Where We’ve Been ~ Things We’ve Seen: Mirroring the Merging Within Myself

tania13Since I’m not posting on any regular basis anymore, I’ll do my best to share some of the highlights of where we’ve been, the energy shifts that have taken place, and any insights or inspirations that have occurred, as it’s always powerful to share reflections for one another so we can find those connective threads and take this wild ride together.

Amidst this time period we’ve also had some powerful energies that have been either challenging or supportive depending upon the individual journey, but always rich with potential. This has included a very potent Full Moon in a sign I love because it feels very native to me with having my Moon in Sagittarius.

This Full Moon in Sagittarius helps illuminate a deeper desire for embodying purity of heart, unveils with greater clarity, reveals more truth, and urges us on to experience more freedom and balance in our lives.

This has been taking place during the slow down of the retrograde that asks of us to embrace what is before us and shift our perspectives so that all of this can increasingly take root.


That’s exactly what my own experience has been like…a lot of slowing down and clearing while listening to the truth within that reveals to me what is most important and aligned to be doing and how to integrate what comes up to experience a natural freedom and expansion into essence.

We continue to explore some incredible and diverse areas, mirroring the inner landscape of incredible and diverse processes, each so uniquely beautiful and deeply rich with gifts.


Since I last left you we’ve continued our Colorado journey and have been to Montrose where we explored the magick and contrast of light and shadow energies at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Here I discovered the crystalline rich environment, as every step was filled with sparkly rocks and raw crystals, we were surrounded by frolicking rabbits, ventured into very Faery realms, integrated the value of nature’s cycles of life and death, were in awe by the vertical temple-like walls of this dark canyon – truly my favorite canyon so far, as it was a meeting of light and dark in its finest and so elevating through its shadowy realm of great mystery, and came to greater peace along the river bed where stillness was loudly resounding. The canyon has marbled walls too and its very own dragon naturally painted into its essence. We hiked and biked daily, and even had some fun playing mini golf at our RV park.


Then we were off to the Villa Grove area where we renewed ourselves in the mineral hot springs of Valley View Hot Springs. This is an incredible non-profit owned by the Orient Land Trust that allows you to fully immerse in nature – clothing optional – and discover this rustic diverse and peaceful ecosystem that is like you’re in your own world away from it all. Here we explored the wilderness trails that lead through an old mining town with ruins and artifacts all along the way, as well as take you to the mouths of the mines and one that is a bat cave now where 250,000 male bats migrate to each year. There’s even a raptor preserve to explore. We spent evenings from sunset to starlit night soaking in the natural and pure hot spring ponds, geothermally and hydroectrically heated hot tubs, and enjoyed the sauna, which has its own spring inside to cool off in. My favorite part was right as the sun set each evening and the fireflies would come out at our favorite pond just around the edge of it along the rocks and in the green brush. It was the most magickal thing ever. Faery enchantment indeed within the silence and purifying into essence. We floated in silence, eyes closed, and senses alive, just being. Our site sat atop the hill overlooking the expansive valley and deer would surround the land around us and join us on hikes.


While staying at Valley View Hot Springs we had the opportunity to visit Crestone at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, which is known as the Shambala of the Rockies and a vortex area of Colorado. It’s a very mystical spiritual center that draws in people on spiritual pilgrimages, as it is home to dozens of spiritual organizations and retreat centers. I’d actually not heard of it until a dear friend of mine told me about it – things show up when the timing is right – and so we decided to explore it for a day. For whatever reason, the day we went it was almost like a ghost town…only one restaurant was open and operating, and it was quiet, which added to feeling like we were in another reality and dimension all of our own. I’d looked into a couple of places to explore, calling around as well, which led us through the town following hand written directions I’d been given. We passed interesting dwellings, some with giant crystals and sacred gardens out front, and came to a spiritual center with labyrinth to walk. Then we went up the mountain to one of the Tibetan Buddhist retreat centers – Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang, which is the highest end point of centers you’ll pass along the drive up. One after another Tibetan flags will lead the way and you discover these hidden centers nestled in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Karma Thegsum Tashi Gomang has a Stupa sitting atop the hill overlooking the valley. We spent time there and walked around it ten times, silently chanting a mantra over and over and being in pure openness, then sat on a bench in front of it setting new intentions. The day was a very odd day with many odd happenings, which added to feeling “in the vortex” and we felt we’d received exactly what was needed in the time spent there and once we were done at the Stupa it began to rain, cleansing and refreshing into the newness as we headed back to our mineral springs home to soak in and integrate the magick.


