Web of Intentional Living ~ Moving Creative Energy & Vision from Micro to Macro for Change

Perhaps many of you are also experiencing either an intentional or organic change in the way your life is looking and feeling. Some of this is happening naturally and some of it is an invitation to harness and create as you choose.

There’s been an incredible influx of activity in our lives here recently, but overall a lot of life shifts are shaping up our day focuses in very different ways. This period of increased involvements feels to be the transition period or percolating in between phase of adjustment while things are rearranging on the inside. While the outside world snow globe shakes up a storm, an uptick in activity has kept us focused on channeling energies into things within our immediate environment so that we stay focused in the now moment.

This, of course, includes inner world stuff along with things our hands have literal effect on molding, creating, helping, and even just simply experiencing.

Being is indeed a super power we each have, although goes underestimated or overlooked because it doesn’t seem to produce immediate ego confirmation/gratification of its effects and benefits. However, it truly is powerful and when we can anchor the presence of that, its reach can be far more expansive than what most people deem as direct action alone. The reason for this is that being IS direct action…a secret overlooked. That’s not to say that one can’t align with the energy of the moment to rise to a specific action that reflects your frequency’s role, but please don’t judge yourself when you feel called to deepen into the experience of how the energy is moving through and inspiring you, even if you can’t right now understand or see how it’s connected to more. How we move energy and harness it into different forms of cultivating beauty, kindness, creative innovation, and clarity of essence expression is a potent experience of alchemy in motion – a way to transmute the collective energies swirling around and within us.

Even within group dynamics, being is a powerful anchor and transformational bridge. I am increasingly finding myself holding the presence of silent observing and peaceful center when I’m in outer situations and increasingly am shifting some internal pieces that emanate boundaries that regulate what I do and don’t want to engage in, rather than have any old patterns set in.

With Summer in full swing we’ve continued in the vein of home improvement projects here, tightening up important aspects of life and putting in motion things with long term benefits, as well as taking advantage of the beauty and experiences we have to enjoy around the lake – like the season of free music events on the north and south shores and every outdoor activity imaginable for the adventurous and wanderlusts at heart like us.

Our days have also been full with caring for a friend of ours who experienced a bad fall that resulted in an arm break. This has included sitting for his elderly dog while he is at appointments with long stretches away and taking her out for walks.

Dave has also been assisting family with getting things in order to maximize their lives. And in between it all, we’ve been energetically tying up loose ends, reviewing, reimagining and gridding a new energetic (and literal, as you’ll see) landscape before fully forging new paths.

The latter has brought me to a couple of really big realizations, as I embrace remnants of last pieces within the emotional/subconscious/lineage realm that I have called up to the surface to put to rest once and for all. I’m devoted over the next few weeks to rewire what I’ve spiraled back to retrieve from a new perspective. This kind of stuff doesn’t need to take long. It just requires a commitment, depth of intention, and purity of quality focus. Holding no blame, taking personal responsibility, simply saying “the buck stops here,” and deciding to recreate and embody the new is the name of the game for me.

I have much peace around this and it feels like nothing that has taken place yet in my life/lives.

I love this quote that my magickal friend Lisa shared recently through her IG page because it reflects my path and approach, although may not be the path for others: “We don’t create a better world by waging war against the old one. We do it by making art and telling stories that make a new world irresistible.”

All of these things I’ve found myself immersed in have resulted in work being the exception, rather than the rule these days for me, underscoring the importance of taking care of things in divine flow and alignment only, as well as embracing what is right in front of me – without dredging up the past or worrying about the future.

One of the things that stands out to us, is to accept the invitations for things that are here right now, as the next moment isn’t promised and the past is over. I am always reminded about the power we have to rewrite the past and future by choices in the moment. I’m also reminded how joyous and gracious living with what we can do today, and for what we do have right now, has the power to move mountains.

For example, our love is to be out moving and exercising in nature, and while things are beautiful right now and clear of threats or hindrances like heavy smoke or wild fires we’ve been experiencing each of the last couple of years, we get out as much as we can. We don’t take for granted any clear and inviting day, nor our health and bodies’ abilities to do all they are capable of right now.

