Summer Squash Recipes and the Fall Garden

Couldn’t pass up sharing this post by my Faery garden sis. She shares in it a bunch of fantastic squash recipes I’m sure will delight all tummies, vegan or not. She was sharing these recipes with me and the cooking frenzy as she went along, so it was like “real time” for me in experiencing the squash craze.

During this time I got to create my very own squash dish of very simple deliciousness, which I’ll add to her long list of recipes to choose from. I received a bag of fresh garden goodness and blends from Laura over Equinox which included some of her amazingly beautiful white scallop squash. I used one to create a yummy vegan soup (photo below) by baking it with a little onions then blending with coconut milk, some water, touch of garden fresh Thai Basil (also courtesy of Laura), salt, crushed ground pepper, a bit of cayenne and cumin and garnished with more Thai basil and sprinkling of crushed ground pepper. Dave loved it and said it was buttery good! I couldn’t help but eat some of the baked squash as I was loading in the blender, because it was amazingly creamy indeed!

I’m still deciding between cakey zucchini brownies, zucchini bread, or zucchini black bean burgers for the rest.

In any event, her post of recipes should provide many creative ideas for the upcoming holiday season and as always – be creative! Tweak the recipes and blend your own magickal alchemy to design these as your own. Cooking is pure creative energy in action! And a lot healthier than eating out.

I always come up with ideas based on flavors I think would go well. One of which I shared with Laura when she asked for some brainstorming recipe ideas for the crazy amounts of squash she had, and perhaps will end up making it myself.

I said, “how about squash, coconut, nutmeg shakes?!” She thought that was intriguing and asked if I’d made it, to which I said, “no, I just came up with it, but it sounds good!” She agreed. So maybe I’ll make it and keep you posted on that. 😉

In the meantime enjoy the kitchen and don’t be afraid to try new things! You just may unleash your own inner Faery chef! Happy creating!


Laura Bruno's Blog

People keep asking, “So, have you put your garden to bed for winter?” The short answer is: “No.” The longer answer is:

“No, not by a long shot! I’m still  swimming in summer squash — so much that I spent most non-session moments last week creating and freezing all sorts of ‘zucchini’ recipes to freeze for winter. I’ve got green striped cushaw still maturing, lettuce, kale, waist-high chard, collards, beans, sweet potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, raspberries, Brussels sprouts and more still trucking along. I waited so long to harvest my bags of potatoes that they sprouted again and began a second round of production. I’m still gathering loads of chocolate mint to dry for my nephew, best friend, brother and us. I’ve got garlic to put in the troughs as soon as I pull out the pepper and bean plants, which I can’t bear to do yet, since they continue…

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  1. Yummy yum! Maybe I’ll make your soup tonight. 🙂

  2. That soup sounds amazing! Thanks for the recipe, Tania 🙂

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