Coming Full Circle After 20 Years ~ Nurturing the Seeds Sown in East Glacier


Last Sunday we touched down in East Glacier. We were home-based there for a full week within close proximity of the Two Medicine entrance to the park and less than 15 minutes from Browning, which is where I touched down for a day, 20 years ago, after my train ride from LA and was taken in by a family of Blackfeet Indians. I couldn’t remember the city’s name until I arrived and we drove through, which triggered instant recognition and full circle activation. This last week proved to be incredibly integrative of my human and cosmic essence, energetically invigorating, and soul retrieving on deeper levels that extended into a collectively supportive experience both of and beyond self and one I am unable to express in words, but seems apparent in photos.


We arrived at our rv park, a nice small and quiet one, and our site had a beautiful view (overlooking what you see below) that was perfectly inspiring for the personal sound channelings and Magick Stones I was creating.


From the first day onward, truly magickal experiences kept unfolding.

We ventured on a 7 mile hike to Rockwell Falls on our first intro here.


We arrived at Two Medicine Lake to take in the amazing views before heading on the main trailhead from there. It was a more mystical day than a later sunburst one we experienced, but the water was still and like glass.


There are actually three Two Medicine Lakes – Upper, Middle, and Lower. We were at Middle Two Medicine, or simply Two Medicine, which it is known as.

There is a history behind the name, which includes two medicine lodges that used to be here and used sacredly by the Blackfeet Indians.


It was just stunning and so expansive. I continue to fall in love more and more with Glacier National Park. I have loved each of the parks we have visited, all for different reasons and enjoying their unique energies and visual variety that touch different parts of my soul.


Yet there is something in Glacier that has been so soul enriching for me on a different level I can’t describe and all-encompassing.

From the moment we arrived to West Glacier (our first intro) I was just beaming with excitement and on a high for some reason. I literally was jumping up and down and ecstatic. Dave hadn’t seen me that way at any other place.


I can only explain it as a deep soul resonance and alignment of energies here that activated something within me.

The more I experienced of Glacier the more I’ve been amazed at how it is so otherworldly and like an integration of so many beautiful places wrapped into one treasure-full gift.


Waterton Lakes National Park (where we are now and sits at the north end of Glacier) continues as such as well.

I could never fully decipher where I was, and didn’t try to, because it felt to me like so many places of which I love.


I saw elements of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Montana, but also places like the Swiss Alps and Scandinavia region of Northern Europe, including my beloved Iceland.

It’s incredibly telling that at one time Glacier National Park once had 150 glaciers and now only has 25. Global warming and shifts definitely are showing their effects and it may not be long before this park may need to be named Glaciated National Park.


Anyway, I love it and amazing wildlife connections continued here and amped up.


On this first day an enchanting giant dark grayish brown with white underfeet snowshoe hare made herself known. She is the only creature I did not capture in any photos, as her elusive mystery I felt was meant to be a blip of emergence through a portal.


She was another manifestation of Nestor for sure and showed up twice in the same place on two separate days…both times, no ability to photograph and the second time only I saw her and not Dave, but she lingered longer with me since I was farther ahead of Dave on the path. As soon as he arrived, she took off in a flash.


It was the largest rabbit I’ve ever seen, so powerful looking, and so beautiful with that grayish brown coat and white underfeet that glowed in a flash as she took off, exposing those strong back legs pounding the air and ground in powerful and agile leaps. She was more than just a snowshoe hare.


And that first day continued with butterfly energy, lots of little furry ones and our first beautiful encounter with a moose, which I posted about in Moose Magick.


Amazing indeed and she returned the immediate next day we hiked to Aster Falls, which then concluded with a magickal rainbow like out of a Faery Tale.


Every day was filled with spectacular wildflowers galore in every variety lacing the fields our hikes flowed through. They were intoxicating and enchanting. A Faery’s delight!


The next day we drove up to the St. Mary upper east entrance and saw Jackson Glacier at the overlook then hiked 5 miles to St. Mary Falls and beyond.


We stopped by St. Mary Lake to take in vistas and saw a lot of little animal friends along the way again.


The day following was a hike to Paradise Point, Appistoki Falls, and Running Eagle Falls (named after a Blackfeet Indian woman – she was a tribeswoman who lived around 1825, became a very skilled and brave warrior and hunter, was instructed by the village elders to go on a vision quest in order to find her true calling, which she did near these falls, was able to tell of her adventures in the Medicine Lodge ceremonies while also becoming a member of the Braves Society of young warriors, and died in a battle against a party of Flatheads near the Sun River.)


Then we decided the next day to take the Sinopah shuttle boat from one end of Two Medicine Lake (Middle) to the other end so that we could explore that area.


