Tania’s Offering of the Month – April Showers Bring May Flowers “Spring Into Creative Abundance”

Today marks a new month’s cycle, as we enter into April’s Spring energy. Last night we had an on pour of rain here, which was beautifully symbolic of those “April Showers” and this morning it inspired me to ponder the symbolism of that poetic rhyme “April showers bring May flowers.”

It feels to be a reminder that even the most “perceived” unpleasant of things can bring forth very enjoyable things – which in the case of the poem is an abundance of flowers in the following month. Many of the great things in life come to those who wait and who see the silver lining in all experiences – yes, even the emotional cleansing and physical purging. And when the natural process is embraced, you can find yourself receiving the new with greater appreciation, ease, and joy.

So, it is a lesson of patience, detachment from judgment, a shift in perspective to realize the gift in everything, and the trust in the natural cycles where things aren’t always as they seem, yet from the unexpected or smallest of things can come a great showering of fulfillment. Everything always goes through a Spring cycle of renewal and even the “cleansing” rains are beautiful stimuli that nurture the floral displays of soul and life, as they enrich the new roots that fortify their bounty.

Many of you may be cleansing yourselves from the old on many levels, which will be a detoxification leading to an intoxication of fresh newness. And all of this, to tap into your fertile creative energy to bring forth the authentic blossom that you are and produce the garden of experiences that will unfold as a result.

This led me to this month’s offering that is twofold in terms of mirroring that creative abundance I know everyone is working with right now.

The first part of the offering was an inspiration of that “Spring Energy” of awakening, renewal, passion, and creation in the works. And I immediately was called to 3 paintings I have created that perfectly mirror this energy and that are encoded with the energetic frequencies to support this.

These include: “Awakening”, “Heart Sanctum ~ Love In, Love Out”, and “Cosmic Tree ~ Heart of Sky: Mayan Cosmology of Creation”.

So for this month, until April 30th, I am guided to offer these 3 ORIGINAL paintings at 75% off to energetically support these creative shifts people are exploring and that can shift the energy in a sacred space for meditative and creative visualization practices. I have heard from people who have seen these originals at shows, and even their images online, that they have opened something in their hearts and consciousness. Perhaps they speak to you.

This is a HUGE discount and unheard of pricing for “Originals”. Prices do not include Shipping/Handling or Processing Fees. These are only available to ship in the U.S. If local, pick up can be arranged in lieu of shipping.

Click on photos below to see image enlarged for greater detail.

Heart SanctumHeart Sanctum ~ Love In, Love Out – 30″ x 30″ Acrylic on Canvas – Regular price $699 – April Special $175 – SOLD








Cosmic Tree Heart of SkyCosmic Tree ~ Heart of Sky: Mayan Cosmology of Creation – 30″ x 30″ Oil on Canvas – Regular price $699 – April Special $175 – SOLD







AwakeningAwakening – 30″ x 36″ Oil on Canvas – Regular price $999 – April Special – $250 – SOLD








The second part of this month’s offering involves ways in which you can help support and integrate a greater infusement of your creative potential and empowerment toward all that you desire. This includes tapping into your magick manifesting mode!

IMG_9013So for this month, this will include a discount of $75 (I’m liking the 75 energy, which numerologically breaks down to the creative abundance, magick, creative self-expression, joy of living, and new adventures number of 3 when added together) that you can apply to either an upcoming, empowering Reiki Workshop, or a Sacred Tattoo Design – both ways to enhance your life with abilities to create more of what you want and creative self expression.

To receive the $75 Discount, you will need to book either a Reiki workshop (one I have scheduled, will be scheduling, or one you’d like to attend at a future date we create together) or Sacred Tattoo Design commission by April 30th.

Full balance (after your discount is applied) of your Reiki workshop will be needed upfront and in terms of the tattoo design, the $75 will be taken off the first hour deposit that is always needed to book a spot on my waiting list. Both of these to be booked by April 30th.

If you have any questions, would like to purchase one of the 3 paintings, or book a Reiki workshop or Sacred Tattoo Design commission please contact me at tania@taniamarie.com.


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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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    Just a quick reminder that April’s special continues for just another week. If one of the 2 remaining paintings call to you at the amazing 75% off pricing this month, or you’re interested in receiving $75 off of either a Reiki workshop or Sacred Tattoo Design commission, then you’ll want to let me know before May 1st rolls around. All details can be found at the link and you can contact me at tania@taniamarie.com with questions.

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