Accidentally on Purpose ~ Crystals Who Know What We Can Only Trust

Tonight’s Super New Moon in Pisces (here anyway on PST and in the wee hours of the 20th for EST and the rest of the time zones) felt like the perfect doorway to share a small window look at one of our favorite things – crystals. With the intentional landscape of a New Moon coupled with Pisces season, this also adds to that expansive potential crystals so beautifully support us with on every level we may desire, along with how to bring that through the physical.

And coupled with Saturn moving into Pisces on March 7th, you may be preparing for a new personal, as well as collective era, that guides you to find strength in your vulnerability while also establishing more committed and disciplined structures to your creative and spiritual practices…in essence, grounding and integrating spirit into flesh and really living, embodying, and being able to manifest all of those wonderful dreams and inspirations. Yay!

Self care and self ritual, relative to you, will become key if not already established as vital in your life. Astrid knows how important good rest, healthy sustenance, exercise, and play are.

Staying on the surface is no longer a luxury, but you can bring forth your depths to the surface and this is actually quite needed – walking the walk of your sacred path.

Thinking of new aspects of your life you want to embark upon, heal and integrate at greater depths, anchor more solidly, or change?

Crystal beings can be your best friends and guides for the journey. Although not for everyone, more people are discovering how life can experience an upleveling when these amazing beings step into it.

From observations I’ve made, I’m seeing that many of us are feeling their call more than ever these days – even if we don’t yet know why. For some of us, their voice has never grown dim, and yet if you’re like me – you may have been experiencing a fresh wave of crystal friends joining your team in recent years, because they and we (our higher selves that is) knew what was coming and what would be needed.

There’s been a huge uptick in incredible synchronicities like never before that are taking place where crystal and human meet. The stories I hear and have been experiencing are no short of being wild – even for those of us who already have wild experiences. Some magnificent and truly enchanting crystals are coming to the forefront, asking to find their keepers like…now, calling out with laser-like megaphones (HELLOOO), and literally feel like they’re unearthing themselves because the time is here.

So many of us have crystal partnerships as part of our soul signature across the ages. Whether we specifically remember or not, their presence long outdoes our own, at least in human form. On other levels, we’re all made of stardust. And being that they literally draw upon both Earth and Cosmic energies, what splendid bridges they are to the very heart of the matter – how to integrate spirit and flesh at the clearest of frequencies possible in each moment.

They can be direct, tricky, humorous, playful, courageous, regal, impish, and undefinable….we’ve barely scratched the surface of many of them, and rightfully so, as we’re on a pilgrimage to navigate unchartered dimensional landscapes. It’s best, in my opinion, to break down the boundaries of one’s mind and never try to stick a crystal, or anything for that matter, into a box, as you’ll have your mind blown every time you do.

We have many support systems around us to assist with these changes on Earth and the transmutation of consciousness as we know it for the human race. Crystals are beacons for the coming New Age, as their wisdom is timeless and helps bridge the gap between past and future in the present. They speak to our origins and provide a stream to navigate our way back to that, and beyond that!

Wow, think of that! Beyond our origins?! Now that’s flipping the paradigms and inviting in true creative potential.

Astrid and I have been focused on and gearing up for a lot of potent journeying here, as new and old crystal friends have been emerging in our lives in a fresh way and finally have come to settle in their gridded places so the fun can begin. Some arrivals (and departures) have been both anticipated and surprising, but the crystal beings always know, even when we don’t. I recommend leaning into trusting those inner heart fluctuations and tiny voices, as they whisper of higher self guidance that the crystal family reflects like the clearest of mirrors.

We’ve been enjoying the integration process for quite some time, allowing the crystal family to discuss things together, reacquaint themselves, figure out their teams and positioning themselves for timely unveiling while we did our own personal work and preparation for the next leg of the adventure. It’s no wonder I’ve been mirroring some of the crystal beings in my newer embodiment and behaviors – for example several of my “dragon” crystals have truly inspired the fire within to take on big things with a grounded courage like never before.

