Enjoy the In Between Times & Surrender to Unfolding Grace

Transformation and healing takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight, although anything is possible. Birthing anything new can take us through some growing pains and so it’s wise to honor that space with gentle encouragement and understanding.

There’s a tendency to want to rush things and emerge anew with miraculous ideas of “perfection” already anchored so that we can avoid those in between times that look to our egos like a big dirty, unorganized and empty mess.

Nature does change so well and we never stop to question her. Even when she’s transitioning there’s a state of wholeness and understanding that “this is just the cycle of life” and we recognize the beauty of that process.

Although I see muddy patches of snow, dried leaves and branches thrown about, and old pine needles, barren plants and golden-browned meadow grasses, I know that vitality lives within all of it and that everything is bubbling with fresh growth and potential. I also see that all of what’s before me is natural, with its own exquisite, artistic beauty, and I know that life has taught me how everything always renews itself no matter how it looks or feels in the moment.

Bring joy to the in between time and learn to surrender to your own unfolding grace.

Deepening into presence and receiving the value of every verse you add to the poem of your life will help you to relax more and release those conditioned pressures you place upon yourself.

Nobody said that only certain kinds of experiences are what equates to a life well lived. All experiences are part of life. All ranges of emotions are integral to your depth of receiving the richness life has to offer. And all stages of growth and experience are equally valuable.

As one of my favorite quotes by Wayne Dyer goes, “The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgment.”

Here at the Forest Portal’s Enchanted Faery Garden, everything is still in transition between Winter and Spring.

I’m unable yet to prep the garden, as we still get freezing and frosty nights, and until the last several days, we’re continuing to get surprise Spring Snow flurries. So, I wait patiently as the daytime temperatures warm up and returning plants begin to sprout all on their own – pushing through the dried and dead growth from seasons passed.

Synchronously, it all mirrors my own transitions, as I’ve been putting to closure, step-by-step, projects and commissions from Winter. So Nature’s landscape looks much like my own inner landscape and focuses, while still I feel all the new percolating behind the scenes and simultaneously experience both the joy of current projects and the joy of what’s bubbling beneath them.

Of course, it’s no surprise that things I’ve been working on always hold such perfect energy to prepare the way and support the new birthing to even be possible.

And so, I see no need to rush, nor do I detach from what’s before me.

Instead, I see how divinely woven it all is and allow the old and new to merge with each other so that the alchemy that otherwise would go unseen, is made more conscious. In this way, I deepen into the enjoyment and value of it all even more and experience greater fluidity within the transitioning process.

You might wonder why I shared these particular photos of my garden for this blog. Well, perhaps the more obvious reason is because they very clearly show the transitioning seasons. You can see the bits of frost and patches of snow laced throughout the unkept grounds that are blanketed with the old, while the new sprouts through.

But also because they reflect some new friends and additions to the garden that I’ve just recently added, even though I haven’t cleaned up the garden or prepped it in any other way yet.

There’s some sweet little pot-hanging, white rabbit twins, a couple of new solar faery houses, and of course the solar succulent momma and baby rabbit.

They merge their magick and sweetness into the mix, celebrating what “is” and what’s to “come.” I thought that rather than wait until everything’s in some kind of “order” to start interweaving some fun and new, that we should have some fun right now and create a space of joy and embrace of every moment.

When I look out at it all from my shared Wonderland office with Astrid, there’s a sense of divine perfection and surrender to all stages of life – the perfect reflection for me while I move through my daily work. It keeps me continuously connected to the awareness that inspiration comes through any experience and that even the surprises that unfold in unexpected ways do have something hidden to discover and propel us forth with.

I also added these photos from the “in between” time of day, as they also celebrate the beauty of all stages and moments being filled with enchanted possibility for us to embrace. Not to mention, they have connection to Astrid and all rabbits – more on that to come.

Even though we’re not fully anchored into any one particular season right now here in the mountains, I still find so much inspiration and vitality in what IS right before me.

The same goes for things I’m involved with on the work front. Although I’m not where I see myself going, I am in momentum of making that possible with every little thing I engage fully with right now.

And because of what I AM doing right now, is the only reason what’s to come will BE what it could BE.

