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Enchanting Crystal Friends Arrive to Powerfully Support a New You

As promised, from before I left on vacation, today kicks off the emergence of new crystalline friends now available to bring into your heart and home, just in time for the holidays and the approach of the 12/21/12 birthing Winter Solstice of the New Earth.

I have found my crystal friends to be extremely supportive with the energies currently and am never without one by my side, even when I sleep and when I was off exploring on my trip. The ones meant for you will always speak to your heart and choose you, just as much as you choose them. In some cases, they really try to get your attention, but many of us aren’t always “listening.”

I have 3 new individual crystal beauties to share. These are NOT currently available in the Joyful Earth Crystals Etsy shop. If you are interested in one of these, you can email me at with questions and to request a secure Paypal invoice if one is calling to.

See each below for all of their unique information and attributes, as well as specific details on pricing. The 2 large crystals are available “at price” or “best offer” for a limited time of 1 week until 11/25. Then they will go to full price only in the shop.

We currently also have several new pieces in the crystal jewelry collection that you CAN find in the online shop, including quartz crystal skull pendants, jade wrist mala, amazonite and obsidian beaded bracelet with dolphin clasp, snakeskin jasper and obsidian beaded necklace, and an ocean jasper crystal pendant. All hold their own lovely energy and not only are perfect gifts to self, but make great gifts to loved ones and crystal lovers in your life for the holidays.

To see and read more about them and the rest of the collection, please visit: Joyful Earth Crystals

Here are the 3 new crystal beings looking to work in partnership with their new keepers. Perhaps that might be you. Click on photos to enlarge details:


Stunning and Magical Quartz 

$444 or best offer plus shipping 

444 number sequence meaning – The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby

This crystal is brilliant beyond words. Inside you will find a dancing angel, faery, or butterfly, depending on your heart’s vision. She is crystal clear with gorgeous ethereal veils at the bottom and phenomenally magnificent rainbows throughout. This crystal will not only leave you breath-taken, but is really powerfully focused.

Sitting just over 7 1/2″ tall, 3 1/2″ at the widest part of her base, and 2 3/4″ at her thickest point, this quartz is also a Dow Point crystal, which makes her potent and rare. A Dow Point crystal has 3 seven-sided faces and 3 triangle faces. The 3 triangle faces are called “Receivers” and help you to receive abundance and gifts. The 3 seven-sided faces are called Generator (or transmitter/manifestor) faces and help program things and process in support of new projects. This makes her a powerful heart activation friend that will assist in quantum leap transformations. For more wonderful and in depth information on Dow Crystals please visit: Pixie Crystals. Coupling her powerful attributes with the enrapturing dancing or flying angel/faery/butterfly, creates the energy of flow, freedom, joy, and grace in all that you intend.

The rainbow rays found within her offer a beautiful lesson to share. The symbolism of how the cosmic healing rays of rainbows are created (sun light reflects off miniature water crystals and prismatically transforms them into an arc of color) when sun light is blocked from heavy rain clouds of life and then the light breaks through, mirrors a spirit beaming forth out of the dark and into the light in glorious fullness and perfect order. The balance and perfection of rainbows teach us how to look at the full array of life, not just focus on any one aspect – including the joy, anger, sadness, and beauty – all at once. Rainbows are a symbol of hope and inspiration, helping us to make the best out of life, as well as a symbol of harmony in unity. The rainbows within crystals are born within, sometimes emerging from perhaps a fall or trauma during its growth inside the earth’s womb.

Quartz Properties: power stone that harmonizes and balances, has the ability to receive, store and send energy, powerful manifestation tool, the most versatile, multipurpose, powerful healing stone due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form, a master healer that can be used for any and all conditions, stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance, takes energy to the most perfect state that is possible going back to before the dis-ease set in, cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connects the physical dimension with the mind, ultimate “anything stone,” radiates all the color vibrations within the spectrum of light, can be utilized and programmed for any use which bring light and energy into our spiritual bodies, a “stone of the mind,” quartz can be used to imprint with any energy or information and helps to focus the mind, purifies the spiritual, mental, and physical, a powerfully protective stone bringing the purified energy in, used to perform diagnostic healing, and to communicate with spirits and other worlds.