I’m grateful we get to fill our lives with outdoor adventures and stunning natural beauty, as for us this time spent in nature is soul nourishing on every level and has become a necessity to the radiance of how we feel. It is our go-to wellness plan for life. It’s not something we hold off for some idealized day or version of our lives. The same goes for the rest of what we engage in.

We also don’t put off the people and animal companions we love, as these are the most valuable experiences to nurture.

I increasingly see a difference in how we experience things and the reality that presents itself to us, based on the way we show up and relate to the macro world at large, via our micro funneling of energy, love, symbiotic inclusiveness, and creative intent.

It is also reflected in the great outdoors we explore daily. It never ceases to amaze us how many new areas we discover here and how incredibly resilient and ever-creative nature is. Everything is so lush and blossoming with vitality right now and there is an incredible amount of tiny to large reflections that embody a whole macro book of wisdom and hope within their presence of being and simply expressing their energy signature.

The forest and meadow floors are in their first wave of emergence with mushrooms and flowers around every corner. I love the variety and how most of it is hidden away to be seen only by eyes wondrous enough to follow curiosity around each corner. Incredible colors and the tiniest of surprises can pop out, like the giant fluorescent mushroom in the bottom left corner that was hidden under a veil of dirt.

Or this incredible wildflower that stepped out of the realm of Fae in our front yard. It pushed through the rocks in the bed to dance in the light, no matter if anyone ever saw it or not. I happened to be the only one, which is no surprise since her message strikes the chords of my own.

Her purpose is to fully be in all of her glory, whether anyone is looking or not.

You always know when Spring has fully transitioned to Summer here, as the exotic snow plants push through the ground like flashy flames on their own mission of burning their purpose of being brightly.

I love how every year I discover new varieties I haven’t seen, like these orange peel fungus that grow in sculptured shapes mirroring clay pottery in process of being molded or little rosettes. They also do look like orange peels, which is how they caught my eye and the way I discovered their name because I looked up “orange peel looking mushrooms.” These are actually edible, although they say don’t have much taste.

But overall, this year is really pushing through bright and abundant bursts of hope like no other so far I’ve seen throughout this alpine region and that includes my garden, yard, and potted plants.

Waves of abundant color and life are emerging as blankets of beauty caressing the land.

And the light codes this year are increasingly piercing through and working their magick on supporting a restructuring from the inside out.

And the first dance within my garden is heavily led by more foxgloves than I’ve ever had and tons that have replanted themselves everywhere and in multiplications of three times what I originally planted.

These, along with other surprise wildflowers are popping up in random corners and pushing through rocks and cement everywhere!

And the same is happening with all other plants as well like my lilies, delphinium, salvia, and all varieties of wildflowers I grew from seeds…growth and multiplication galore!

Plus my stunning irises that made their debut and carnations, roses, geraniums, lupine, lavender, yarrow, and more!

I’m so in love with all the colors, abundance, and sweet scents filling my experience.

It’s going to be quite the Summer of blossoms, cycle after cycle until Autumn leaves turn and the first frost appears.

I can hardly wait for my new sunflower plants to bloom (all 6 plants are strong and vibrant) and all the rest, since we’re only experiencing the blooms taking lead roles for Act 1 right now.

And my little side garden of red elderberry, blackberry, huckleberry, lamb’s ear, and mock orange are also flourishing. The elderberry is truly a marvel, as I thought I might have lost it when the surprise last frost hit.

This plant came to me with three tall, stark branches that had little bursts of green popping on them and a tiny maybe one to two inch plant at the base. The frost killed off the top, so I cut the branches down to the ground and then gave the little plant some of my own hope. Well, it’s the fastest growing plant of all and just flourishing like crazy! I’ve named it the little elderberry that could. It’s over 3 feet tall and just beautiful.

So, yes, the micro nature world is showing me the reflections of things I know in my heart being possible, and if my plants can than certainly I/we can too.

This leads me to share about our yard work process here, as it feels to mirror the inner process I’ve been moving through and perhaps may mirror your journey as well.

I mentioned in a previous post how Dave and I took it upon ourselves to do our own front yard work, which organically came together as we created it. And while it ended up being a huge amount of back-breaking work, as they say, it was also very satisfying and we ended up creating exactly what we wanted without the huge expense, nor having to oversee things. It was also a great way to deepen our teamwork.

In total, it was about 5-6 full days of work to create the transformation we envisioned.

