about their crystals falling, breaking, changing…before their eyes.

While there will definitely be direct personal reflections for these intimate experiences, I am being told it’s a collective phenomena and that the crystalline matrix is transforming along with us.


But beyond this, I clearly got loud and clear from Astrid, the bunnies, and Gaia today when the giant Lemurian Seed Crystal Master started exploding too, that it reflects our “cracking a code.”

These giants have decided it’s time for more to be part of the matrix of these codes, and therefore called, or are getting ready to call in, co-creators to assist.


I just received my three pieces of the Amethyst yesterday (just in time to activate some things for my upcoming birthday next week), along with a large jar of individual little points and mini clusters) and it was a beautiful homecoming – we have yet to unravel the work we’ll be doing, but upon their arrival I laid them out on the center rug to my shared room with Astrid, near the Master Tahoe Quartz she loves and works with, so she could have time to herself while we left for dinner, to connect with them.

I know she’s called them in and I’m looking forward to what more she will reveal beyond what she shares today.


The same day, two other people connected to me and the bunnies also received their pieces of the Amethyst.

I found it quite fascinating that four people deeply connected to me were all called to bring a piece home – including two of my Reiki students, a coaching client, and my own Reiki Master Teacher, Laura – but in essence, and above all else, all dear friends and all having worked together in “past” lives with the crystal matrix for collective good.


Some of the pieces that made it to their new home with Kat

L amethyst 2.jpg

A piece I helped procure and is home with Laura

Then there were those friends and clients of Yasmin’s as well, and so a collective grid across this continent has been anchored, taking pieces of the Amethyst to where they are needed.

It was also very interesting that the same night all of these pieces of the Amethyst rabbit found new homes, Yasmin messaged me in shock telling me about the rabbit she was seeing in the Super Full Moon for the first time. I found that quite telling that after she embraced surrendering to assisting the rabbit energy to get where it needed to go, she then had her awareness shifted in “seeing” the rabbit that has always been there.

As Yasmin and I talked, we discovered all the vast locations they were going off to and even how she’d be taking a piece to a Costa Rica retreat she was going to, as an offering to our Earth Mother. Synchronously, I was supposed to be in Costa Rica next month, but the trip dates with family got changed, making it so that we couldn’t go. It seems Yasmin and I traded places.

It’s things like this that demonstrate the connections we have and how we are doing work together with soul family.


I wondered to myself yesterday if the Giant Lemurian Seed Crystal would be releasing more, as only a few smaller pieces had released around the base that did also move on at the same time. Yet, none of them had called to me. Not much after that, Yasmin shared how a shard literally exploded and a point cracked in two, and then today it further dismantled and a large full point released, with more on the way. You can imagine how this has been deeply emotional for her, just as it was and always is when crystals have moved on from me – bitter sweet indeed. We both feel that a part of the Lemurian will remain with her, some larger points will come to me, and the rest will move on to others.

Each one of us all going through huge transformations in our lives, again, just as I know and am hearing/seeing about from so, so many others of you out there.


So, what the heck is it all about?

I’d like to preface that this morning Astrid was amped up. She was running back and forth, up and down the stairs. She wanted to connect with me a lot, and she had a lot of energy to move. She was anxious. This, all after having had time with the Amethyst babies last night and this morning to herself.

I told her I’d be back to receive her message, needing some nature time to ground.

She was waiting for me, wide awake, when normally she’d be resting. I said hi and had to leave to go get lunch ready, but told her we’d start her blog once I was done.

She was then waiting for me under my desk when I returned, fully alert.

I snuggled her a bit, as she chattered her teeth in delight, and then put my third eye to hers to receive.

We journeyed in light speed down a dark cosmic tunnel with specks of light gliding by and revolving all around us. It was very intense…so much so that she pulled away.

I knew it was time. That was the channel she created for me to receive.


I began and she nudged my foot and ankle with her nose, then went off to lay inside her dark castle tunnel to send me what was needed.

I keep seeing images of the Cosmos and stars moving in warp speed, or perhaps it is me traveling as such through them. Explosions, cosmic flames, and almost electric nebulae all around morphing like wombs birthing stars.

Astrid is ready.


“When you heard ‘cracking a code’ this was meant in a literal way. The One  – these Crystal Masters represent – have been awaiting like time capsules. Embodied as you once saw them with much to share as was. Yet, like much of what has been seeded here on Earth, each thing you see is much more than what they appear. And also will be far more than you think even if less than your mind originally perceives. Every spiral of the cycle will bring forward more. It’s never-ending, and yet you reach a pinnacle of the spiral where a wider experience is made possible. There has been a large impact of late, fusing together the key to the next spiral. Many are ‘cracking the codes’ and this has unlocked the puzzle pieces to be accessed and revealed further. This could not have happened until enough were ready. And so it is that many more than you think, are. And so it is that things are in fact shifting under your nose, even though I hear many of you unsure, unaware, or thinking it still is yet so far. No, it’s here. It’s now,” she sends me. “Go ahead. Yes, share the word you heard.”