Some of the preparation has also included finally being ready to reveal their names to me, which will continue in streams of downloads quite quickly I sense. The first already touched down on 2/11 in announcing herself, which I feel was the introduction we were all waiting for before everyone else would fall suit.

Meet Esmeralda.

I saw her only briefly during a scan of a large table of crystals and her imprint remained on my heart. Like with most things these days, it was a familiar surprise, but it only took that moment to see her to create a boundary to all others from the group except her. I waited, confirmed, checked in with Astrid, and we became as one, even though I didn’t really know how that would happen. There was no accident to my seeing just her, as her heart light was on purpose to ignite my own. And the rest did in fact work itself out, as it always does.

She arrived on 2/8 and the next day I heard a whisper that told me her name would begin with an “E”. At the time, I was receiving a hint of a shorter name, but it felt like how you try to tune an old radio by playing with the dial. I was getting a snippet, but hadn’t landed on the clear channel yet. Later, I realized this also indicated her nickname was shorter too. Then on 2/11 it came in loud and clear while I was engaged in things around the house, allowing my mind to become an antennae. I find that when our minds are at rest, rather than “trying,” or the left brain is focused on a task, then the right brain is free to wander the ethers. At least that’s how my bilateral operating works.

Esmeralda came through “crystal” clear in the middle of no thought about a name.

I knew right away it was her sending me her name like an arrow through my heart. I didn’t know for certain that the meaning was what I thought it might be, so I looked it up to confirm and get clarity.

Of course! Esmeralda means emerald and although she isn’t a literal emerald, she IS a magnificent, giant (about 8 pound), green chlorite phantom (with layers upon layers of phantoms in fact) Lemurian from Diamantina, MG, Brazil.

In my book, her energy is quite regal and it’s not surprising she would identify as an emerald. We all know how I constantly write about the heart chakra being the Emerald Bridge – which I received as the name that encapsulated my work/path many years ago. She has rainbows (one massive one, in fact, that winked at me when we first met), a huge time link, is self healed and her bottom is fully elestialated, creating a rocket ship effect (weeeeee!) both literally and energetically, and making her spectacular no matter which way you hold her. And as I shared with her midwife and previous guardian, Lisa, whom her giant sister resides with, “…but really which way is up or down? As above so below.” 

Even though she’s polished, her deep, deep Lemurian lines still come through. And I love how she shifts so much in different lighting, revealing new worlds at every turn.

Peering into her is like traveling dimensions, space, and time.

Her sister, Constellina (aka Radar), the giant green phantom Lemurian Mother of all green chlorite phantoms, resides with Lisa and weighs in at 121 pounds. She is a huge, otherworldly cluster beyond words, who has many babies and incredible ties to a load of potent crystals in one way or another. I’m just humbled and honored that her sister Esmeralda has come home to me. I’ve known her for ages and the time was now for the next leg of the journey. Lisa released the babies from Constellina’s pocket recently, and Esmeralda was part of that. Lisa actually refers to her as a sister to Constellina, which feels right to me too. Esmeralda looks just like Constellina, but instead of having many points, she is one giant point.

I’ve since learned that Esmeralda also loves the nickname Emma.

Emma, I learned by looking it up, just happens to mean “whole,” “universal,” or “all containing” and reflects the regal energy Esmeralda emanates, as it has “royal roots that for centuries was synonymous with regal figures”. She was very specific about her nickname only being Emma and not Esme or Emmy, or any celestial type of name.

Even though she’s a heart bridge between Earth and Cosmos, she’s very clear on having a more Earth-based name that reflects her high frequency, but maintains grounding. This is because she holds the vibrational keys for creating a New Earth – hence assists in both personal and collective work.

Anyway, there you have her – well, just a start to her, that is. She deserved a larger introduction, although we’ve but only cracked open the door to our partnership and work together. She’s busy preparing the space and working with everyone here to set up the next steps. Her place is directly to the right of where I sit at my desk, so we can see each other and work together daily in partnership, while my other cocreator, Astrid, lays by my feet. Together, we create a Trinity.

