I hope that everyone is hanging in there and perhaps even finding that current conditions are guiding you to discover enrichment in previously unexplored ways. It hasn’t been easy for many and in fact, as I shared before, it seems the contrast between people who are experiencing peace and even thriving for the first time and the people who are spiraling in fear, confusion, loss, and challenge, is growing wider and more blatant. My hope is that where ever you find yourself, that you keep those hearts open to share love as a collective. There is so much gray area in what is going on and the only way to navigate it is by listening within, nurturing self trust, taking responsible action, choosing with accountability, and cultivating greater self care on all levels.

No matter the experience you are having, it feels like everyone is going through a recalibration and there is no shame if you have felt like you’ve been in a good place, and now find yourself reaching out for help. This is growth and strength, in recognizing we all go through ebbs and flows and that surrendering to others’ support for a while can be empowering. It may just be that you need a little helping hand to cross a threshold and reaching out is your way to meet in partnership with the Universe you’ve asked for guidance from. Action to support your intents is commitment and this demonstrates you’re serious about creating change and willing to be accountable for it.

When you partner with the universe, rather than take a back seat, you see things happen much easier and quicker. Soon, what seemed like just you making new choices, becomes a wave of new potential as a collective.

We just celebrated another Easter in the Northern Hemisphere and it is the epitome of Spring symbolism. Along with all that is going on, it feels like we’re planting our own spirit gardens – choosing the seeds we want to see blossom and learning what each needs to be cultivated and nurtured into fruition. This involves knowing that you are Spirit in motion of being and everything you do is a merging of this.

This includes a time to do inner (emotional, mental, spiritual) and outer (physical body, possessions, relationships, and home) house cleaning, organizing, redecorating, diet and lifestyle shifting, communing with Nature (whether outside or with a plant or animal), letting go, prioritizing, restructuring, and yes, planting those dreams, which will result in moving forward with greater ease and vision, and guiding your intentions into manifestation. The stronger your inner core experience, the greater your over health and well being will be. Try not to let outer circumstances define the way you choose to approach life. Although things seem out of your control, no one can ever take away the music of your heart you hear within. The stronger that frequency, the less circumstances can reach you.

Things you desire might seem so impossible from where you stand currently with your limited and conditioned beliefs. Yet, impossible is only an idea and its strength lies in your unwillingness to take some form of action. So long as you don’t commit to putting effort forth, impossible becomes your mantra for life. When you engage even small motivational steps, you begin to rewrite this idea and possible becomes the new story.

The word that keeps coming up for me recently is regeneration. It feels to be my theme for 2020. Perhaps it means something for you as well, or perhaps the collective at large.

I’m hearing the word whispered to me, dreaming about it, having it reflected, and feeling it profoundly. Regeneration is a process of renewal, regrowth, restoration, replacing, and in essence being born again. It speaks to resiliency, which every species is capable of from bacteria to human.

In literal breakdown, re means repetition or again. Generation is defined as all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively.

We are collectively in process of life regrowth from the ground up. Or, at least that might be the invitation before us. An offering of redoing things for the greater good of the whole.

Might we be experiencing a grand regeneration process that has healing and strengthening potential?

In recent dreams I’ve been visited by orcas, a red and black gila monster, and my special needs rabbit, Cosmo (who is no longer physically with me).

I’ve dreamed about orcas before and in fact they are the ones who gave me Cosmo’s name. These “Creators of the Cosmos”, as their wisdom is said to symbolize, have the ability to convert raw matter into stars, planets, etc., to free the soul into its innate expansion, and teach the ability to seal and repair fractured souls and energy leaks (embody wholeness). They also use the vibrational energy and harmonious frequency of song to heal, while assisting humans in finding their soul’s song. They spoke of regeneration on a Cosmic and ethereal level.

Cosmo, as you might recall, had a spinal injury that impaired him from using his back legs and walking. He’s shown up a lot for me in dreams recently, but just a week ago he appeared and kept showing me how strong he was, as he was sitting up on his own, walking for a bit, and even standing strong and anchored on his back legs – actually high up on the tips of his thumpers, even though he had a spinal injury. It was definitely demonstrative of him physically regenerating and a message to me on a grander scale.

