Closing Out Sale, Reiki, Reset & Transformational Opportunities

Many of you are likely also experiencing a complete remodel of your life right now, finding that one or more areas are going through a realignment process as things transition inside and out. Maybe it’s a new career, a new home, change of relationships or friendships, a new way of expressing yourself, and/or a new of relating to yourself as you haven’t before.

Change is cycling through quite rapidly right now and with it is opportunity to jump aboard a path of greater fulfillment and peace. For some that might mean really riveting changes and for others it may be more subtle refinement that simply draws in greater calm and presence of just being, where you’ve not experienced that before.

Personally, Dave and I are on the threshold of a whole new level of freedom in life and a lot of new energy moving through that will be interesting to see where it leads. It all seems to have anchored since the wedding and is in motion of transformation quite rapidly. I feel a lot of explorations in the coming months, along with fresh experiences that likely will inspire things for us both. I’ll keep you posted.

It’s interesting as always to have nature mirror messages that speak to the changes, as along with the robin family heralding renewal for us, and deer bringing gentleness, regeneration, independence, longevity, success and hope, coyote has been showing up quite a lot, and a peculiar raccoon sighting did as well.

Yesterday coyote showed up again (there have been multiple sightings) right behind the house. You can see her at center of the circled photo above. I watched her as she seemed to wander, drawn perhaps by the trail of a scent, as she went one way, back-tracked, returned, and then on the same way and beyond without a care in the world.

Coyote shares wisdom that is rarely straightforward, which is interesting given the way she sauntered in front of me back and forth, demonstrating this very clearly. They teach through indirect ways, while reminding us to keep a lightness and humor around ourselves and how we approach life. They reflect a time for letting go, trusting, and releasing the how’s to the Universe. Coyote signifies and prepares us for a time period of significant and dramatic change approaching, letting us know that presence and adaptation will be required, but also our flexibility to it will aid its success.

We also saw two raccoons lying dead, side by side on the road, on Sunday. That was a very unusual sighting. They must have been either siblings/family, a couple, or friends that were hit at the same time, together. I’ve never seen that before and it felt significant. There are similarities with coyote and raccoon energies, as raccoons teach us that following curiosity can pave the way for new exciting things and with that comes the letting go and release of the old. They also teach flexibility, adaptability and resourcefulness as ways to create success with the new underway. Raccoons message that you are prepared for the big leap of transformation and transition that is upon you. They also carry shape shifting energy, death of illusions, and death of an old way of being (as represented by the masks) into even greater authenticity and fulfillment.

Once again, the natural world and presence to the messages around, continue to support and affirm to us, if we are open to receiving them.

So, indeed we’re in preparation from old to new here and it is timely with a little reset mode for me I had mentioned would begin August 1st, which is also a big day on other fronts for us.

I’ve already removed the page link on this site to the discounted support offerings that I was guided to put out when all of the challenges in the world hit. But, as I mentioned, I will be stepping away from client sessions for a short period. Likely all of August and September, or at least until September 22nd’s Equinox. If something changes with that, I’ll let you know.

This is in response to energy movement that I keep aligning with, that leads me elsewhere to focus.

With these temporary shifts, I’m also going to be putting the Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop on a vacation hold, as I am also not wanting to focus on packaging and shipping out items during that time as well.

But when I do reopen it again, there may be a shift with inventory offerings and so I’m being guided to do a last “closing out sale” before I temporarily close the shop and do a refresh.

So, for two days only, tomorrow, Friday July 31st and Saturday August 1st, everything in the shop will be available with hugely slashed prices to clear out for the refresh.

Perfect for Christmas in July shopping! 😉

There are only 10 items left with 1 to very few of each item remaining to include the last of our greeting cards, notebook journals, prints, and 3 animal spirit guide paintings.

Link to the shop sale is here beginning tomorrow morning, after midnight tonight:

Magick Rabbit Etsy Shop

Beginning in August, I’ll only be focused on the upcoming Online Reiki Level 1 Certification Training classes, my writing, new inspirations, and personal shifts until I open things back up again.

Sometimes it’s important to follow particular energy streams in order to create a bigger momentum forward. So, I constantly am readjusting.

I think I mentioned that I ended up opening the class to more people because I didn’t want to turn anyone away that was ready. So I made adjustments and changes to the course training to accommodate and embraced change myself. 🙂

We reached capacity of what could be extended, but I had one of the review students needing to move out of both Saturday classes, so this makes it possible to open one more space for anyone interested. 

So if you were thinking about this, on the fence, or maybe seeing this for the first time, and feel it calling please let me know as soon as possible so I can make arrangements to support you. The classes begin August 16th and the second session opening is August 22nd. Again, I can only take one person and you will also have ability to continue the courses with levels 2 and 3 in October and December. 

And last, I wanted to put this out there as a potential, upcoming transformational opportunity.

I’ve often received inquiries about doing some kind of mentoring program with me and it’s one of the things I’m considering more seriously now.

This would be a more intensive one-on-one and more exclusive offering, to support a comprehensive approach to manifesting a new path that turns your purpose and passions into your career, while also transforming your life so you experience the fullest expression of your spirit potential right now.

This creative, spiritual journey will help uncover and transmute roots that may have you stuck and held back, and help reinvent, repurpose, refine and realign your life while giving you practical tools and action goals for building your life’s work.

If something along this line sounds of interest, please contact me.

I’ll continue to be blogging during this transitional time, so it’s just a subtle refocusing reset that I’m shifting into.

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  1. Changing and exciting times for you Tania, I hope all goes well.
    Your animal stories are amazing, especially how it all relates to us and our lives.

  2. It’s heartwarming to see how fluidly and intuitively you live and respond to your inner nudges Tania. Kudos and may these changes bring more love and goodness to you and others.

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