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Summer’s Lazy Haze

As Summer sweetens into a lazy haze, my bare feet find solace in the thick cool clover reminding me that my blossom friends will return again.

Hints of auburn and gold Autumn hide between pine needles and sneak up each morning after anointment of faery wands dancing through the night.

Late afternoons and darkening evenings glow by the silvery song of the tree frog.

He croaks outside the door to call in a mate and his voice is both sweet and sad. I hope he won’t be alone for long.

This bitter and sweet lingers on the air of transition, as I say goodbye to the last of the foxgloves and hello to the seasonal wildflowers that seem to come and go in a blink.

Life spans are shortened like the days and light, as a mystique rolls in on the Zephyr winds.

Change is rumbling through the Earth and our bones, as seasonal circadian rhythms take on a new dance with the forest creatures in preparation.

My feet sink deeper into the cool clover; toes curling into their memories.

Good Fortune Isn’t Only About Finding The Four Leaf Clover


Image I took on the grounds of Sequoia RV Ranch


Sometimes we spend so much time searching for that four leaf clover that we miss all the magick around us in each of the clover we overlook on our way to trying to find it.

We think that only that one thing will get us what we desire, that we haven’t “arrived” unless we obtain it, and we end up feeling like a failure or overcome with disappointment that we haven’t found the magickal fix.

Every single piece of the journey is integral to your evolution and can each be an amazing gift if you are present enough to receive it.

ALL of the clover in the field have value and hold enrichment for those able to see with their heart.

Don’t put off your life or dreams because you haven’t found the four leaf clover.

There is much to enjoy in each three leaf clover you discover on your path.

Sometimes the four leaf clover is simply a distraction to see who will be easily swayed away from the heart of the matter.

The alchemy is in being able to turn each three leaf clover into a four leaf clover.

That is the true magick and will lead you to experiencing good fortune throughout your life.

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