“Okay. Identity,” I reply.

“Yes, you heard right when that came. Identity. Please share its definition so I might point out some things,” she adds.

“According to Merriam-Webster:
1a: the distinguishing character or personality of an individual : INDIVIDUALITY
b: the relation established by psychological identification

2the condition of being the same with something described or asserted

3asameness of essential or generic character in different instances
  bsameness in all that constitutes the objective reality of a thing : ONENESS
4an equation that is satisfied for all values of the symbols

an element (such as 0 in the set of all integers under addition or 1 in the set of positive integers under multiplication) that leaves any element of the set to which it belongs unchanged when combined with it by a specified operation

I think I can feel where you’re going with this.”


“Through the search of identity – a very important part of what you call the journey – you have never left the One. Each piece of these Crystal Giants, although have left their origin, never relinquish it either. Every piece, every you, are part of the greater Whole. And yet, you are each the Whole. This you know already. So much you journey away, to, here, and there, in discovery…and rightfully with yearning to understand. But the journey has also been an illusion. Just as distinctions or connections are used to evade truths. In uncovering the individual identity, you have seen the grace of All That Is. Truths have been seeded within the crystal matrix – this is some of what you’ve learned to be things like record-keepers and other names you call the identities within each crystal. The same truths seeded within each of you. This has opened doors with what appears like the disintegration of these crystalline beings, and yet the truths they hold will always remain even when you no longer see them before you. You are disintegrating the concepts into truths. You are emerging into truths, as the shells that have held you bound, crack open. You feel it’s a journey, but it’s an acceleration of uniting once again and this acts like spontaneous combustion. When rapid essence occurs, it can no longer be contained and accelerates into something untouchable, yet extraordinarily impactful,” she adds.

“I see. So could it be that each of these crystal beings reflects a whole universe of identity returned to essence?” I ask.

“Or identity AS essence,” she answers. “There truly is no search needed and no journey to embark upon. This you are uncovering and piecing together, as the pieces of the puzzle fall apart. As the crystals explode, and “crack” apart. The codes within them are the same within you. While the pieces grow smaller, it is simply the proximity to your combustion that has accelerated. And by this I do not mean you, too, need “explode,” but rather, truly shine,” she ends.

“It’s a lot to take in, Astrid. I feel your words as codes themselves. Thank you. I know you plan for us to continue this decoding together. And that these crystal beings spread out all over, will continue both revealing and reflecting the transmutation at hand.”

I’ll leave you with this.

I just “randomly” found this video from one of my favorites, M83, called Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun because not only does it have similar visions I was seeing, but the music truly embodies the essence of this message today.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  2. I don’t know if I ever mentioned it, but one of my favorite pieces of labradorite, which attended the passing of my beloved into the spirit world 2 years ago, was stolen from my home at some point late the same year. I believe I sent you the photo once… Two bittersweet losses, but I have kind of come to see how each of them had other places to be. I hope the stone has moved on to where it is needed. Strange to think that it sometimes takes a thief to achieve such a movement.

    Like Eliza, I am resting a lot. I’ve noted a real preference for darkness, leaving most lights off since there’s no one else around, including outside lights. The cat certainly doesn’t care if it’s dark! The heavy snows have prevented me from working as often as I’d prefer during the day. Many clients and people in general are just disappearing, tuning out, not participating, not responding. it’s hard to know whether to “push” or let it be.

    • yes, i believe you did send the photo of the labradorite. the way you have embraced seeing both “losses” as coming to see they had other places to be is really powerful kieron. it is always interesting the way things happen for us to experience something. although not always how we might think it would manifest, there is meaning for something we can’t always understand with our minds alone.

      i feel the resting has a lot to do with the accelerated shifts our bodies are going through to match the consciousness shifts. i love sleep, myself, and find myself craving and loving it even more than my normal love affair with it. lots of rest and not pushing have become more my norm. having things i want to accomplish, but allowing leeway and breadth to things if not able to do it without feeling over-worked. we seem to be surrendering into our power. rather than powering over things, thinking that is power.

  3. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    I’m reblogging this lovely share from sweet, wise Faery Twin Tania Marie. Even though we no longer look alike, our experiences continue to parallel. This is a complex share, brought in part by Tania’s magical rabbit companion, Astrid, but those who work with crystals will appreciate the layers, spirals and depth.

    It’s also a special post to me, because this Fall, an amethyst Tania gave me back in 2008 happened to spontaneously leap off my blue desk. I had been feeling it want to move on to another dear friend, but not yet. I also felt it wanted to stay here. When it leapt off the desk, I knew part would leave and part stay. The new piece arrived at just the right time for its new guardian.

