Reflections on the Current Intensities & Today’s Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries October 18th, 2013

sea-anemoneYesterday seemed to be a very intense day energetically for a lot of people I know closely and remotely, including my sweet little Joy (my rabbit companion). In general, yes, it has been a consistent flow of challenging shifts that people are facing and moving through, but there are a lot of influences that increase these experiences at given times, along with the fact that with great change, so many are in process of making, can come interim chaos.

We all move through things differently and each have our own soul reasons for this, so while some people may not be experiencing things the way you are, don’t use that as a means to further judge yourself and your personal process in a way that will only hurt you and keep you in the old patterns you are trying to break free from. We all have different trajectories and at some point or another will go through the same kind of challenges in our own way. So, while someone may be flowing easily now, while you are feeling the dense intensity, remember that they are not immune to such things, but perhaps on their own individual timeline, have gone through major intensities and just learned to maneuver through the process now because of that and have harnessed the energies in ways they once didn’t know how to.

This is available to each of us, and I can personally say, that while you may not hear me sharing about experiencing the intensities right now myself, I can assure you that my life has not been so flowing in the past – at all. I am grateful for every hardship and challenge, as they have been such gifts in teaching me the lessons that are assisting my current experiences, to which I have chosen to responsibly commit to partnering with. And while I may not currently be experiencing the intensity in the way I am hearing from others, I am very much aware of and can feel the intensity, collectively, and seeing it all around in the experiences I move in and out of. I know that part of that reason is to be of assistance now to others, as others have once been for me.

And for me, I have created new doorways of experience that are asking of me another depth of courage and vulnerability with a different set of expansive potentials that I have to continue to consciously maneuver in with the tools I have gained. Always keeping a few steps ahead of myself, as I have chosen a path of service.

wavesAll this being said, there is a heightened feeling of pressure that is giving you no way out from anything. You can no longer not be responsible, not do the work, not walk the walk, not let go and reboot, not learn to create balance, and not be nakedly honest with yourself. If you refuse this, the intensities will increase. And if you step back and really integrate this stuff, you will be able to move with the energies, rather than buck them, consciously or unconsciously.

If you missed my reblog this morning, Tom Lescher perfectly pinpoints what I’m sharing in his recent Astrology forecast post: Astrology Forecast, October 16th, 2013

Yes, it’s a time for action, yet to practice it mindfully and heartfully. The randomness many may choose to describe things as, I choose to describe as “deliberate” randomness and that implies consciousness. We have continued to hit new thresholds as we journey through the doorways of experience and this latest one will involve a lot of letting go while you step up with all of your passionate parts in focus and heart. And that will definitely mean, not only letting go of parts of yourself you are no longer identifying with, but other people too and experiences. We are all creating our own realities and so while others won’t be able to join us in ours, we also won’t be in theirs either. We can be aware of each other, compassionately feel for each other, and we can dip in and out, but we are in process of firmly building new, creative foundations that take committed and ultra courageous feet to tread upon them.

No, you can’t fluffily fly through the door. You’re gonna have to learn to walk on water for this part.

It’s definitely a time where life-changing things are being revealed to each of us that are completely going to alter the whole course of our lives. I am experiencing this in my own way, as I described in my post: Some Personal Reflections on Expanding Realities

And it’s also a time to really step back and not make rash decisions about anything, especially with the current Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in Aries that can tug at your reactive self-expression. While greater self-expression and a whole new kind of freedom IS a-knocking, we also have to learn to balance that in a way that both honors our truth we are needing to speak, as well as remembers that others are also eligible for the same Universal Law of Free Will to do the same.

Back to the intensities people were feeling yesterday…as I mentioned even my dear little Joy was deeply affected by the energy, but moreso in her dear way that she so cares for the collective Earth and takes on a lot of what is going on around. I found her yesterday morning in a very, very deep reflective place, so much so that she was literally out of it and couldn’t open her eyes more than half way, for the whole morning. I also found her laying right by one of the large crystals she loves, where it seems she was all night and then stayed there for practically the whole first half of the day, either passed out in deep sleep or in a meditative ball. I was concerned, as I know she can easily become ill if emotionally/energetically out of balance, so kept a strong vigil on her along with providing her some balancing Reiki and gave her supportive words and extra love.

I also reminded her that she is always my “Joy” even when she needs her times like these and there is nothing she needs to live up to by that name, nor feel she is letting me down. I supported her to do what she needed to, while letting her know she is always my precious and beloved. I did say however, although I know you are so beautifully sensitive and compassionate to the world, you too need to learn to let go so and not to hold tight in your heart and body, all that you are processing/feeling. You are supported in allowing this energy to flow through you and you don’t have to hold it for anyone else either.

JoyAnd I am happy to report that miss Joy (aka Tiny and Jules) was feeling light again last night and this morning is back to her bouncy self and relaxing in the lightness she is feeling from what she released (photo of her this morning after her romping around, stretched out with her Agate Turtle friend). She was waiting for me at the door to my office and I can tell that she and I have increased the depth of our bond moreso through this. She is appreciative of my unconditional love and support and I’m proud of her and grateful for our closeness.

