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These Boots


Hehe! As we recently spent a day in Cheyenne, Wyoming – the capitol and most populous city in that state – we found ourselves surrounded in boots! The historic downtown plaza was full of old, wild west charm andΒ the Union Pacific Railroad Depot housing the Cheyenne Depot Museum. It was train central with a huge train yard and lots of unique American West energy. I was “back in the saddle again”. πŸ™‚


I loved this quote about the city, which I found on

“Witness the evolution of a boom town transformed into Magic City.”

“Magic City?” Wow, how Faery of them. πŸ˜‰

And it was a fun touch-in for a Faery who owns her own pair of buttery vegan leather red cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hat fashioned with sparkly blue butterfly.


Although I didn’t wear them on this day, I did manage to get some boot action in anyway. So did Dave.


This is the back of the pronghorn boot at the top of this post


These eight foot tall cowboy boots – totaling 19! – were painted by local artist in 2005 as storytelling markers of both Wyoming’s and Cheyenne’s history. Apparently there’s an audio tour you can listen to on your cell phone to hear the artists tell their boot stories.

Four of the boots are around the main plaza, which we saw. The other 15 I’m not sure, as they have changed locations.


The theme of the project, “These Boots Are Made For Talking” was:

“If this boot could talk, what story would it tell?”

What a fun idea!

Well, I may not be painting boots, but I do continue telling my own stories and spreading the magick across the states with a sprinkle of Faery dust fun.

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