And lastly, we’ve been in Mosca where we’ve been exploring the Great Sand Dunes National Park. We hiked through Mosca Pass Trail along the creek where butterflies kept dancing around me (disappearing when anyone would approach) and I even discovered a pair mating on the path before me – very potent medicine all around!), along with the most luminous cosmically ethereal cactus blossoms that completely mesmerized me. We also enjoyed the nature trails and many deer once again. Hiked to the enchanting Zapata Falls where we had to balance across rocks in the creek and make our way into the cavern to experience the rushing fresh water alongside icy falls. And climbed over 700 feet of sand dunes receiving a natural exfoliation from the high winds and playing in the dunes racing down them, or in Dave’s case, jumping like a little antelope, throwing himself, and rolling down them. I saw several Peregrine Falcons, one of which came swooping low above me screeching good morning, as I stepped out of the RV – a powerful way to greet the day!

20160520_171013_resized20160518_174746_resized 20160519_182306_resizedSweet Pea and Deer20160518_175949_resized20160519_144208_resized20160519_145354_resized20160519_145704_resized20160519_145808_resized20160519_170350_resized20160519_181128_resized20160519_180114_resized20160519_172012_resized20160520_161053_resized20160520_162146_resized20160520_162503_resized20160520_165118_resized20160520_165346_resized 20160520_165619_resized20160520_170632_resized20160520_171147_resized20160521_163709_resized20160521_164037_resized20160521_164554_resized 20160521_113349_resized20160521_131154_resized20160521_125939_resized20160521_130159_resized

We just arrived in our new home of Pueblo yesterday, where we’ll be just for a few days, and upon arrival went out to visit the incredible and impressive Bishop Castle, which I definitely recommend reading about here, as it’s truly quite a story: Bishop Castle. Love the dream he had and saw through, however the heights and wild stairs, along with the bridges of iron at crazy heights (I think the equivalent of 16 stories) and iron, see-through platform walks around the outside really had me on edge while walking and exploring it. We also hiked part of St. Charles Trail along a creek about 3 miles from the castle and walked Lake Isabel to explore our new surroundings. A welcome visit by a Bald Eagle circling the lake ended our day beautifully.

20160522_142846_resized20160522_143316_resized20160522_143410_resized20160522_143446_resized20160522_143525_resized20160522_143552_resized20160522_143622_resized20160522_144250_resized20160522_144429_resized20160522_144752_resized20160522_145105_resized20160522_144853_resized20160522_145147_resized20160522_145740_resized20160522_145746_resized20160522_153331_resized20160522_154429_resized 20160522_164844_resized20160522_165708_resized

The experiences are constantly shifting and drastically different from moment to moment. This includes the weather shifts we experience and the last few days have included crazy – and I mean CRAZY – winds that pick up as the evening and night approaches. They were so wild (feeling like 50 mph) it shook our RV like an earthquake and when out in the day in the sand dunes, you’d be covered in sand – my back and back of my calves would feel like they were getting a combo of aggressive acupuncture and deep pebble massage. Lol!

So far, this morning they have ceased.

But I will say, the gritty, Earthiness of it all was very grounding and supported that body consciousness of really being “in-body” while experiencing the raw beauty of the physical.


And the wild winds definitely felt like another sweeping away of more layers into the new after all of the shadow processing, cleansing, and renewal.

It’s a continual journey that mirrors the cycles of Nature and consistently offers new potentials and horizons to explore with every door closed and opened.

During this time I’ve pulled more within, as you know, which has been interesting to see how that reflects.

I’ve received a number of requests recently for some of the services I used to offer like sacred tattoo designs and teaching Reiki, but once again it’s been a mirror of how much I’ve been transforming, as we always call up the things we leave behind, which indicates we are rooting in the new.

It has also been a good gauge of seeing how I feel and respond, as at first it was more challenging internally when you are first letting go of things, to say no and honor what is important for you. Whereas I now see and experience it as a natural process and that is quite empowering, as well as indicative of the changes I’ve integrated. It’s also pretty big stuff for a boundless Pisces to feel at home doing.

I’ve also gotten back to my writing, which has been awesome, to say the least. It’s amazing how good you feel when you’re in your zone and aligning with the energy currently moving through you. Immersing in my creative world is so deeply satisfying and I’m back to having my writing be an extension of me always, as even while I’m hiking I’m receiving inspiration and writing, and when we drive somewhere I’m writing notes in pen on the palms of my hand so I don’t forget. 🙂

And I love how it’s opened my next project, which is an off shoot of it, so that I’m now actively creating two things simultaneously in the process of immersing in one and it’s happened naturally without making it so.