And then there was the red and black gila monster, which was in a dream along with other reptiles. Red symbolizing root chakra energy, survival, security, courage and action. Black symbolizing the Great Mystery, chaos, the unseen, shadow, power, protection, invisibility, and for Egyptians it was the color of rebirth and resurrection. I dreamed of gila monster once before about three years ago, (it is one of two truly venomous lizards), and only knew at the time of its healing and transformative energy.  I also learned that it guides us to stand strong in what we believe and to protect that which is ours. It teaches about the rhythm of life and maintaining balance and flow, but keeping determined and quiet about things in your journey while you’re in process. They show you how to preserve your energy and not overextend yourself (gila monsters spend up to 95% of time underground and can go without eating for a year), are about survival, strength, and masculine energy. A message around active regeneration at very fundamental and primordial levels shifting us into a new paradigm. 

These dreams alone seemed to touch on all the layers of being.

And then there’s been a daily increase in dragon energy and focus. Dragons are harbingers of incredible abundance and achievement, but also carry wisdom, enlightenment, procreation, longevity, growth, yin and yang union, and regeneration as their medicine. The dragons in my experience are benevolent beings and they journey through space and time and across astral portals.

In my immediate world, I’ve observed generations of rabbits make our land here their home. I watch them grow up and every year they have evolved more and more into greater, outward spiritual presence, of which I can see in their star-lit eyes that mirror the Cosmos. Just after Spring Equinox one of the rabbit babies I connected with during Summer made her first appearance again, nibbling on greens the melted snow revealed. I believe it was Hope, returning much more grown up.


Rabbits and hares carry strong energies of hope, renewal, rebirth, balance, a kind of waking life resurrection, increased vitality, new found excitement, creative potency, and regeneration.

Then there’s been my front and side yard gardens. As mentioned in my return post, I saw eight miracle irises blossom against all odds before their season and now have some 40-50 daffodil and iris plants that have joined in. This is the most I’ve had since living here and look forward to the blossoms. I received the first one in time for Easter.


I also just did my garden clean-up yesterday, clearing away the old, cycled through growth and dead debris to make a clear slate for the new to burst forth and to prepare my Garden Tower for the new starter plants I was able to get on Saturday. I’m doing very little this year – mostly allowing Nature to do her thing and regenerate what is meant to come through – but did feel it important to get Astrid’s favorite herbs so she has greens during the growing season months here just in case it becomes unavailable. I’ve heard about some areas considering seeds and garden things as nonessential from a few friends, so I took matters into my own hands and got eighteen plants.


I didn’t go the seed route, as we have a shorter growing season here and I hadn’t started them early, as I would have needed to. However, while clearing out things yesterday I discovered so much new growth is already starting to flourish in green delight even with all the late snow and continued freezing temperatures at night. Amidst the new plants I’m finding even more things sprouting than I had last year, including plants I never had, as well as surprise duplicates of plants regrowing in new areas. Nature has seeded a new generation of life. 

To add to all of this, Astrid recently created a new design on her fur canvas. If you look you can see a perfect upside down rabbit reflection on her coat.

rabbit mirror

Alongside several personal messages this feels to impart for me, I also feel it is a reflection of our inner world as a collective – a parallel reality in existence/creation alongside this one and the bridge to it being the heart. Once again, regeneration in motion where a new outer world is possible through integration and transmutation.

And last, a ring story. This one has to do with the heirloom rings I’ve been gifted for my upcoming wedding. The first is the engagement ring that my mother-in-law-to-be sent me. I mentioned this also in my return post where I discussed ancestral energies, DNA activations/recalibrations, and how past and present will build upon, merge strengths, recreate, and support one another into a new future beginning. I wanted to expound upon the stories a bit, as they again reiterate the theme and my word for 2020.