Growth is not about the end result – it’s the alchemy of process. Every detail and piece enriches every other, and in totality allows us to experience it all as a work of art.

It never fails that any time I’ve been frustrated about a piece of the journey, I’ve always later seen why it was necessary. And any time I’ve felt indifference to something, my spark renews simply by “being” in the moment and letting go of projecting myself into the future, after-the-fact.

We experience anxiety or regret because we aren’t anchored in presence.

And speaking of transitions, below is a little seasonal update from Astrid and me, as Spring continues to unfold and I continue to shift gears.

But before hopping into that, I thought I’d share this piece of information, as not only does it go perfectly with today’s blog theme, but if you like to learn one new thing each day, this might be that for you. πŸ™‚

Rabbit Fun Fact: If you didn’t know, contrary to the belief that rabbits are nocturnal, in fact they are actually what’s called “crepuscular,” meaning that they are most active during the twilight hours – just before sunrise and just after sunset. These are the moments of partial illumination before or after total darkness.

That means they are very familiar with the in between times, much like faeries….wink wink πŸ˜‰

So, of course, Astrid wanted to hop on to emphasize the richness of embracing our processes, the journey, our evolution…in all of its stages…and to enjoy the in between just as much – like she does!

She also wanted to add that there’s a little Easter Sale going on in our Etsy shop on last remaining items.

We have very limited inventory – 4 items to be exact – but we do have one of our very favorites available, which are the Magick Rabbit Keepsake Chests that have multiple uses including make great Reiki boxes. Although their name includes “rabbit” in it and most of the ones I’ve created have been rabbit visions, these chests are not limited to rabbit-themed art. Anything you can imagine can be painted on them. So, keep that in mind if you have any upcoming birthdays, celebrations, holidays, or special honorary ideas.

I’m currently in strictly art mode for the remainder of March and most of April (besides the new mentoring kicking in mid-way), so these are right up my alley right now before shifting gears.

The link to hop on is:

The Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

The sale includes 10-15% off the last four items we have in stock.

The sale goes through Easter Sunday, April 4th.

I’m still listening for guidance on if we’ll put the shop on indefinite closure, or keep it open for those divine inspirations and/or items that want to come through.

Everything feels in flux for March and April still, so likely I’ll have clarity on that as things continue to move forward.

For now, I’m not rushing to make decisions because I know how everything I’m currently working on always has a way of moving energy and inspiring the next steps, naturally.

Wishing you greater peace, embrace, and presence with your own personal transitions you’re navigating.

Know that you’re exactly where you need to be, right here and now.

Enjoy the in between!

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Reblogged this on Laura Bruno's Blog and commented:
    This powerful share from Tania echoes so much of what I’ve noticed the past while. Some early daffodils and glories of the snow have bloomed, but the later daffodils and hyacinths are poised to burst into color as we shift from winter into spring. We are, indeed, in transition — in the garden, individually, and collectively. I sense that many things will look different in later May than they do right now.

    We catch glimmers of the new, but we also need to find ways to appreciate and celebrate the now. What little details make this waiting time feel fun, nurturing and important? If you feel you cannot do or be something new right now, what small steps can you take in that direction? Even detours prove necessary. Look to Mother Nature for an example of embracing change.

    • thank you so much sweet L, especially for the additional summary reflection. always a great tag team we are hehe! i just got back from walking to get mail and every day the transitions in nature keep shifting little by little, overnight. feels just like how it is for us….we don’t see it happen, but then there it is. step by step, percolating behind the scenes as we move forward. i’ve felt the same about may and june and right now enjoying the divine “detour”. love you!

  2. I love all your garden critters and decorations. Thanks for the reminders to embrace all the seasons, energies, and experiences, instead of judging some as bad.

  3. I’ve long felt, on this journey through illness, like I was neither living nor dead…but existing in the in-between. I’ve come to slowly learn this is not a horrible inner state, but simply a season of preparation and transition. I’ve gained peace and freedom in becoming unattached to the outcome. There’s purpose and promise in every season of our life…even the in-between.

    • that’s such a powerful and beautiful realization treesa ❀ thank you so much for sharing your transformative journey with this. i know the incredible evolution you've been through and it is no less than amazing. lots of love to you from astrid and me!

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