Grounding Through the Upgrades & April Energy Update

As we continue to experience very deep transformations, from the inside out, grounding becomes increasingly important so that you can stabilize, anchor, and manifest, as well as maintain wellness and vitality to do all the new things bursting forth from your heart’s desires.

One of the things we focused a lot on in both of the last online classes I taught, was simple grounding techniques because as healers and empaths our well being is crucial to the way we show up in the world and for others. But this is so for anyone who is sensitive, empathic, and works in service-related occupations or has a full life and business schedule. Grounding was part of a collective theme we discussed, which was accompanied by other topics that included things like energy protection, clearing, aura strengthening, replenishing energy, self trust, self care, and the overall importance of living as an example of what you believe and deem important.

But grounding truly is a way for us to deepen into embodiment more and in turn, be able to manifest more abundantly and feel more empowered.

The more grounded and present in your heart you can be, the more aware you’ll be of empathic exchanges taking place – what’s yours and not yours, you’ll be able to transmute things easier, and people or clients will feel more supported and safer to go deeper in their own healing process with you, or as a result of your reflecting this embodiment.

Interesting, right after the last class I taught this past Sunday, I went to my room to change into some hiking clothes and a bird chatting outside the sliding glass door got my attention. I hadn’t seen a Steller’s Jay since pre-Winter, but here was the first one of the new season, very eager to get my attention.

I thought that very fitting, given their symbolism. I’ve written before about Steller’s Jay and their messaging:

They symbolize bold, fearless energy, and the power of presence and how to use personal power effectively.

The crest on their heads connect them to the sky and above, drawing energy and wisdom through the crown and reminding us that our true power needs to be applied in a balanced way that integrates both spirit and body, mind and heart.

Since they are very resourceful, they too symbolize adaptability and how to do so more efficiently.

They also symbolize a great amount of talent, but a talent that needs to be developed and used wisely. In this way they mirror to us that this is a time in your life where you can begin to support the inherent wisdom within you to mature and come forth in a bigger way.

Stellerโ€™s Jay also alerts us that anything of value, spiritual growth, and relationships takes work and they show us how to activate our internal resources to do this. Communication abilities are strong, access to memories and assimilation of them come to awareness, risk taking, seizing opportunities, discovering new things to explore, balancing intelligence with silence and patience to align with divine timing all come through Stellerโ€™s Jay in message.

Their crest that reaches up also places attention at the energy centers of the head/crown, indicating an increase in new spiritual knowledge and wisdom that may become activated.

Appearing after a very activating class that felt to take things to a new level for everyone, but also in line with talking a lot about the upgrades taking place collectively, felt like divine confirmation. Their crest and all the energy focus on psychic channeling through the crown being integrated into body is so reflective of what is happening.

Nature has me soaring, yet in a grounded way that feels more like embodied spirit that is down to Earth.

The next day, a pair of Steller’s Jay appeared. Wink, wink.

One of my favorite grounding ritual spots to walk to – photos of this area laced through post

I didn’t always used to be very grounded. In fact, I wasn’t grounded at all. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was floating about whether in the ethers, cosmically, or simply in my imagination, and was a tiny waif of a faery who had no boundaries, nor knew how to manage my energy.

So glad that all changed, but it came through balancing my life and saying “yes” to it – life that is. Embracing that I was here in body for a reason, and in order to do and be fully what I birthed in for, it was time to dance with more than just the familiar energies I remembered from off-Earth times.

There are many ways to help yourself ground and really “be” in body, but these are my 8 personal favorites (in no particular order) and easy, daily go-to’s that are integrated parts of my life rituals:

