Monday Musings – The Writer’s Corner: How to be Your Own Magickal Muse


I thought I’d kick off the first blog in my new series under the theme title of “Monday’s Musings” with a few ideas around how you can become your own magickal muse. A muse by definition is a creative influence – this can be a “person or a personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.” But this can also simply be you, which makes the process empowering to realize you have within you the ability to inspire yourself. And guess what? This doesn’t just have to be isolated to influencing yourself purely with writing, but can be a way to inspire any aspect of your life.

Here are some thoughts to help get that creative fire lit inside of your heart, but don’t stop here, as there are so many ways you can ignite inspiration:

  • Indulge your child at heart and engage that child-like wonder about everything with curiosity and fascination – what the heart is encouraged to explore will become a grand adventure of ideas streaming through
  • Find a process that helps you to create a well of flowing ideas that move you – journaling ideas, taking photographs of things that are interesting or beautiful, clipping out images and words in magazines to create idea boards with or folders of inspiration, collect little trinkets and treasures that spark imagination or a part of your inner child, gather and write down words, phrases, thoughts that you hear and that float through your mind – what you find fascinating in some way can act as a seed to grow ideas from
  • Go on a creative excavation about yourself and your life to discover what inspires you. Ask yourself what truly invigorates you and fuels your passion and really engages your imagination – what you uncover will be pathways to easier flow and streams of thought
  • Be inquisitive about that feeling and nudge that is bubbling inside of you and wants out. Rather than just push it aside, judging it, fearing it, or keeping it as a constant thought, write it down, speak it into a recorder, draw it…just move it out and through – what you invite to dance with you will begin to reveal where your energy wants to go and rather than stay stuck, will start you on a journey
  • Let your writing run free and perhaps allow this to be one part of your life that doesn’t have structure, if in fact all other parts do. Don’t over-think things, just write what comes up right away as a feeling no matter how weird and don’t edit – simply flow. There’s plenty of time for that later – what you surrender to will take you on an adventure
  • And if you don’t have structure in your life, perhaps creating a ritual or sacred practice around writing and creative flow will help make it a more natural part of your life – in either event, once you do have a practice in place like a specific time to do it, area to be in that inspires, a ritual to invite the process to begin and be separate from the rest of your life, then go back to the point above and let it flow without judgment – what you create consistency with will become an extension of your creative flow and life
  • In line with sacred practice and ritual is creating a sanctuary of inspiration or invent a way that supports and nurtures your writing. This can be surrounding yourself with things you love, have a particular energy, make your inner child feel safe, that inspire and cultivate thought flow and imagination, or could be noticing what kind of things or where you are that help more, like traveling, being by the ocean, tucked away in a cabin in the mountains, or in a closed room with specific music playing – what you cultivate will bring enrichment to your process
  • Always look for meaning in things – what you are curious about will reveal many potentials and creative ways to express or solve things
  • Work at it. Creativity is a process and for many isn’t flowing quite as freely as it once did when we were children. And even if it is flowing, we need to keep encouraging and nurturing it to greater heights. Making a committed effort to keep at it will bring it back to being a natural process again – what you focus on building, will come more freely
  • Become conscious about everything and embrace a real caring – what you are present and passionate about will create momentum and connection
  • Engage creativity, imagination, and ideas. Invite it, cultivate it, nurture it, and encourage it out – what you fertilize and cultivate will grow
  • Ask yourself what wants to be written and what story is aching to come forth, rather than asking what you feel like writing. They say everyone has at least one book in them…what’s yours? – what you surrender to will reveal gifts and make the journey flowing and fun even when challenges arise
  • Empty yourself of all knowing and let your inner vision and heart guide you to the truth within you – what you stop controlling will be able to fly
  • Remember yourself as the child you once were and can be again – what you retrieve will flourish where once it was constrained
  • Explore childlike fantasy and flexibility – what you open up to will make the impossible possible
  • Listen to your instincts – what you trust will open you to the most natural flow of expression
  • Feel what you feel – what you embrace will reveal the most meaningful things that will engage others to feel as well
  • Take chances and write as if you’re the first person ever writing the story and writing in the way that you are – what you risk will bring innovation as your best friend on the adventure
  • Be your own heroine/hero. Find the things you like about yourself and cultivate more gratitude around them. Create your own style and image that helps you to feel more alive, authentic, and cultivates the writer you – what you fertilize will blossom
  • Believe in yourself and what you have to say – what you believe about you, others will too
  • Allow mistakes and realize that there aren’t any – what you let go of will draw to you hidden gifts
  • Surrender to the story and lose yourself – what you immerse in will bring that reality to the heart of others through you
  • Keep writing. The thoughts will flow and your story will find its way, but won’t unless you write – what you put energy toward will take you on a journey, create a result, and a destination to begin again from

I’d love to hear from any of you on any additional thoughts and ways you engage the muse within.

