Bilateral Engaging for Brain Expansion

I shared about this on Facebook and received feedback that there were a few others out there who experience similar to this. I think like with most things, people don’t talk about the unusual parts of their experiences or may be afraid to share that they have qualities and gifts that others might judge them for or think they’re crazy because of it. And that is EXACTLY why I share so much of my experiences, bringing the hidden to the surface, so that others might find that connective and comforting thread to their own experiences and not feel alone.

That said, this is my share that isn’t a new observation for me, but that keeps receiving confirmation and providing affirmation of the results I experience from it.

Over the course of time and more so lately with my writing focus, I’ve seen how I actually write better and receive clearer more fluid inspiration channels when I listen to music through earphones with the volume quite loud – not just having music playing in the background.

Of course it has to be a certain kind of music that I resonate with in terms of listening to it with earphones on, but I find my flow better that way than just playing it as mood music somewhere off in the distance. Feeling the energy penetrate to my cells is activating, but there are other aspects to this I want to address.

I’ve found that my innate bilateral abilities function at heightened levels that way too.

I’ve discovered this with many things and rather than having complete silence and unilateral focus, having more going on around me seems to engage my whole brain, resulting in optimal functioning.

Having other noises/things going on  occupies and engages that part of the left brain that works at filtering it out so it stays engaged elsewhere, instead of thinking about how to control things or how things should be in the moment of channeling.

In the case of music I love, it engages (not filters) other parts of the brain that might interfere by harmonizing with it (sometimes even having me sing/sound at the same time I’m auto-writing) or moving my body (like dancing with it from seated position) so that I can allow the true essence to come forth unobstructed, yet enhanced by the sound resonance that works at cellular levels.

But, I’ve also found this to work when someone else is playing music around me that I don’t like, or if they’re on the phone, talking, listening to podcasts or watching movies….anything I’m not interested in or don’t want to hear…In these cases it’s the engagement of creating boundaries by the brain that helps.

There’s definitely an enhancement quality about music I love on my writing, but I think the main thing I’m seeing is about engaging all parts of my brain in varying ways, which allows this void space for uninterrupted clarity to be received.

It also places that part of the left brain on autopilot so that it stays focused with a task while also bringing through/supporting what the right brain is musing by engaging my fingers to type what that is, out.

Manifesting the inspiration.

This feels reflective of putting divine masculine and feminine parts of me/my brain into their perfect partnership roles.

And, this then becomes more like breathing where you don’t consciously think about, but it just still happens – natural!

And lastly, then the part of my right brain that is channeling and imagining can then do its thing without interference, yet is fully and freely supported/nurtured into its fullness in that process.

I feel that this level of engaging, while might seem overstimulating and confusing for some, is actually a way to nourish my brain cells and use more of it that is available, while also expanding its abilities.

Incredible stuff!

The miracle of human BEING and the accelerated integration process of dimensional shifts we’re embodying more of.

Do any of you out there also experience this or similar?

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. I have never tried listening through headphones, so maybe that would be different, but I have never been able to write with any noise around me. Reading is the same. Other creative things, like drawing, coloring, painting, and papercrafting benefit greatly from music or podcasts or conversation, though. I get overstimulated easily while writing and reading, so it literally feels like things are touching me and rubbing my psychic skin raw. I was thinking last night about looking for some new kinds of music to try…do you have any suggestions? I used to love all kinds, but find now that music with lyrics is very often too much for me, unless it is tied to particularly pleasant childhood memories (so, think Bill Joel, Cat Stevens, all the 70s singer/songwritiers). I’m just bored with my current stock of music and with the field so vast these days, it feels overwhelming to look for something new.

    • yes, music/sound is very beneficial to the creative, healing, balancing processes…i can get overstimulated too, and am very sensitive, but i’ve learned to utilize these sensitivities to harness my gifts, rather than take away from them. kind of like finding your peace within chaos, which comes from within. this process may not be the same for everyone. and there are times i prefer complete silence…i guess my main point of the blog was to say that it’s been like a retraining to experience these otherwise perhaps distracting things to utilize all of me and to actually strengthen parts/gifts, use more of the huge percentage of the brain we don’t, exercise boundaries, which are crucial, support each part’s strengths, and more tangibly access that middle way/void area where the alchemy and magick can take place. i like music that ranges from techno/electronica (deadmau5/M83/Rank1, etc.) to more new age stuff that could be enigma/yanni/lisa gerrard, etc.), classical (beethoven, etc.), and some pop or world music (gypsy kings, etc.) that has a very particular beat or harmony to it. ❤

  2. I also listen to just notes on a keyboard and continuously looping the sound….

  3. Thank you for the suggestions! I completely get your point, and I am a little in awe of how you are able to find that calm within the chaos ❤ My boundaries are not as strong as I would like for them to be…this seems intriguing as an exercise to strengthen them. My trusty labradorite has helped me work wonders in this area, but I am finding that one cannot have too strong boundaries, only ones that are too rigid!

    • you’re most welcome linette!! thank you for saying that linette…let me tell you though, i struggled hugely with boundaries all my life, and being a pisces…that’s a huge challenge as we have absolutely none. it wasn’t until the last 2 or 3 years that i’ve really understood how to manage this and continue to cultivate it in stronger ways…it’s an ever-evolving journey, but has made all the difference. i think many healers/empaths/sensitives struggle with boundaries and it’s become a huge theme at the forefront of our journeys into the next phase of our lives. it’s wonderful you are focused on this too and have found your own ways to support that work. good point on the boundaries!! ❤

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