I introduced her to Astrid after I made my first connection with her. Astrid had been napping and when she saw Esmeralda, she immediately welcomed her, but then took steps back and stood for a while in reverent silence. Two powerhouses re-meeting, and both sharing their respect for one another, giving each other the space needed. You can see that in the photos and short video below.

Astrid has been very, very active recently in telling me what crystals she/we need here and tuning in very specifically. Because of this, I have to take my time checking in and communicating to understand clearly who is to join. I don’t always know why, well most of the time I don’t lol! But Astrid is the navigator of the unknown and I’m to trust in her and what I feel from the crystals, despite not being given details. I’m on a need to know basis only.

The same recently happened with a smoky elestial amethyst that arrived on Winter Solstice, accidentally on purpose. This was her Solstice gift from me and she absolutely LOVED her new friend, as you can see in the photos.

Astrid is a master crystal worker so I listen to her guidance and desires on what crystals to bring into our lives, how to work with them, and which ones she particularly wants to work with. And as you can see she didn’t miss a beat beginning immediate work with her new friend. This crystal is amazing and in the form of a pyramid – one of Astrid’s favorite shapes – well both of ours!

I placed it on the ground and she came over right away, ending up spending a half an hour in deep communing and integration with it. She especially enjoyed having it placed on her crown to commence the ritual ahead. She laid her head with chin nuzzled over it as you can see, moved it in place and eventually laid with it tucked under her. Eventually she was laying flat like a bunny loaf and stayed there chattering her teeth and purring while she worked.

I shared a video of it on Instagram, but didn’t save it to add here. The photos, above, I think demonstrate well enough.

Astrid the master alchemist has been holding space with her crystal family for the changes moving through our lives and tweaking the fine threads that hold it all together. She works energy like no other and I learn so much by tuning into the tendril frequencies that run between us. I love her silver-tipped twinkle toes from which the energy she runs through her is evident in her presence. Reinvention is at hand indeed.

These are just some recent snaps I’ve taken of Queen Astrid with her crystal brethren. It’s an amazing thing to experience with her in person. Just as it’s always been to be in the presence of my soul family in rabbit and tortoise bodies over the years. Their masterful ways are incredible and never fail to produce chills in me.

And that brings me to the last crystal story I briefly wanted to share, for now. We have so much unfolding here with the crystal collective as well as new downloads, doorways finally opening, stepping stones like a yellow brick road appearing, birthday preparations, and so forth that just a few highlights were jumping forth to share as a way to help frame the transformations at hand and perhaps reflect something simultaneously for you.

So this next share is about the transformative adventure of an incredible singing Lemurian laser wand. Again, this being was so meant to be with me, and held on until I could find her – clearing a path that only made her seen to me. She’s an 11 inch long, rainbow filled, super clear pristine beauty that feels to have a collective of faeries living inside her.

Anyway, this beauty made her journey to me, and as soon as I saw the package I just knew something had happened, even though she was so well and lovingly wrapped inside. Actually, truth be told, I had a feeling something might happen so it wasn’t surprising upon learning that reality. When I opened the box, I discovered she had broken in half on her travels.

Now, if you’ve been following along for a while you may recall my post from 2012 – When Crystals Have Accidents – which happens to be one of the two top blog posts of all time here, generating nearly 200 comments over the years, many private emails, and blog reposts.

The gist of the post is that crystals, like us, go through growth spurts, transformations, and shifts and that life is about the experience. We have an idea of perfection in our minds, but perfection is however the experience unfolds.

Because of my experience with crystals over the years going through changes with chips, new growths, breakage altogether and so on, I learned what this meant and to embrace what ever the experience was showing me – then applied the same to myself. I also learned that every situation was different and therefore, tuning in was the way to receive answers.

So, when I discovered my amazing new singing Lemurian laser wand had broken in half, while there was some human mourning, there was also a seamlessly simultaneous celebration – like a death and rebirth all at once. I just knew there was a reason this happened and that she had purpose to her experience. The major break also felt to mirror the ending and beginning taking place in my own life, and that reinvention at hand.