Yesterday, I also had an out-call Reiki session with one of my new clients of addiction support work I’m partnering on, that was feeling the intensities of the energy as well – so much so that it came through in his relating to the Reiki, and if not for my capacity to compassionately understand, would have been taken personally. For reasons of confidentiality, I cannot go into it, but I knew why it is I have been in the space I have of expanding into a much larger scope of unconditional love and compassion, as the places I am being called with my service now are not places I would have in the past been equipped for and able to go. I am seeing that the more I expand into that experience of experiencing as Source, the more I am able to walk in the shadows and dark with the work that I do, and explains why I’m drawing in a new wave of experiences. I find it to be so valuable and enriching.

With the Libra/Aries balancing of energies this Full Moon, one of the things is to remember to keep present with yourself and everyone else around you, so that you can stay out of unnecessary conflicts that are spawned by the ego taking things personally. The fact is, the issue at hand is not about you. Just as what I was able to hold the space for yesterday, was not about me, but an opportunity for me to demonstrate in action, as well as reflect, what I have learned and be that wholeness of love for my client, without attachment to what that looks like, but simply because I’m there for a purpose and by golly, I was going to fulfill it to the fullest, while allowing them to choose where they’d like to go with that.

And like Joy demonstrated, I know many of you are also highly empathic (I join you all there too) and emotions can feel really big, overwhelming, and perhaps even all-consuming and pressing at this time. Not only are we sensing everything going on around us at all-time high levels, but our unconscious emotions are having a free-for-all with wanting our attention so they can release from the bondage they’ve been in and start revealing their gifts to us that we were afraid to see all of this time.

pink-sea-cucumberInterestingly, in the afternoon yesterday I also had my weekly beach walk with my sweet friend (it’s our magickal time to walk the water’s edge while in conscious conversations and joy of what’s around us) and there was a strangely beautiful stillness in the air that mirrored the feelings abound. The air was like “The Nothing” in A NeverEnding Story, the sun was quite hot with temperature in the upper 80’s, there were no waves – just calm waters and ripples, the tide was out far, and all along the water’s edge were 100’s of what appeared to be some form of beautiful golden orange (the color of the 2nd/Sacral Chakra and our emotions/feelings expression) and icy pink (associated with the Heart Chakra energy, alongside green, of compassion and love) sea cucumbers all washed up on shore – interesting and synchronous ONLY these two colors of sea cucumbers. I’d never seen them before in all the times I walk and visit my favorite beach. I knew there was meaning, as this is not where the sea cucumbers should be, and they even started showing up at a particular point in discussion about feelings and opening the heart deeper that was taking place.

pink-sea-cucumber2Of course I delved into researching about the symbolism of sea cucumbers and found this:

Heightened communication, emphasizing hormone levels along with unconscious signals and nerves. Sea Cucumber demonstrates an attention to emotions. Ability to change from rigid to soft by utilizing emotional balance. She shows how to remain firm in tight or delicate situations. Great movement with minimum amount of energy. Watch for potential symbiotic relationships to form. Do you withdraw and retract yourself when you feel threatened? She will teach you when to guard your emotional self. Is it time to create a tough exterior? She will show how to build up your defenses, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

And the sea cucumbers we saw were all hardened, since they were out of the water and in “delicate situations” of being out of their safe and comforting natural surroundings. Seeing so many washed up, spoke collectively to me. They seemed to be mirroring that call to tend to our deepest emotions and to understand their resiliency and capability to adapt and shift, when we allow them to flow naturally and maintain that balance. We’ve heard the message before that it’s crucial to get very intimate right now with vulnerability and yet understand how to shift and adjust our boundaries, knowing we have the ability support ourselves when need be.

Anyway, I mentioned later to my friend, when at first we were unsure what they were, that I’d like to think of them for now as little luminous love beings from the cosmic waters of experience, as they were so beautifully translucent and almost crystalline in the sun. 🙂

natural-tree-art-in-the-sanWhile on our beach walk, my attention was also drawn to this beautiful display of natural art that the ocean and sand hand created. It revealed a gorgeous sand painting of trees that couldn’t have been more beautifully drawn if done by a seasoned artist. Nature is such a natural with creative energy and artistic magick. Seeing these tree sand paintings reminded me that the old roots of our experience are being cleansed and integrated back from where they came, while we are in process of transforming those roots into new ones, from a different part of the same Source.

It is always good to remember that all things change and while our roots can be firmly grounded even in the new, that that new form will ever evolve so once we’ve learned to let go of one thing, we need to not become complacent with the next. Experience is ever-evolving. The core is simply love for All and All for One.

* A side note, the trees also reminded me of a channeled message I received last year at a pivotal time, which was:

“A Kingdom lies beyond the trees….go to it.” – this speaks volumes to me and felt important to share right now.