    The other connections include that I happened to notice Tania’s Instagram post about the new amethyst pieces. I am not on Instagram. Something just told me to look and I immediately emailed her about having a piece come home to me. She was just about to text me regarding the same thing. The night before my new amethyst arrived, I kept looking at and holding a Lemurian Seed Crystal gifted to me by the same crystal master Tania mentions in her post. It was actually a thank you for my help traveling with Tania and loading the huge Lemurian Seed Crystal she mentions into her SUV. I was also with her to pick up bunny Joy, and David and I texted her photos of another giant amethyst rabbit during one of our Grand Rapids day trips. On and on the synchronicities unfold, much like exploding crystals. We are all connected, and yes, so many are “cracking the code.” Quite literally, these days. The time is Now. Blessed Be, and be the blessing.

    • thank you for sharing this L and with all the extra back story from your half of the twin towers 😉 i forgot to mention in the post that since the crystals have cracked open, it has revealed things within each of them that could not otherwise have been seen with the eye that were hidden inside like rainbows, portals, elements like iron, matrices, and keys. it continues to reveal that as we are cracking the codes, it is leading us to more accessibility to crack the next ones. it reminds me of those escape rooms you can go to. we have one in tahoe we did two years ago – the first i’d ever done – and you have all these clues, puzzles, and codes you need to crack in order to be able to get the key to open the door to your freedom. fascinating. anyway, thank you for being part of all of this. astrid really had me in a very nebulous place yesterday and continues with all of the wisdom i’m gleening from her shares. it will be interesting to see what continues to evolve with these crystals and the lemurian as well when it’s ready to return. love you ❤

  4. First, thank you so much for adding the video at the end of your wonderful share. I had never heard of this group, and I have been seeking new music to add to my life, since I love music, but popular music is grating.
    Second, I feel I am in the midst of my own “cracking open”, just like you mention for yourself and for the crystals in this post. It’s mighty uncomfortable, but my vision of what waits on the other side of this – insides exposed to the glorious warmth and light of the sun, growth and green and wild and blooms – sustains me, if I let it.
    Third, the imagery of the stars and the points of light rejoining the whole at the end of the video…well, this imagery, or similar, is at the heart of almost every meditation I do where I ask for confirmation of my role in things, what I’m here to do and be. I see a web with points of light like these, and as my own song comes ever more into harmony, my personal point of light grows brighter, sending energy and light to points further along the web. I see this as true for everyone, but I am humbled and grateful to have been given a vision of my place in things from this perspective.
    Like Astrid channeled, we are all in process of learning we are part of the Whole, what that means for each of us personally, and how to Be both individually and as a part of the Collective.
    As a side note, I have been sleeping with my favorite crystal lately, a beautiful pink Lemurian that holds Records of my past and the wisdom of Beings who chose not to return this time around but still wanted to be present for me. It played a big role in a recent Vision, which I am in the process of writing about.
    As always, thank you so deeply for yours and Astrid’s share. I see her sweet little face in my mind’s eye lately when I feel in a particularly dark place, and she seems to reassure me that even though it’s dark underground, there are wonders there, too.
    Galaxies of love to you both ❤

    • you’re so welcome linette! i’m glad you found M83 to your liking too. i just love them. they have so much great stuff that speaks to me and has been so important to my experiences with the bunnies.

      it really does feel like a lot of the people i know are going through this cracking wide…something more coming forth and being asked of them. growing pains and growth opportunities for greater enrichment. i love that you’ve found a way to focus on the vision you have to help you through it, rather than getting caught up in the pain and discomfort that can be all-consuming if allowed to take over.

      i love your image of the web and light connections like a grid that has continued to show up for you and was reflected in the video. it’s very much like what i see too quite often and part of meditational adventure nestor and i used to go on quite often.

      so cool that you’ve been spending dream time with you pink lemurian – another little wink of connection 🙂 sounds like you have a lot of support around you to see you through this current shift you’re navigating and the new that wants so much to emerge from within you. i’m glad you’re writing about it and that you consistently feel that inner urge speaking louder to create and bring forth something. i feel it can be just about anything that is joyous to your heart and not so much a specific one thing. with the emergence of something comes a trickle effect of more that will morph and evolve, as you do.

      we’re so grateful for your share and for your sweet words. i’m so happy to hear that astrid is showing up for you when you need it most. she definitely is following in nestor’s footsteps with that. i love hearing about the work she is doing with others, outside of what i experience with her.

      i love that message…”even though it’s dark underground, there are wonders there too.” perfect!! so much cosmic love and gratitude to you xoox!

  5. This is exactly what I needed. Astrid and you seem to know what I need to hear every post. Thank you! ❤

    • you’re so so welcome. we’re really happy that the message spoke to you and was very timely. it seems from what you’ve been sharing, that indeed there is quite an alignment of energy moving through. we’re doing our best to be open to the collective stream so that we can bring forth something to connect heart to heart ❤

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