This Lemurian was so closely connected to me, there was no doubt she and I were going through the same experience and this is also why this was the only wand of several sisters that had waited to be claimed. Our energy signatures were a match.

Fast-forward, I wasn’t sure what was to happen next, but was going to wait until she told me, or I received the answer.

Was she wanting to remain in two pieces for the journey forward?

Or, did she in fact want to be pieced together into a new form?

Her break had been nearly perfect with only the tiniest little slivers that chipped near the break. So there was a pretty clean cut that severed old and new for sure.

I decided not to do anything for a while and to see what would come to me without trying.

And it did, through Astrid.

I placed the two wand parts on the floor next to her (actually with them at a 90 degree angle to each other), feeling she would have an answer for me, and Astrid immediately started tuning in. And then the next thing that took place was wild.

It was evident what she was trying to do, in the only way her rabbit body was able to. The clear message came through her intentions and actions.

Astrid started to push the tip with her nose, grabbed the point with her teeth, and began to move them back into place, the best she could. I got huge chills, as I could hear her saying, “We need to put her together. She wants to go back now.”

Astrid did an energy shake of her head, which I caught in motion, above – confirming it was alright to help her and it was up to my human hands to now do the rest of the mending for her rebirth.

I knew I got my answer, but I still waited quite a while before I actually DID do that. Normally I wouldn’t have, but this was different. Each experience has its own journey and can’t be contained in a box of interpretation until explored individually. I then received in answer that she had deliberately done this both to break from the old version of herself to create a new one, AND because there was purpose to her harmony that the break would support.

Now, I can’t remember having heard her sing or what her tone was before her coming home to me (although I knew she did) and we weren’t sure when she broke, if she would in fact sing anymore, but I heard her say there would be depth to her song with the new form, and having cracked open, she was able to let go of the old and rigid energies, and breathe in new life with greater expansion.

So, I finally took her two wholes – as I didn’t feel she was broken, but now had two perfect whole aspects of herself we would be uniting to make a third – and mended away.

And guess what? When I struck her with my other smaller sister Lemurian singing wands, I heard at least three distinct tones.

Did she have only one before? Two? I don’t know, but my sense is one or two of these were newly created BECAUSE of her willingness to let go and recreate. She took what others would have seen as damage and redefined beauty and harmony BECAUSE of her willingness to experience life, and be okay with humbling herself into a space of embryotic renewal where leaving her mastery behind meant new mastery awaited!

Her breaking at her heart center allowed expansive depth to pour through and recreate a new and limitless love. Much like what I’ve been writing about recently and also demonstrates how the peaks and valleys of life are what enrich our lives. To know both the light and the dark is invaluable. Sometimes you have to be okay with deconstructing in order to recreate and build something more resilient.

She is singing a new song that helps one to journey through true creative potential, accidentally on purpose.

And this was a repeating theme, as I also had another powerful and balancing energy crystal recently rebirth too…in the case of this one it was a mother and child crystal and the baby literally just slid off into my hands when I picked her up. She’d been intact upon receiving her and for a while, and then one day – perhaps and likely mirroring my own rebirthing time at hand – she released with ease into the world.

Maybe one of these stories, crystal beings, relationships, or life experiences speak to you in some way. We’d love to hear any thoughts or comments you’d like to share.

And if this is your first time exploring the possibilities of crystals and new perspectives on personal growth, then we thank you for sticking around and entertaining the potential that there just might be more than you thought was going on through the little experiences in your every day life – perhaps unfolding accidentally on purpose with beauty and grace of their own.

May we honor all beings in all forms, as they are ALL powerful souls…not just the human ones.