It was quite the process, but we’re very pleased with the results. Again, the house originally came with a lawn, which was too much upkeep and we also didn’t want to waste water on to keep it healthy, especially with the drought. Then we tried transitioning to clover, which worked for a little while, but discovered it actually needs a lot more water than is thought, since our front yard gets a ton of sun all day – we’re likely the sunniest house on our street.

So, we then let it all go, shut the sprinkler lines to the lawn area last summer, and everything died off, except for the beds where we still cared for the plants and trees there.

After looking at a dirt yard with random wild growth in spots, we decided my “wild with intention” vision should go into action there as well.

This led to what feels like a subtle zen garden effect.

The following includes info about the things we implemented and added and you can see some of the progress in motion in the photos, along with shots of the completed project.

First, Dave measured out the path we wanted to create and we plotted where plants would go. I also wanted to add some plants to the beds, so in all Dave dug me 18 holes and I went about mixing 3 different soils and soil nutrients while I planted everything. Again, I got all perennials for the front yard and wanted hearty plants that like a lot of sun and can stand drought conditions as well. Between my own research and talking to the woman who runs the nursery just down the street, we agreed and my new plant babies came home. This included Russian sage, gallery blue lupin, goldflame spirea, yellow potentilla shrubs, and catmint, which I’m super happy to report are all doing fantastic and have already flourished and grown quite a bit in the short time they’ve been planted.

While I planted, Dave dug up the rock bed and recovered the exact amount of large stones needed to line the path. And his doing this created space for me to plant extra plants in the bed where once I couldn’t due to rocky dirt. This also provides me a lot of space for tons of Autumn bulbs.

Once they were all in, Dave added drip lines to everything (he figured it out so now we can do this on our own) and while this was happening we had five giant boulders delivered. When they were dumped it felt like a dinosaur walking in the front yard. The whole house shook…I forget how many tons they all weighed together, but lets just say it felt brontosaurus-sized, although likely more like a few elephants. We then got to direct the guy where we wanted them and he was a magician with working his giant dinosaur-looking machine with delicate precision.

A small piece chipped off of one of them in the process of them tumbling to the ground and it made a perfect, sharp-edged moon shape. We already had a small perfectly round stone we collected from our back yard and Dave got the idea to put them together to create a sun and moon natural sculpture that reflects divine harmony to us. It’s our favorite part and feels meant to be.

Then we worked on the path. Dave had to remove several inches of topsoil along the whole length of it, which was crazy hard work with the dry, hard dirt we have here. I would follow behind him and help remove more inches, while also raking and leveling out the path, making sure it was an even depth we had measured of 4 inches, but in some cases deeper because the path curves and slopes slightly. Dave wheeled away the soil in between and I helped load the wheelbarrow.

Then we lined it with a plastic framing that would hold the limestone we chose in place. While this was all happening, we had the limestone gravel delivered – another dump onto our driveway.

Next we had to load the wheelbarrow and start filling in the path. We had to do the edges by hand, at first, in order to make sure to wedge and weigh down the plastic. Once secure, Dave went about bringing loads and dumping onto the path, and I went about filling in and evening it all out.

Once we completed the first layer, we then did a second layer from end to end until our limestone driveway pile disappeared.

It was quite the process.

We love the result, looking and feeling like a flowing creek of water energetically running through the front yard. This, to us, feels like great feng shui.

Then Dave surprised me with solar lights to highlight the boulders and sun and moon sculpture at night. I love how it all looks under the moon sparkling like a star above it all in the sky.

And last, our wind spinner arrived. This was again another big process, as it had to be properly secured in the ground since we can get a lot of high winds at times. This time it wasn’t just inches Dave had to get through in the dry, rocky, rooty, hard dirt. He had to dig down nearly 3 feet and about 2 plus feet wide.

While he did that, I put the spinner together, piece-by-piece.

It’s a lovely soft green metal with leaf formations all around it in ascending and descending shape that create a tree effect of floating leaves spiraling around. They also mirror that as above, so below symbolism.

Most of the time it softly spins creating a very peaceful zen energy like this:

There was a process of getting it to perfectly fit in the hole and to be perfectly balanced before we loaded the hole back up with dirt, then a layer of rocks, then dirt, in order to strongly anchor and secure it.

