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Inner Peace Leads To Freedom

These photos from yesterday symbolically go perfectly with the post I just shared from four years ago, “Setting My Inner Horse Free For Good.”

I especially love the sea gulls and the feeling I felt when they came flying at me – a beautiful reflection of unbridled freedom that I now have, feel, and embody in my life.

Peace in. Peace out.

A freeing peace that can’t be touched by anything.

(I just so happen to be wearing a shirt that says “peace” inside of a heart – my heart)

Gratitude isn’t a strong enough word to convey the magnitude of it all.

But the feeling is in the photos…as they say a picture paints a thousand words.

beach freedom (1)beach freedom (2)beach freedom (3)beach freedom (4)beach freedom (5)beach freedom (6)beach freedom (7).jpgbeach freedom (14)

New Found Freedom in Your New Found Absence of Resistance

treeThis is a powerful and beautiful inspirational message (shared with me this morning by a dear friend and fellow co-creator – thank you David Nelson) from Abraham Hicks set to a backdrop of stunning trees and one of my favorite songs, “Now We Are Free.”

This is one of those messages to linger with and let it resound throughout your beingness daily.

Everything is shifting dramatically. I am feeling this celebration exponentially. And it is freeing and fresh, full of rich, connective, creative, thriving, potentialities.

“New found freedom in your new found absence of resistance.”

“There could not be greater love or appreciation focused at you than now. There could not be more recognition of the worthiness of that which is you. And there could not be more eager anticipation for the manifestation that by law must follow as a result of what you have accomplished vibrationally.”

Enjoy You:

Abraham Hicks – Now We Are Free

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