Peace Is Something You Cultivate From The Inside Out

With everything we’re experiencing in the world, my consistent, daily practice is rooted in the question, “How can I deepen my own experience of peace?”

Peace, which equates for me as living in harmony with everything that shows up in life, is the guiding force in my life. I write about it quite often, including in my recent blog, “My Own Little Private Idaho.”

I’ve also written blogs about it in the past, and today I received the strong message to reshare one of those with you here today because it feels so key to what is going on in the world with the power conflicts rooted in old energy dynamics fighting to hold on.

Rather than reblog the post, I’m just copying and pasting the most relevant part from what was a long writeup I shared while we were on our Magick Bus RV adventure in 2016. It was an experience that took place during our four days in Elk Island National Park, Alberta, Canada. This park is also known as the “island of conservation,” and what took place there has stayed with me since, and likely was some of the catalyst to my deepening creatorship with personal peace.

The full blog was titled, “Peace He Said, Simply That ~ Seeding a Return to Natural Harmony at Elk Island,” if you choose to read the whole thing, and here is the excerpt (quite long as it is) that I want to share with you today:

And this brings me to the wood bison, who I fell in love with and will continue to carry in my heart and work together with.

From day one in Elk Island, the wood bison began to make his connection.

And during our 4 days, 3 of those days continued with wood bison encounters, except for the day we stayed close at home on the trails behind our rv site.

During these encounters, we connected with two wood bison – both males. The first two times were individual encounters with each of them, and the last day was a combination of both of them and was also the day that the moose buck appeared as well.

The energy we were encountering seemed to be that of sacred masculine energy, which I have felt to be key in remembering to integrate, while many have had a more focused intent on the sacred feminine. Both are needed, and integral to the other. We mustn’t forget our parts.

Anyway, the first encounter was with a wood bison serenely and almost meditatively sitting amidst the brush at the edge of the forest. He was only about 15 feet away, while we stopped the car to connect. I immediately felt the sweetness emanating from those gentle, soulful eyes of this tender giant.


My energy shifted in this connecting and wondered what else was to come.

It was the second encounter with a different male wood bison that ignited things deeply.

We had just finished a shorter hike on Beaver Pond Trail. On this hike I’d found this lovely large white, delicate and heavenly down feather – the biggest I’ve seen and knew it came from a sacred bird, but loved that it was the under feather that reveals the sacred power that is unseen.

I had this feather with me, as I had received it as gift. It felt like gentle, tender, peaceful energy. The same energy that this wood bison we then came upon after, while driving, embodied.

We came upon him at the edge of the woods and stopped. I got out of the car to not have a barrier between me and him.


He was standing at the edge of the forest, but eventually he came about 30 feet away.

I spent time connecting intentfully and feeling drawn to send him healing energy, as well as being in deep respect and honor of him, and I could see that he received this and was doing the same, as he stood very still, as if in meditation and trance-like as I did so.

wood bison5
wood bison4

I then was moved to receive anything he might have to share and immediately got that he wanted me to share his message.

wood bison

When I asked him what that was it came through clearly.

“Peace,” he said. Simply that.

wood bison3

And yet this simple message was layered in depth and meaning.

Interesting due to the feather I found and what I felt from it.

I spent a half hour with him. Just exchanging energy and being with his sweetness. He was not the male energy one might attach to a creature of his stature and physical strength.

wood bison2
wood bison6

He was like my Cosmo….expressing and embodying the new male. He was not about the fight and did not want to engage that path.

wood bison7

After about half the time I spent with him, I realized that he had wounds received from another male. There was one large wound – a big puncture from a horn right through his left side – the side connected to the sacred feminine. This open wound being a portal for transmutation.


I then knew more of why I’d felt called to send him healing, which now also included the physical. I spent time helping to mend the wound energetically.

Interesting to note also, the horns grow up toward the sky, which brings an embodiment of this higher intelligence. That he was punctured by these Cosmic horns from another bison in his solar plexus seemed also to reflect bringing this higher consciousness into deep assimilation and digestion of universal truths and enlightenment through as personal empowerment and creative energy to actively move forward with. Integration of Earth and Cosmos.

wood bison8

He wanted much to connect and knew I was sending healing energy, so he just sat receiving in kind and coming closer. He didn’t move at times for minutes like a statue just looking..then the rest of the time grazed as he connected.


During our connecting I energetically hugged him, and this experience was not one simply in my mind’s eye, but physically experienced, as I could feel his thick fur…it’s texture, it’s warmth from the sun and his tough flesh and blood beneath it, and it’s thick soft and coarseness between my fingers, on my skin, and caressing my cheek that lay against his massive power and nurturing guardianship.