And voila!

We love it all and its subtle, understated essence feels to blend with and compliment the surroundings, as it mirrors the natural dirt floor of the surrounding forest with pops of growth and stone outcroppings.

The light seems to love to dance with it all too.

I also love how from the kitchen window where the sink is I have this great view while washing dishes, as the spinner sits center of my view with the limestone watery path flowing through and the boulder guardians standing watch.

A lot of work indeed, but the energy feels really good and we love that we were able to do it ourselves. Synchronously, two of our neighbors have been doing landscaping work too, but hired companies and it’s been ongoing with tractors and all kinds of machinery for them. Although ours is simple and not elaborate, we’re pleased with the results. And 6 days doesn’t seem bad overall, although was very physically taxing work…but in a good way…and quite satisfying. For me, a lot of vigorous physical activity is highly supportive for my energetic needs and well being. I don’t have Mars in the first house for nothin’!

We actually received compliments from one of the landscapers working on our neighbor’s house, but more importantly, we are happy with it and its energetic as well as aesthetic benefits, but also its low to no maintenance appeal (basically just drip lines to the plants) that works in harmony with the surroundings.

And all of it, as I mentioned, reflects so much of what is going on internally.

It came together naturally and although took determined focus and channeling of physical strength, it was a demonstration of visions in action of becoming and how creative energy can be channeled toward new realities.

Change takes effort and commitment, but if it’s important to you and you stay the course, then it is possible and doesn’t necessarily have to take that long.

In addition, not being afraid to try different options that meet the essence of your dream or goal and being flexible, can lead you toward the one for the highest good and with optimal benefits. It’s okay if the first attempt or two don’t produce the end result, as the journey will reveal the one most suitable and has greater longevity and more comprehensive reach.

Even the incredible amount of complete exhaustion at the end of the day was fulfilling, as I felt like I was fully channeling presence and being at great magnitude, as well as thoroughly moving energy with full gusto without holding anything back. The exhaustion became vitality, as I moved things through until they transformed naturally. And the merging with nature so fully, as to be thick in dirt and mineral essence was like a saturation of immersing into deep and nourishing embodiment.

I also connected the short term, but deep, rigorous, and determined focus of digging into the core of things and the tough old, stubborn, or rooted areas within being unearthed with relentless desire to complete the layers of work, all with the inner landscape and layers I, and we all are, being invited to embrace.

Recent days have revealed some key a-ha’s for me and the transformation that was released during our time away in Playa Del Carmen is helping to clear out the remnants with my willingness and determination to go with the flow of what’s in motion.

I knew that a very large change had ignited, but now I’m starting to actually see what this is wanting to look like and what is involved with meeting that new frequency on all of the levels, which includes the harder to see ones that are embedded in energy and feelings.

If you thought I was already spending quite a bit of time in nature before, this has increased for me and even just being in the garden and yard covered in dirt has been a necessity to even higher degrees.

Nature has been my medicine, my wellness, my nourishment, my solace, my sanctuary, my inspiration, my recharge, and my alchemy. Nature has also been my guide to the new I choose to create and embody.

There is so much beauty and potential in even just one tiny piece of land, one moment of enthusiasm for life, and even in one day of living fully, itself.

We may think that certain things aren’t worth it, that there’s no reason to do something because the world tells a more hopeless story…but it’s always worth it – every little thing – to be an active cocreator of being and channeling experience for experience sake. It’s worth it to imagine, create, feel, move, be curious, and choose expansive experiences over limiting ones.

We don’t know what the path of Earth or the collective will be, nor do we know what is best for them, or even for the tiniest of life forms like ladybugs and fireflies. We are all creating the next moments together and are no more or less part of creation in process.

I’m quite fulfilled with what I create within my tiny plot of land and inner landscape.

I’m quite satiated with the magnitude of energy I invite to flow through me.

And I choose to trust in the power of these, rather than give in to cynicism about perceived powerlessness.

As things take effect within, I continue to receive a lot of potent messengers and way showers that keep showing up. Although I haven’t focused on how things are going to look when all of this embodiment begins to manifest outwardly, I continue to channel movement and creative energy into the things around me, so that I’m supporting that flow and not putting life on hold until some idealized version makes sense or shows up. This actually helps the larger things to manifest, as I sustain momentum toward manifesting new visions in ways that are connected to overall essence.

