Empaths, Malaise, and Downward Spirals: How to Shift the Energy Now

Some good insights and support from Laura on how to shift yourself out of the downward spiral you might be feeling at this time. I’m a Pisces so I can understand SO MUCH why this is happening in excess with the others she mentioned who are Pisces or water signs, as one of our lessons is learning boundaries where we have none. Although I have been unaffected by this since learning what is me and what is not and how to manage my own energy, due to my sensitivities I can feel the energy swirling around right outside my boundary and know it is very easy right now for nearly anyone to take this on, as after all, we ARE connected.

I’ve not only noticed the effects on everyone’s moods, personalities, energy, and fears, but have also noticed a desperation energy of healers ramping up their marketing in energetically unempowered ways. Perhaps this is in direct reaction to the dynamics that temporarily seem to have shifted with the Shadow coming forth in full force, and about unconsciously feeling the squeeze on what they have been working to bring forth, as if it will be lost. Perhaps it is the unconscious fear working on them, or a sense of wanting to assist everyone having challenge right now to raise the vibration, but the challenge I see is in the guidelines Laura posted in her blog share, as in one must fill their own well first and give only from that overflow you have AND not try to save and rescue others who either don’t want this or that in fact it would be disabling to their own healing journey. Trying to dictate what everyone’s path is and project our ideals upon them with judgment is not the answer.

It is tough to observe things and feel helpless to assist, and yet that’s the challenge, especially with Pisces, water signs, and empaths who have a natural inclination to truly understand and feel what others are feeling and wanting to help – hence the lesson.

You CAN assist by cultivating your own well being, which has its own direct effect, not to mention, THEN allows you to assist from an authentic and grounded place, that is healthy and balanced.

Besides the great techniques and energy filters Laura offered to help with this, I’d like to add what has also assisted me. Truly immersing myself in my creative passions and in creating the life I love despite the energetic environment around me. If you spend your time focused on cultivating your dreams, being involved in what you love, spending quality time with yourself and loved ones, and funneling your energy from your heart into creating the reality and taking the actions that reflect your beliefs and values, then this acts as its own deflector and builds your life force, aura, and strengthens your ability to discern between you and what’s not you, plus creates it’s own natural boundary.

Of course it’s key to understand how the energetic environment affecting you is providing you gifts to unlock your own Shadow and empower you into authentic being, to be aware of what’s going on to the level of need that is relative to your own path, but I would also recommend removing yourself from constantly feeding the energy once you’ve become aware of it. Focus on moving it through you, understanding what it means for your own life so you can put it to healing rest, and then fueling the power of that enlightening awakening into creating actual change in how you live your life.

Another thing that could be helpful for Pisces to learn, is to harness your ability to be boundless and collective focused, in a more productive way. Virgo is our opposite sign and learning how to harness the Earthy self-awareness Virgo has to offer us is part of our lesson to integrate as Pisces. So utilize that to KNOW THYSELF, as we say. But in times like the election stuff, rather than be specific focused on the environment OUT THERE and let all the details work on your Pisces sensitivity, this is where you can focus on the Bigger Picture instead. Pisces knows the collective dynamics at work and how it is all divinely unfolding regardless of the details that show up. So this is one of those times where your Pisces tendencies can assist, in embracing that All That Is and the divine intelligence within you KNOWS exactly what it is doing and will work itself out without judging it, just as All That Is does not judge.

So surrender and lean into that, while letting go of the nit-picking daily grind of details coming at you every day – unproductive/unhealthy Virgo tendency. Then harness that practical, go-getter, productive/healthy energy of Virgo, instead, to channel into your passions and life’s work. You will find yourself then tempering the best of your aspects to create balance, grounding, and healthy management of your greatest gifts innately available to you.

Laura Bruno's Blog

I can’t tell you how many sessions I’ve had with people this past week for whom the election and its aftermath — regardless of their politics or disinterest in politics — has triggered massive grief, anger, shock, disbelief, confusion, feelings of fear, cognitive dissonance, betrayal, and/or the desire to give up. Most of these clients are people “who know better” than to go down such spirals, but for whatever reason, they can’t seem to pull themselves out of the whirlpool.

In most cases, their usual coping tools aren’t working, because the things bothering them aren’t really “theirs” to fix.

I’ve had an unusually high volume of calls from Water Signs this past week, especially Pisces, well known for their fluid boundaries and subconscious empathing of surrounding emotions and energies. Even if you’re not a Pisces, if you feel less than optimal right now, please consider the possibility that you might…

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  1. So many good point here.. In particular I like the part about surrendering to the now rather than getting all caught up in nitpicking 🙂

  2. Clarifying…..thank you

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