Here’s a little history on this area and where the name Sinopah, which the boat is named after, as well as the “crown jewel” of the Two Medicine area – Sinopah Mountain:

“The Blackfeet Indians considered the Two Medicine area “The Backbone of the World,” and in addition to the normal usage for sustenance, used this portion of what would eventually become Glacier National Park for vision quests. The story of how the area came about its name is taken from the writings of James Willard Schultz, who was adopted into the Blackfeet tribe and had an Indian wife: The Blackfeet Confederacy was divided into three tribes: the Pikuni, the Bloods, and the Blackfeet. In the spring each tribe held an Okan’—a religious ceremony—and it just so happened that one year two of the tribes, the Pikunis and Bloods, happened to hold theirs at the same time and in the same place. After that the river was called Two Medicine Lodges, or Two Visions Lodges River—later shortened to Two Medicine. The combination of forested lakes, seemingly endless combinations of cliffs, walls, spires, and towering peaks, make it easy to see in this place a special significance! The name “Sinopah” is a derivative of two Blackfeet words. Sinopa is the word for the kit (prairie) fox, and Sinopaki means “Fox Woman.” Sinopah was the Indian wife of Hugh Monroe (Rising Wolf), and daughter of Lone Walker, a powerful Blackfeet chief. All three of the mountains bearing the names of these individuals are in the Two Medicine area.”

We decided to do the hike to Upper Two Medicine Lake, which provides opportunity for an offshoot trail to Twin Falls.


This was another stunning hike in this Glacier, which we enjoyed very much.


It ended up being 8 miles total because although we made it back in time to catch the return boat, since there were so many people who were staying on the boat and not getting off, there were only 12 spaces open to the nearly 40 or 50 people waiting. I got on, but Dave was #13, so I got off with him and we decided to hike back to our starting point rather than wait another 1/2 hour or so for a boat to come back to get everyone.

It ended up adding more loveliness to the day’s journey (I actually remarked on it being a vision quest of my own) and eventually hooked us back up with the main trailhead we’d taken twice before when we saw the moose. However, today we didn’t catch her, as it was too early for her feeding time, according to her time she’s shown up the last two times. But as I mentioned before, the amazing snowshoe hare showed up again in the same place I’d seen her before, on this day. This time she lingered longer and ran off when Dave came close and his feet made noise in the brush.

She just didn’t want her photo taken, as I’d never had the time to get one, being so enthralled and just wanting to connect in what ever brief moments I knew I may have. The same took place a few days later with Grizzlies we came across in Waterton – photos unattainable, but the experiences quite amazing to be in as long as we had the chance (will share on that soon).

What I came to notice alongside this area being energetically invigorating, was that I seemed to become physically stronger than ever and like the energizer bunny.

We do a lot of hiking, averaging 3-6 miles daily on average, with occasional 2 mile days and then the 7-10 miles days. Lately doing more of the latter in the 6-10 mile region.

And although this takes place, I still can feel challenged or want to take things slower to pace myself.

However, my energy has been infused with something that’s making me like an energizer bunny and I’ve been a little speedster on hikes, outdoing Dave, leading instead of following, and getting us through hikes lickety split. So this 8 mile hike around the Two Medicine Lakes took us just under 2 1/2 hours. Lol!

I also just noticed I haven’t had the allergy and laugh triggered cough I would get on random occasion in my lungs where I’d have to cough up stuff. I’m sensing the energy resonation where I am and more integration on soul levels is the culprit for this.

So a lot of physical manifestations mirroring what I was feeling internally on all of the other levels.

Not to mention, there was the whole connection with this sacred land – Blackfeet Country – and knowing of my soul connection to them. I had the deep sense of doing healing for this land and for the Blackfeet, which was evident when I stepped into the grocery store in Browning and drove through the town a bit, was energetically needed on an ancestral level of wholeness reconnection.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I hadn’t been aware that we would be stationed near Browning (Blackfeet reservation), nor that that was the city I’d stopped in those 20 years ago. I had forgotten the name, but just knew it was on the east side because I had journeyed through Glacier on that trip back then – my first solo sacred journey – and I remembered what the train station looked like and the view that you could see from it over the flat fields with Glacier’s mountains in the background.

We found that station and I saw that view and it all came back as if then, but now from a whole other perspective. I didn’t take a photo, but I found this photo of it online when I googled the Browning train station so that you could see what it looked like. Hasn’t changed since 20 years ago.

browning montana amtrak station

I’d been grateful that visit for the Blackfeet Indian who was closing up the train station that day after my arrival and invited me to his home. I’d been grateful for the connections with his family and one of his family members that was my age whom I stayed in touch by snail mail for a period of time after my return home.

I remember then that I’d felt I was there for a reason. And I felt it again, now, that I was there again in much the same way, but returning with much more awareness and ability to work things energetically.

And I know there is more to come.

I’ve been very focused on my sacred connection to the land, Earth, the plants and animals. I’ve especially been delving into my medicine and shamanic work, as well as the integration of this rich nature connection with my cosmic self and the stars.

This place, this area, the energy here, all felt mirroring of this space I have entered and invited into my dance of life more.

And that continued through our time in Glacier, ending with the magickal day I shared about in my post Spreading Ashes, Spreading Joy ~ Cosmic Encounters & Sacred Connections as we ventured to the northern east, Many Glacier entrance to the park where we hiked to Grinnell Lake and Hidden Falls.


This is also where we checked out Many Glacier Hotel, which was like a Swiss Alps Chalet. So beautiful and stunning views from every room within, including the sitting area we had refreshments in.


My time here felt full circle perfect. And yet while it felt like closure to some things, it simultaneously feels like the opening and activation to many more things to come.

Where I seeded things those 20 years ago, I’d now come to nurture the seeds sown.

There will be a time for blossoming.



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  1. Wow – such a beautiful place – thanks for sharing Tania 🙂

  2. Tania – you bring such beautiful life and energy through your postings – you need to have your own show and a book with musical clips:)

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