So when I don’t know or don’t feel like things are ready yet to reveal themselves, I trust that any forward movement from my joy will help me journey deeper into this new realm I’m creating.

Hence the home and yard improvements and doing the things we love or that are fueled by the heart.

This has included a few little whimsical additions in the garden like these gnome and flower friends to really brighten everything with even more sweetness and joy for the unfolding journey.

Their presence adds to the creative beauty I know I want to create overall, so I start here within my small garden space.

And a new mushroom stool that for now sits outside my office facing the garden, but is a dual indoor/outdoor stool for my office and garden, as well as a little mushroom table next to my office chair for my mug or crystals of the day.

You can see how the light welcomed this magickal addition, as well as has been continuing to dance and celebrate the energies here. Mushrooms have increasingly been a huge part of my life these days because of their reflective embodiment of interwoven network that is much like our inner network of fascia, with great resiliency and adaptability. Rebirth and transformation is at hand for the whole of humanity. And we can access it through the physical and symbolic fascia holding everything together. This stool is a permanent reminder, as are all of the mushroom reflections in my office, but also an anchor for being….so I can just sit and take all the beauty in while dreaming up a wonderland world of possibility.

While doing our front yard work I also discovered broken shells of the beautiful robin’s eggs on the rocks below the nest above our front door. This indicated momma robin was successful with her diligent egg sitting and that little ones were now on their way to beginning a new cycle.

The babies have remained quiet, like good little ones listening to mom and dad who teach them not to alert strangers and danger to know they’re there. But I happened to go out to check on my plants just a couple of days ago while mom was feeding them and caught a hint of tiny cries calling for food and a glimpse of their little hungry beaks peaking out.

There are at least 3 of them and it’s very exciting to know they’re growing strong. Their presence and growth is telling…very much tied into what’s growing within me and needing nurturing.

What I also didn’t mention, is that everyday Dave and I were out doing our yard work, Frith would grace us with his presence near the end of the day. He loved hanging out watching us from the beds, curious about the work we were doing. It was fun to have him as a constant companion overseeing and approving of our vision.

He has come to remind me of Cosmo so much, as he has such a loving trust and purity about him that is also filled with exuberance for life. Frith hops around and watches…his comfort gives me comfort in knowing all is well despite what they may seem or not being able to see where things are headed. He reminds me of my instinctual knowing that outweighs any fleeting fluctuations.

Then there was this gorgeous great horned owl feather I found on 6/22.

This happened to be followed by the powerful “knowing” dream of the trees I shared already, that same night. How I found this feather was quite something, as it happened on one of two kayaking days we enjoyed recently. I spotted a feather on the shore, as we were passing down the river. I felt it was a special one so I told Dave I wanted to stop and go back. So, I got out in the soft current and pulled the kayak back with Dave in it. And there it was, a beautiful, large great horned owl feather – perfect and untouched, just sitting at water’s edge as if placed there just for me.

Owls, as you know from my somewhat recent post, Great White Owl, are showing up increasingly for me and I noticed after taking this feather home, just how many owl feathers I have – a LOT! Great horned owl’s symbolism includes timing, hearing the unspoken, seeing and protecting the unseen, harbinger of new cycles and life transitions, piercing beyond the veil, shape-shifting, Great Mystery, wise action, recognizing light and dark coexisting, higher intuition, knowing, able to pierce through shadows and fears and see the darkness of others’ souls – therefore not easily being deceived. The “knowing” aspect ties in powerfully with the tree dream message about “knowing” where the trees said, “That’s it. The knowing is all you need.” Owl can speak to stillness, slowing down, and silent observation, with perhaps even removing oneself from things to see truths all around. Owl also indicates releasing part of our lives to stay aligned and continuing to steer true to the course of inner truth guidance.

These all accentuate what is going on with me currently. That’s all I need to say about that for now.

The very next day after finding the feather, on 6/23, we heard a very pronounced owl hooting directly behind our house while we were finishing yard work. This is the first time we’ve noticed hearing this here and I knew immediately it was great horned owl visiting with deliberate punctuation to things gleaned.

Then on 6/29 I miraculously, but we know purposefully, discovered a small petrified snake in the very tall grass near the river on a hike we did.