Needless to say, all of this relates to the energy of this evening’s Full Moon – a culmination period that promises fullfillment of what was intended and begun at the New Moon. It is also a heightened time of emotions and this particular one also happens to be a Lunar Eclipse, which places an added potency. And since we have the Libra Sun in opposition to the Aries Moon, we are being asked to look at how we balance these polarities of “self” and “others” – our needs and their needs.

Libra asks us to look at “relationships” and that includes the one we have with ourselves, while being present with the authenticity of who we individually are. This is a challenging one, as Aries likes to self assert and Libra is the expert in compromising. And neither are to be neglected, so this Full Moon initiates invitation to exercise the practice of emotional balance that honors both responsibly.  This will take some time, but right now there is likely a lot of personal build-up that is either getting ready to burst, or is in process of releasing already, as you do need to express what you’ve been holding in and on to.

The beauty is that the more we practice allowing expression, the more we find it can be a graceful dance between autonomy and sharing. At first it may not yet be rational, so taking extra care at this time so nothing super explosive happens, may be wise. Everyone is going through their own form of crisis or transformative shifts, so realize that what others say and do is coming from the same place of needing to express a lot of old stuff that has nothing to do with you and yet in every way has the ability to provide you with everything you can utilize for self-growth and supporting growth in others.

Take the initiative to support this process and you will both reap the benefits.

Like those plentiful sea cucumbers, there are a lot of emotions and unspoken needs that are coming to light right now and that can create that fine line between hardening ourselves permanently for fear of what others might think or in reaction to how they react, or seeing ourselves in the other and challenging that extra depth of courage and compassion, knowing they are just as frightened as you.

This is that place between Aries and Libra that you can ignite.

Things may go through challenges, some things may fall apart, but this temporary chaos is the onset of lighter experiences ahead.

If you’re feeling that deep sense of needing to break free, then this is time to open yourself fully to ALL possibilities for how that can come about without attaching to a particular outcome.

Eclipses are extremely potent and they can help support the perfect life-crisis needed and in line with your path of choice, to help you to make the changes you deeply want. So in this way, it’s not to fear the Eclipse, nor to fear change, but to realize the silver lining and positive energy that can be harnessed by something that is created in line with and for your highest good.

It may not seem that way when you are out of touch with how consciousness works integrally in your life, but the reality is we can have the change come in a different way, if we decide to take active responsibility in our lives.

The “lunation” illuminates things in a way that can seem sudden, but in fact have been ongoing in a repressed way. So when hit with that seeming “out-of-the-blue” crisis, the reality is we are the ones precipitating the change because our Higher Self knows we need it and will only stand by for so long. Deep down, we know that change is necessary for growth.

Lunar Eclipses are more relationship-oriented and that includes with others, with ourselves, and as well with our work, health, bodies, etc. Their effects can also last longer – some astrologers feel Lunar Eclipse effects can last 3 – 6 months. However that is, there is the potential now that you may have been, or are experiencing a sudden state of heightened awareness surrounding everything in your life that is calling to your attention a lot of the flaws and things you are not happy with. But because of the heightened emotions, decisions are best to be made with presence and reflection.

Breaking free is something we all would like, and yet we can do it in a balanced way so as not to create temporary relief or new challenges. Since Mercury is also currently in Scorpio, communication can be intense right now and seem invasive. Motivational factors are being analyzed and so its good to keep an eye on not getting too obsessive over dissection or creating over-dramatized experiences. With Mars in Virgo, that can add to the obsessive over-work we can invest, so the way to utilize that energy efficiently is to get the job done in terms of taking action on your dreams and doing what it takes to walk the walk and manifest what you’re intellectualizing.

Again, please remember not to judge your process or the process of another. If you want to support yourself and others most, it isn’t effective to keep allowing finger-pointing, denigration, and new forms of “witch hunting” to take place. You really are being asked to search your heart deeper by the day, and have the courage to stand up for its truth.

Loving the you you are right now. 

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  1. So much unconditional love in this post. Just beautiful. Loved seeing sweet Joy. My heart swells with love for her :-). Also really enjoyed seeing the magical sea cucumbers. They appear like fluid, crystalline sea creatures! Such an interesting merging of different elements they are. So neat!

    • aw, thank you so much! and Joy thanks you too! she is a love, just like your little ones. i’m glad you enjoyed the sea cucumbers and found them to be much as i did. they truly were magickal and i love the way their shifts from soft to tough mirror our emotional balancing. xoox!!

  2. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Thank you, Tania!

  3. …”I’d like to think of them for now as little luminous love beings from the cosmic waters of experience, as they were so beautifully translucent and almost crystalline in the sun.” this is just awesome! A lot of Love and Clarity here! Thank you, Tania!

  4. Thank you Tania i found your post very helpful to me and i got the comforting words and support that i needed after a challenging and emotional day. Blessings to you 🙂

  5. very beautiful message thank you so much

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