Twin Energy Spirit Quartz

$33 plus shipping

* When you see the number 3 patterns: The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. 

This is a truly magical twin pair of ice lilac Spirit Quartz, infused with hints of golden Citrine that symbolize the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in unity. It stands just over 2 1/2″ tall, 2 1/4″ at the widest part of its base, and 2″ thick. In the back the two are melded together by a beautiful cluster, almost like the offspring creation of their integration. Spirit Quartz is just so sparkly sweet, light, lovely, and joyous and this crystal is no exception to that.

Spirit Quartz is an enchanting crystal also known as Cactus Quartz, Faerie Quartz and Pineapple Quartz. This Spirit Quartz has Citrine embedded in it, which is more rare to find and adds the properties of Citrine to its energy.

Spirit Quartz assists in manifesting the Higher Self through one’s human form. Used in meditation it brings peace of mind and freedom from fear. It gently releases the tensions of your conscious and unconscious fears, allowing you to truly live. Very cleansing and purifying for the aura. Stimulates the Crown Chakra, helps to harmonize the levels of the aura, the Chakras, meridians and the physical body, brings high frequency energy into the physical body, and dispels negative attachment and entities, as it repairs “holes” in the etheric body. Spirit Quartz balances the astral body and brings the Chakras and merdians up to their optimal level of functioning.

It provides community insight, helping to stimulate group cohesiveness and a willingness to work together. It also assists with bringing “group” energy into harmony and peace of other crystals in the surrounding environment. It is a wonderful companion for someone experiencing the loss of a loved one, helping to integrate understanding. It helps generate abundant healing energy to be used in group healings.

Spirit Quartz helps stimulate manifestation of abundance toward what is desired. It is good for energy magnification and cleansing of chakras, providing radiant white light. It helps elevate one’s sense of self worth, can be used to facilitate ascension, opens and activates the crown chakra, and helps to remove fear. Spirit Quartz helps to focus the energy deep within the essence of the matter and goes to the heart it to help in restructuring physical, mental and emotional levels. It helps to see the duality of one’s nature, helping to rectify the negative and build the positive, and assists in gaining a stronger connection with the Inner Self as well as Higher Self.

It can be used to treat skin eruptions and allergic skin reactions (via elixir) and also has been used in colon disorder treatments to detoxify the body, as well as treats obsessive behavior patterns.


Regal Amethyst Geode Sphere

$222 or best offer plus shipping – comes with 3 frog brass stand

* 222 number sequence meaning – Our newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality. Keep watering and nurturing them, and soon they will push through the soil so you can see evidence of your manifestation. In other words, don’t quit five minutes before the miracle. Your manifestation is soon going to be evident to you, so keep up the good work! Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.

This crystal is really magnificent. He is approximately 5 1/4″ in diameter, but a little wider at the top protruding point of his majestic peaks making him about 5 1/2″ inches at the widest point. His beautiful purple coloring descends in layers of gorgeous crystalline violet hues when viewed from the side. He reminds me of a prehistoric egg, with ancient hatchling crystal energy emerging into the light from its core. This crystal is a beauty with unique attributes and inclusions you’ll be immersed in discovering, as you activate spiritual awakening from the depths of your soul.

Amethyst Properties: extremely powerful and protective, high spiritual vibration, enhances serene and higher states of consciousness and meditation, calms and stimulates the mind, improves concentration, emotional centering and contentment, one of the most spiritual stones, promotes divine love, selflessness, spiritual wisdom, opens and strengthens intuition and enhances psychic gifts, works with crown chakra opening, promotes peace and inspiration, represents principles of complete metamorphosis, soothes, relaxes, heals, promotes healthy sleep habits and channeling, because of its transmutational energies it helps open gateways into intense and transforming spiritual experiences while protecting the wearer from black magic, breaks up old emotional thought processes, attracts justice, protects and wards off danger and violent death, increases the activity in the right brain, cuts through illusion, as well as raises thoughts and aspirations to a higher spiritual level. Amethyst brings clarity to the conscious and unconscious mind.

Crystal Love and Magick to you! You can contact me at if you are interested in any of these crystal beings, as well as to commission procurement of a special crystal, intuitively chosen for you. 

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