  1. walking barefoot out on the ground around the house and in my garden
  2. daily physical exercise in nature – depending on the season: hiking, walks, gardening, biking, kayaking, beach time, snow shoeing, skiing
  3. spending time with animals and plants – Astrid is my favorite choice here
  4. creating very nurturing and nourishing meals, fun snacks, or luxurious drinks that are both grounding and truly pleasurable to the taste buds – also creating anything with my hands, in general
  5. working in a space where I’m surrounded by actual elements of nature – raw crystals and stones I’ve found outdoors, pine cones, bark, lichen, a giant dried bundle of forest florals and plants in a saging wand I save, dried flower arrangements and lots of lavender, feathers, etc. I also have grounding and clearing crystals near my computer
  6. body care and spa time – I enjoy having a couple of days a week of things like masks, dry brushing, and extra hair care, but on a daily basis I luxuriate in natural and vegan products for my skin from head to toe
  7. nature-based adornments – over the last few years I’ve transitioned my wardrobe (down to my undies) over to completely natural and organic fibers like cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen…but also to slow eco fashion created by artisans who focus on sustainability and using plant, botanical, and low impact dyes. I can’t tell you the difference it makes me feel to have these on my skin – made for a faery indeed!
  8. sun bathing – I thrive on sunshine and don’t feel myself if not soaking in some rays – I’m very much a lizard or snake in this way. I especially love laying flat on the ground completely relaxed and surrendered in savasana pose – this puts me in a meditative space receiving Earth’s energy and Sun light codes all at once. (Since Saturday’s warming temperatures, I’ve been able to soak in a lot of forest sunshine daily, as you can see in the above photo from last weekend. I was already sporting a healthy flush from my hike out back that day and then received my first sun-kissing yum of the season).

Lee actually touches on the increased importance of grounding in his new April Energy Update I’ve included below, since so many of you enjoy them too.

Although he mentions how April will feel like the “lightest and brightest” month so far of 2021 with a lot of energy and opportunities flowing in, staying grounded, he says, will help you not feel chaotic and pulled all over the place, or unable to focus or make decisions. He calls the upswing of energies we’re feeling, “electrical energy upgrades.” If you think about electricity, it makes sense that we need our grounding cords right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another theme of the month Lee hits on is the continuation of ancestral healing. I’ve continued to see that pop up in clients, friends, family, and even commissioned designs, where the focus has been on releasing the weight of ancestral lines we’ve all been carrying, in order to move forth into liberated being – and that this is indeed honoring them through living our best.

Synchronously, yesterday, April 1st and Fools’ Day was my paternal grandmother’s birthday – she would have been 101 had she lived until now. She actually transitioned on my birthday when I was in high school and I’ve always felt like there was a literal handing over of energy balancing she gave to me from that. A way to integrate the effective use of energies she embodied, and transmuting the ineffective ones. This, as a way to shift the lineage, especially for women in the family, but also collectively. And once I recognized that around age 21 – her gift in doing this – I’ve also began to liberate myself from the weight of it all, little by little. Today, coming to a greater space of “my own” while knowing that this is what she intended for true freedom for all. Not to look back, but to keep moving forward.

And along the theme of moving forward, Lee mentions how creating boldly between now and October will be big on the scene for everyone in their own ways. I can feel that, as I’ve already anchored into purely art creating mode right now and have kept feeling like April is a transitioning month where this creative mode I’m in will be the gateway to the much larger creative projects for the rest of the year – kicking in end of month or May.

If you do end up listening to Lee’s video, you might get a giggle like I did (Lee too) from how the donkeys in the background chime in right when Lee talks about “staying present to the magick and love” because they’ll be important alchemical components for upcoming creation.

The donkeys reminded me of a dear and magickal friend of mine in northern California who has two adorable donkeys and a bunny. And that immediately brought magick and love to the forefront of my heart.

Any little thing that invites us to be more present to the enchanting and endearing parts and qualities of life, truly do have an upshift effect on us immediately and this is the kind of energy we’ll need to fuel what we desire to create. As Lee says, “creating is healing” and as you blossom into a new you, you will simultaneously feel supported with all the new you want to create externally.

I know many of you have dreams and you can support them by immersing yourself in these elements of life. This also helps you to drop more into who you really are and not who you’ve been conditioned to be.

“I allow myself to become more fully me” – Lee’s April affirmation.

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  2. I love the photos from where you go to ground. So beautiful with the lake, mountains, and big sky. Thank you Tania for the reminders to ground ourselves and create boldly. โ›ฐ

  3. I am not near nature…I am in a city….miss that so much….the land is used for golfers and the like …a few parks…I also don’t have a yard and finding apartments here that aren’t super expensive is a challenge due to student housing…thank you for help me connect through pictures and your expression of it all~

    • You’re so welcome Sherry! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿฅฐ๐ŸŒฟ๐Ÿงšโ€โ™‚๏ธ a faery like you I’m sure has some wonderful plant ๐Ÿชดbabies, flower arrangements, and/or crystals in your sacred space. That does wonders too!

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    I especially love your list!!!!!
    So many of those things I love and do daily/weekly too!! (As you know!) ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿ˜˜

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