About Tania Marie's Blog

Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Love this musing. Great insight, Tania. ❤

  2. So many great tidbits of advice here, Tania ❤ I get a lot of ideas from dreams and from peeking in on alternate lifetimes. Now, if I can get more of the flow of actual writing started! My M.O. up until now has been to write about 1/3 to 1/2 of the story, and then get interrupted, or stop for some other reason, and never go back to it. I love the idea of creating ritual around writing, though. That has helped in other areas of my life, so I think it is well worth trying here. Thanks, again!

    • thanks linette…as i said to brad, i tend to have trouble reigning myself in, so i just let the ideas flow. it’s part of my own process of learning and what writing is teaching me with refining and finding better ways to say things. i love your additional ideas about dream work and even meditative practice of tapping into other realities. dreams have been powerful for me too and if we engage them intentionally, we can receive a lot of answers through them for sure! and for anyone not as dream oriented, then maybe something more hands-on and tangible can be helpful. i’m glad you found the idea of ritual worth looking into. also, i wonder if you’ve noticed any patterns around the interruption when you are at that point? do you feel any fears come up, or self-sabotage in any way? is there a vulnerability aspect, responsibility, etc. that creeps in? maybe none of these may be your process, but asking questions around why that might be maybe before your dream time, could reveal if there is some kind of challenge or block? you’re welcome and thank you!

      • Thanks for the additional promptings! Yes, I know exactly what stops me: I’m afraid I won’t be able to get the story down the way I want it to come out, or I get to the end of what I know about the story and stop because I don’t know what happens next. I have a fear of finishing things that runs to other parts of my life; it’s actually a fear of letting people down, I think, so I disappoint them early and “get it over with”. (Writing also helps me uncover buried treasure, or in this case, buried scar tissue) Looks like this is the thing to address currently. lol I love your Monday Musings already! ❤

      • ah! all of this makes total sense linette! you’re on it with connecting the dots. i love how aware you are with your process. your share here felt healing and powerful just in voicing it. i feel like this is going to be a jumping off point for you. cheering you all the way! i know how challenging it can feel to put ourselves out there in a bigger way and risk hearing what others think. and yes, it won’t always be pleasant, but the only person we need to please is ourselves. easier said than done, but with practice of putting our hearts and inner childs first, we get back to that carefree expression and soon find that either it doesn’t matter what others say, and/or they actually really do love it and thank us for helping them do the same ❤

      • Thank you for the kind encouragement, Tania! I was just searching your blog for references to Geese, as I know you love and connect with them, and I had a message from them the other day that I was struggling to understand. I jsut remembered this exchange between us, and thought how appropriate that the message should reveal itself through you! As I was driving to work the day after these first couple of comments, 4 beautiful geese flew across the road in front of my car. They seemed to come from nowhere and I knew as soon as I saw them that there was a message. I have been seeing 4s A LOT lately in all kinds of combinations. In my researching today, I came to the conclusion that they were emphasizing the messages you had already shared. To emphasize (and add depth and additional layers of meaning), a gorgeous Raven perched on the power line that I have direct view of from my desk at work, and croaked until I got up and walked to the window. It then flew down to the ground, pecked around a good long while, and flew off. So, bringing my magic out of my head into the physical is what I got from that, and also that I should trust that I will be able to get what’s in my head out on to the paper in a way that is true to me and my message, and also is a conduit for the messages of the Otherworld. All that to say, Thank you! It seems you have lots of messages for me, and don’t even know it. LOL

      • haha!! i love it. that’s so fun how everything connected dot-to-dot-to-dot! i find it super cool how things are revealing themselves and thank you for your sharing, as it’s so fun to read and hear! i LOVE how you put together raven’s message too. tons of guides all cheering you on and nudging you into the doing of what you received from them and the knowing in your heart. ❤ aw, you're welcome and thank YOU for sharing this. it's great for others to see and read of our experiences, so i'm glad you added it as comment here. but you're right!! we don't actual know how much or far our reach of helping others goes. another reason why having the courage to put it out there can be so powerful. happy november!!! and happy writing!

  3. I love the intention of this post Tania; to explore our magical muse. And I must admit that the list strikes me as both comprehensive and overwhelming.

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