I love that.

There’s no need to manipulate, force, worry about when and how things will happen. When embracing the current energy stream moving through, it just all unfolds seamlessly. And that was interesting to experience happening, as I did actually wonder how it would.

I got my answer in the doing and allowing myself to surrender into what was just here right now.

The more I experience on this journey, the more I can feel and actually see myself transforming.

It shows up in photos taken. It shows up in the experiences reflected.


Violet light has been around and the light within me seems to be emanating more.


There’s been such a great celebration and relief in surrendering into the nature of me.

Feeling so comfortable in my skin and body, in general and with just how it is at all times.

And loving all processes of aging gracefully, as I watch my dear rabbit loves doing so.

I feel like we’re partnering in that dance together and they have affirmed to me and mirrored what a natural and wonderful experience it can be, despite some of the things or challenges that it also brings along, as they teach us of the gift within it all.

I’ve been feeling the mystic quality and peace of settling into ancient me.


So while I’m more alive than ever, feeling the glow, and in more of my childlike wonder and innocence, I’m simultaneously integrating that with embrace of the beauty and life force within my totality of experience as a soul.

This goes back to my loving dichotomies and feeling like a walking dichotomy, which to me is about walking the middle path of duality and understanding the power of that integration….being both maiden and crone at once.

So things like seeing so many silvers emerging on my crown – which is opening so much more these days – feels so beautiful, mirroring of the shifts, and as if I’m lightening into grace and it’s reflecting that lifting of veils and blossoming into a purity of experience beyond definition.

And this makes me happy…and settling into that embodiment feels divine – without personal need to have it be anything different or try to change it, which would feel like a judgment about my unique expression and soul signature at this point in my life.

I love the child me that is playful and easily awed.

I love the ancient me that journeys and visions within the sage caves of eternity.

And they live and emanate in purity, grace, and harmony together within and without.

Earth and Cosmos has never felt more as One.


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. You visit some amzing places…. I’m envious! Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures.

  2. Camilla Downs

    This completely resonated with me … “as we always call up the things we leave behind, which indicates we are rooting in the new.

    It has also been a good gauge of seeing how I feel and respond, as at first it was more challenging internally when you are first letting go of things, to say no and honor what is important for you. Whereas I now see and experience it as a natural process and that is quite empowering, as well as indicative of the changes I’ve integrated. It’s also pretty big stuff for a boundless Pisces to feel at home doing.”

    I have felt so out of it these past few days. Going from sobbing, to really feeling my body vibrating, to having intense anxiety and worry. It’s like it completely came out of nowhere and hit like a ton of bricks! Whew!

    What seems to be calling up for me is a “typical” lifestyle left behind and even more so leaving behind when Thomas gets out of school in 2 weeks. I have been so excited about it and then that load of bricks was delivered …. It was great to read what you have written as it puts words and shared experience to what I’m feeling.

    I have briefly fallen into old habits of comparing myself to others and feeling judged and a feeling of my services, creations and writings being irrelevant and not wanted. I let that be fueled by seeing engagement drop to almost nothing on facebook and numbers drop on the blog. When in reality I know these things have to do with algorithms and other such things.

    Your post helped to remind me to meet all that I’m feeling with curiosity and to allow it rather to resist it … so that I may experience where this leads.

    Thanks Tania!! xoxo

    • aw, you are such a sweet soul camilla…there has been a lot of pretty challenging energies circulating for the collective, so i don’t think your experiences are isolated to just you. i feel you happen to be right in alignment with the personal work you’ve been doing and the energies are helping to move things through you. so like you said, with all that you are letting go of, there will definitely be that sort of in between time where all of the stuff is purging and rooting all at once…back and forth. kind of like cleaning a greasy, crusty pan and the water gets all murky and swirls around, you rinse and feel it much clearer for the moment, but there’s more, as you keep scrubbing to release more layers, until it finally washes away. 🙂 i’m glad that what i shared helped you to feel more peace with your experiences, which are very exciting indeed in terms of the new arising! i do know about what you shared going through in that self doubt, worry, or even feelings of being unimportant…our egos at their finest, running wild with the detoxing of old stuff coming up and nearly being successful in self sabotaging, but you’ve seen through it and i do know you’re going to flow beautifully in the new you are creating with greater joy than ever. lots of love!! xoox

  3. Nandkumar Gaikwad, Indian

    Tania your photography is very very nice and i like very well

  4. As always magnificent photos that capture the pure essence of nature….the way you write demonstrates the love you have for all beings….the picture of you in the red dress is divine! A big embrace 😉

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