The engagement ring from Dave’s great grandmother involves an interesting story. She was born in 1898 and her husband was a medical student during the Spanish Flu of 1918, which was the deadliest pandemic in history infecting 500 million people worldwide and killing an estimated 20-50 million (possibly as high as 100 million). Her husband died at 18 of the Spanish Flu that started in January, leaving her with their child who was born in June of 1918. And here we are now facing a new worldwide pandemic. It’s wildly synchronous and feels like we are carrying on anew from where they left off, as we feel strongly to anchor in love and hope amidst this challenge, refusing to allow circumstances to close our hearts nor dictate the way we approach life. I just received the ring last week and it felt like a rebirth to wear it. It combines diamonds and blue sapphires and even the fact that four tiny blue sapphire stones are missing on one side is perfect. We will have them replaced when I am able to get it resized, and this will merge past with present, creating an integrated new future. Another regeneration in process.

I also have my French and Spanish grandfather’s (on my mother’s side) simple gold wedding ring for my wedding band and delicate little ring from my great grandmother from Naples (on my dad’s side) that create a wedding set and are also part of this new beginning. My grandfather was in World War II fighting with the French against Germany. My great grandmother came through Ellis Island on a ship around 1904-1905. She had the Spanish Flu, but recovered. So both my grandfather and great grandmother also lived through the Spanish Flu pandemic and have seen and experienced much history at challenging times.

These rings feel significant in my own story of regeneration, but span through the ages and feel to be both healing and reshaping ancestral history on a bigger picture scale since we are all connected.

So much continues to come to a head at present for us all, and it is up to us to reseed the world anew with hopefully wisdom gained and compassion deepened. We are the new writers of our collective story and rather than let history repeat itself, nor allow others to feed us their renditions, we can arise and become the heroines and heroes our ancestors would be proud of – both on and off this planet. We can reshape a better world for generations to come. We can be more responsible stewards and converge the best of what we’ve learned to create something innovative that blends mission and heart.

We have the ability to be the writers of this story, rather than sit back and have someone else tell their version of it for us.

Regeneration is at hand and our conscious partnership with it will become the legacy new storykeepers will share and the experience that Earth’s children will sing proudly to one another.

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt insights Tania. I like the theme of regeneration and co-creating our stories to seed the future. May we plant many seeds of love, wisdom, cooperation, and compassion. Hugs and giggles…😍

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    What an amazing/potent story about your rings!! SO incredibly special and fitting!
    I find what you wrote about regeneration and the significance/opportunity we have to write our ‘own version’ of what’s going on, rather than what other people might write for us, especially resonant. (How we perceive what’s currently going on, and our reaction to it, truly has a huge effect right now- it’s so evident on so many levels!) I LOVED what you shared about your dreams, the parallels and messages. I always receive so much from your interpretations and insights! Thank you Tania! xx love you 💞

    • it’s always so fascinating to see the pieces come together. as i mentioned before, i’m in a different place where these rings have more meaning to me now than they would have before and so it is extremely fitting and aligned to converge at this moment in time. i’m happy to read your reflection and feel the resonance shared. hearing from you always puts a smile on my face and is very confirming. ❤ you're welcome and thank YOU! love you too!

  3. Love everything about what you mentioned. I am doing exactly that, but always, not only now because of the pandemic.
    This pandemic teaches us how to rely more on ourselves and how to use what we have, both physically and mentally.
    We had still some snowflakes flying around today, not a nice April so far. I still started to work the backyard a while ago when it was warmer. Hopefully, spring gets warmer in Ontario, too. Stay safe, best wishes!

    • thank you so much Inese! always love your messages and appreciate the light that you are ❤ i agree, these are things that are valuable at all times of our lives. like you, that has become my practice as well. it's unfortunate that reminders are needed, but until things become natural again to us all collectively, then it seems things unfold to help and we can help each other too. ❤ we have had a late winter here as well and finally moving into more spring-like weather and rain instead of snow coming now. hope you can enjoy garden time soon! i just planted some things yesterday and enjoyed the soil in my hands. much love and wishes to you ❤

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