I surrendered into the sacred male energy as my own guardian and trusted partner of mutual respect and support. Our energies together becoming a gentle power of unification meant to walk hand-in-hand together – each reflecting the gifts and strengths of the other and how they work divinely in synergy with one another.

I was reminded of Beauty and the Beast, but this was a new faery tale story unfolding a whole new reality and dynamics.

I felt like I could have sat in the field with him and he’d have welcomed it. But I knew our window created for this experience and exchange was not endless, and that someone would eventually show up when the time was concluded, which would shift and disturb the energy.

Interestingly no one came during the time we were connecting, but at the end when it felt complete, our bubble of sacredness came to closure when a car came by and stopped to see him. I knew it was time to go.

But he did show up again, along with the other wood bison, as mentioned, on our last day to say our farewells and lock in our bond.

I knew it was them by their energy and their faces, having connected with each, and by their showing up in the same spot we’d seen them on the other days, much as the moose cow in Glacier National Park had returned to the same spot two days in a row.

On the second day of seeing the wood bison who shared his message of peace, I found him this time laying peacefully in a dirt patch in front of the forest.

wood bison9

And the other wood bison, who the first day was laying in the bushes, had now switched with this other and was up and about and literally 10 feet from the car.

wood bison10
wood bison11
wood bison12

It was interesting that the feather I found before this encounter I realized was gone when we left to head home. I can only imagine it fell out of the car? Or had somehow transmuted?

I thanked him before we’d left, feeling the magnitude of his simple message and all that it contained in potent layers without needing to express it all. I’d received those layers through our connection, his ancient eyes, and the ages of experiences we would be helping to mend and unify together.

When I got home, I felt called to look more deeply into bison medicine. And this stood out in what I found, which is exactly what he meant in the exchange I received in his peace:

“Those with buffalo/bison as power animal must walk a sacred path, honoring every walk of life. Buffalo will assist you in establishing a deep connection with Mother Earth and Father Sky (interesting since buffalo is Earth and the feather is Sky) and will ask that you help the endangered species and all of life in the world. Pray/meditate/focus on harmony and peace amongst all beings.”

And that is just what I am, have, and will continue to do.

My intention has been and will always be for a return to natural harmony within and without.

And that concludes the story I shared in August of 2016 about my journey with bison and his medicine I have continued to carry as a promise…to walk in peace now, and always and to spread his message.

I know at times you may feel like there’s nothing you can do to help others and the things you see in the world, but this is because we have limited ideas about the ways in which we can help.

I always take the macro I see and apply it to the micro me and vice versa. We will all have different ways our energy signature plays out for how we engage, but for those of you who work with energy in conscious ways, don’t forget how you can intentionally weave transformation through the life you live. Even if you don’t understand how that works or don’t believe it, a simple way to notice how it works in your life is by being mindful of how you engage people and experiences daily. See what happens when you respond kindly or with greater compassion from your heart, or when you react to triggers and get sucked into conflict.

Don’t forget the power of creatorship that you each have to change the story in every moment and learn a process that anchors in more peace.

The Winter landscapes around here have felt extra peaceful, although also in a suspended space of incubating something below that feels to be more than seeds alone.

We’ve been seeing so many sun and moon dogs in just the last couple of months, as you may recall my posting about. The mystical Pisces New Moon brought us yet another, as seen in the photo above, which illuminated the slopes where we skied that day.

We’ve been experiencing what seems like wild whiplash weather here too…a back and forth with warm and cold extremes and another small storm potential today and tomorrow after mid 50’s temps.

There’s no telling where the collective scene will go, as it changes moment-to-moment.

But if you want consistency, that is something you can create yourself and decide how you move throughout the ups and downs and respond to them in kind.

Remember that peace is found on the inside, so if you’ve been angry at not finding it out there, how might you create it in here?

I hope that Bison’s message touches a place within your heart, as it has mine. There’s a lot encoded in the images and passages of our experience together that we share as a gift in times much needed.

And if you want to start making peace a more consistent practice and experience in your own life, or gift someone you know who could use more of it in theirs, you may find one of the Spring Fae Magick Bundles to be speaking to your heart.

One of the main reasons these were created was to support a deepening of peace within. If you notice, there are a lot of amethyst (stone of peace), flower agate (inner peace generator), and balancing crystals and stones (upper and lower chakras/Earth and Cosmos bridging) that we’ve curated and prepared together. Every single thing Astrid and I do is imbued with specific intention, even if we don’t always specifically describe what that is.

Peace within. Peace without.

I’m sure this isn’t the last of peace-filled posts you’ll be hearing from me.

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  1. Thank you Tania for sharing your peace and this beautiful experience of communing with the Bison and sacred male energy. And the reminders to create more peace by how I respond to people and events. Hugs and thanks my friend. 🙏

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