A little heads up:

On 2/22 I will be posting/offering some special, enchanting, supportive, and potent crystal friends at our Creations & Crystal Closet page. I plan to announce it again, but just in case, you’ll know ahead. These will include a grouping of both personal releases and personally curated crystals that I have been guided to offer and only now have had time to put things together for you – well, I’ll get up what I can in time for now. In part, they are in response to requests from people who have been wanting some magickal friends and support for things they’re going through, and who in general just would like some extra magick in their lives and sacred space.

People often reach out that they’re not quite sure where to look, where to start, or so sweetly have shared their trust in pieces that come through me. There will be standalone pieces and sweet little bundles that I felt you’d love and hold some gentle, but powerful energies – I always try to find a broad range to serve different purposes and budgets – some truly faery-filled, some powerful cocreators, and others great for gridding too. You’ll see! There will also be a small collection of crystal pendants/necklaces that are also both personal releases and personally curated for you. The curated ones are some favorite stones of mine that I myself wear a lot of and thought they would be supportive to offer. The personals are out of this world, but just as with some crystals, these crystal pendants are ready to move on and continue their work where they are most needed.

There will, as always, be some amazing, little, surprise gifts included in every order and I may even offer a surprise bundle. We’ll see! I never know what’s coming through, but it was clear over the last several months from messages and nudges, that I would open briefly during timely windows to being a bridge for my friends – that’s the crystals AND you!

Also, there will be payment plans available if needed, as I always like to support intentions when the call is heard. So, if you do see/feel something that speaks to you when they become available, don’t be afraid to reach out so that I can reserve something that is meant for you.

And now I would like to end with a moment of silence in honor of Dave’s stepdad who transitioned, making his way back to the stars on 2/15…..

I’m grateful we got to spend some fun family vacations with him over the years – including some ski trips. Both Dave and I had some incredible connections with his stepdad on the day he passed. Mine was empathic through my body, which messaged he would be passing that day…and Dave’s was a beautiful connection that I believe helped him to pass with ease.

Holding the good memories at the forefront and feeling the continued wave of interconnected energies as souls move on these days to places where they can better support the shifts. It’s not easy, but the more we connect through our hearts, the more we can help one another through it. We’re grateful he was at peace in his transition, surrounded with family and in the place he loved with those he loved.

Feeling the bridge strengthen between the opening veils ever-more strongly these days.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I admire your reverence for all creatures and elements Tania. You seem to connect with all of nature and beyond. I don’t really feel a connection to crystals, but am glad that you have a beautiful crystal and tool to help you connect. I love that Esmerelda acts as a heart bridge between earth and cosmos; something that is needed by me and many others. Big hugs. 💕

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    Crystals!!!!! 🤗 I absolutely love these new magnificent crystal beings that Astrid and you have welcomed in!! YAY!!! I just LOVE hearing these incredible stories. xx Esmeralda!! I got chills reading about her, then a download of love just seeing her!! How exquisite she is….and I cannot get over Astrid and her remarkable interactions with them, it’s just incredible!
    (But I am not in any way surprised!! Lol) 😆
    I treasure my crystal companions…..and as you know, have had many truly remarkable//wild experiences of them ‘calling out to me!!’ and me finding//connecting with them, and bringing them home!! Many, many people that have never experienced any form of energy healing, or interaction with crystal energies as a healing support, come in for a Reiki session and they cannot believe the energy//light//colors//cold//heat they see//feel//experience from these magnificent beings! Literally it sometimes leaves them speechless….. it’s so so beautiful to witness, and I am SO sooooooo grateful for these amazing beings that are by my side supporting and helping me help others!! They LOVE participating in my Reiki sessions!!
    Really special stuff!!!
    Weeeeeeee!! 🫶💞

    • Thank you! I just knew you’d love them too! And how Astrid connects and orchestrates it all hehe! Thank you also for sharing your love for Esmeralda! She’s a special one indeed and will be fun for you to meet her.
      Yes! You have wonderful stories about the connections you’ve made with crystals and how amazing your Reiki sessions have been with the addition of crystal energy work. Powerful for sure! Grateful you shared that here so others receive that nudge and reminder of the power of working with crystals in sessions both for personal and collective support. Big crystal love and weeeee!

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