Earth Plan by David Sloma ~ A Story of Perfect Timing & Co-Creation

Yesterday I posted the recipient of the “Share Your Story” Give Away and synchronously one of the stories that I received as entry came in from a dear friend of mine and co-collaborator, David Sloma.

This was synchronous, as I had already planned to share his book in an upcoming blog post when it was ready for release and so when his story came through it was another of those “perfect timing” nudges, which David will share more on in his story below.

I made mention while we were stationed on the Pacific Ocean in Malibu and Avila Beach that I was working on creating artwork for a book cover.

Well, that book cover was for David and his new novel, Earth Plan.

David Sloma is a writer and filmmaker.

He’s been writing since the age of seven and doesn’t show any signs of stopping that creative flow…what a roll he’s on with all of the novels, short stories, poetry, and screenplays he’s written.

He is definitely a creative force channeling that powerful energy of imagination.

And he’s such a kid at heart, which is one of the things I love about him so much.

David and I have been friends via Facebook for several years and he helped me back in 2011/2012 with my own book, “Spiritual Skin” when I needed assistance with formatting it for online publication.

Being completely technically deficient, I was so grateful for his help, as not only is he creative, but he possesses these skills as well.

And we decided on a mutual trade that now has come full circle.

David’s story below shares more on that, so rather than repeat it I’ll let him tell you how that unfolded.

But on my end I will share that the timing of his book and presenting the idea to me was so synchronous in my own life.

Not only was the story line one that resonated, but the specific things I’d be working with in terms of bringing about the artwork image were elements I have been receiving and integrating deeply in my own life in the last several years and some of which had come up through some specific dreams, channeling, and experiences.

Not to mention I’ve continuously been integrating my Human and Cosmic Self, as well as over the last months have been known to say that I feel like a volcano of energy and creative passion is ready to explode from inside of me….in walks a cover project that hits on all of these and so I got to symbolically translate that energy into an image.

This made for a clear channel and vision with the artwork at hand and along with my coming to closure with the services I was releasing in my life at the time, the joy and simplicity of life I was experiencing, and the energy of the ocean we were living on that was opening a floodgate of creative energy and intuition, I not only had the perfect space and support to create the cover and felt personally in alignment with myself, but also the perfect window of time aligned with his needs …and with the connection between David and I it was like we were on the same page and picked up seamlessly.

Earth Plan will be published to Amazon on June 2, 2016 as an ebook in Kindle Unlimited and is available for pre-order now. (The link will take you directly to the order page on Amazon)

A paperback will follow, including signed copies available. The ebook will be available in other online stores 3 months later.

Here’s David with his story and here’s the direct link on his website to learn more about this epic sci-fi fantasy novel through David’s own words via video.

The link on his site also includes how to pre-order the book before it’s official release on June 2, 2016:

Earth Plan by David Sloma

Keep rockin’ David!!!

Earth Plan by David Sloma

Trusting in the Perfect Time

I worked with Tania Marie on her book “Spiritual Skin: Sacred Tattoos:

More than Skin Deep” helping with some of the formatting as she was getting the book ready to publish. As someone who has published many of my own books, I had the skills to help out with her first book.

Instead of a monetary payment for my services, we agreed on an exchange of creative work. I asked if she’d make an illustration for one of my book covers and she agreed.

A couple of years went by and I had some books that needed covers, but none seemed right for a collaboration with her. So, I put the idea of her cover aside, wondering when, if ever, we’d get to it. I went on with my life and creative pursuits, writing and publishing several other books of mine in the meantime.

Every once in a while, I’d think of the cover we were going to work on but could not seem to find the right project for. I resigned myself to deal with it another time, if we could. There was no sense in pushing it if it just wasn’t the right time. I had to trust that it would all work out later on.

Then one day not long ago, I got an idea for a story that had a lot of themes that I thought Tania could really work with in a cover illustration, such as: spirituality, other beings, and other realms. The book seemed to really flow! I contacted Tania and opened up a dialogue again about her creating a book cover illustration for me.

I gave her a brief outline of the book I had written. It’s called “Earth Plan” about a group of benevolent spiritual beings called the Watchers who work to protect the Earth, and the lifeforms therein, from the evil forces of the Dark One; a demoralized, alien demi-god who wants to destroy all things good and pure in the universe.

The story begins in the time of Earth’s distant past when the dinosaurs still roamed and humans lived in caves. The Watchers find that the Dark One has sent his alien minions to Earth to manipulate the DNA of the early humans and lifeforms, causing them to fall from their original, pristine condition of spiritual connection and God-consciousness. But The Watchers are not going to let that happen without a fight that ranges over time, dimensions, and galaxies!

This time, with this book, everything clicked! Tania was inspired to work on the design! She received some creative ideas for the cover illustration and blocked out time to work on it while on her RV adventure, camped near the ocean in Malibu, California. Just knowing she was working on the cover in such a beautiful location filled me with excitement!

Soon, she had the cover art done and emailed it to me. As soon as I opened the email and looked at the image a smile began on my face that I don’t think has really left since! It turned out to be a great cover for the book, a truly one-of-a-kind piece of spiritual art!

The cover art Tania created for my book is really a joyous testament that things will unfold in their own perfect time if you give them a chance to do so.

-David Sloma, writer

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 25 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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