It was almost unbelievable I saw it, so it was obviously calling to me. And this was not a snake skin, like the nearly 3 foot one I recently found. This was an actual petrified snake. Incidentally, I had just found one piece of petrified wood on another hike a few days earlier in an area that is not known to have any – unlike the area I found the incredible and abundant amount you’ve already seen me post about and made available to others recently. When I told Dave I found it, he wanted to see and was shocked that not only did I find one out in the middle of no where, but that I even saw it up on the slope as we passed by. He continued to marvel in astonishment just a few days ago when we returned to do that hike again, on how I found that.

Petrified symbolism is also a stand out coming through. I mentioned how potent the petrified wood has been for me since I found it all and now this piece that, like the owl feather and petrified snake, felt placed there just for me to find at that moment…portal messengers dropping in and through.

Petrification is associated with legends and mythology and carries a magickal quality in terms of the snake symbolism to me. Wikipedia shares about petrification, “Previous to the modern scientific accounts of how fossils are formed, the idea of magicians or gods turning living creatures into stone seemed completely plausible in terms of these cultures.”

These recent drop-ins of petrified finds are not morbid or odd to me. Petrified wood is ancient stuff (holding deep genetic codes) and this snake was very alive to me like a talisman of sorts that was encased within this “stone” form in order to preserve its essence for me. It also speaks to transmutation from one form to another while retaining the same life force…death is not final. Consciousness is eternal.

Through my/our transformational cycles we will continue to be and create an effect despite forms changing both in literal terms of body or expression of what and how we channel through it.

I also found yet another nest.

Like all of these messengers I shared about finding, as if they were placed there for the exact moment with deliberate intention like someone reached through the veils/realms right as I was coming, this nest was in the same vein.

We were driving home the day before 4th of July and just a few houses away from ours I noticed something at the intersection of the corner of the street and edge of dirt. I knew it was a nest. Just like with the feather while we were kayaking, I told Dave I’m going to turn around and go back and asked him to pick it up for me. I did that and stopped next to it, he reached out the car door and picked it up – it was in fact a large bird’s nest just laying there without evidence of how it got there since no tree was directly above from which it might have fallen. Again, Dave had no idea how I spotted it and knew. But I did.

We’re done with yard work except for some fire prevention clean-up we’re completing in the next few days, after talking with a local firefighter that lives on our street. Some dead branches and shrubs need to be cut and so we will tend to these last pieces, while I tend to the same within myself. The tree branches are done and I’ll be working on the lower shrubs diligently cutting away the past that holds potential threat to the future.

So as you can see, all of the projects we’ve engaged in and the processes they involved, are what I’ve been implementing inside of this project I call, me.

It also feels reflective of the energetic terrain we collectively have available to navigate and take responsible action toward implementing lasting change from within.

I am understanding more of why certain things have come into my experience in abundance recently, like being surrounded once again with potent crystals. Not only do they carry the coded frequencies for creating the new, but also provide access to wisdom that will support the changes and nourishment that I so need during these interim stages of my own transformation.

June really put a lot of things into perspective and supported the first cycle of closure and alignment to start realizing and envisioning the new. July is a finalization of things and so you may see changes with me and here on my site.

This is the last month I’ll be sharing any crystal, art, or energetic, one-of-a-kind offerings. Potentially I may add a few more crystal beings to the page in the coming days (so keep a look out in case), but come end of July these pages will be removed altogether. That means the sale on one-of-a-kind offerings will finalize at close of this month.

There are just 5 Dream Drops remaining and currently 2 crystal Dream Friends, plus the very potent petrified wood jars available. These are all extremely powerful partners for anyone ready to go the next level and as you can see by these earlier photos I was taking of some of the Dream Drops before I even shared these, the rainbow light loves them.

And it goes without saying that art and sound healing have profound effect on integration and embodiment, as well as supporting a new, irresistible reality.

If you have any questions about anything you see, please CONTACT ME.

I have a lot to move through in the next few weeks, as August and September hold a different frequency for me, so thank you for your supportive love, presence, and patience to be here with me at this time and for embracing your own transformational callings.

These days, since I post less, shares are a bit longer and as always the stories hold dual meaning that reflect outer and inner and micro and macro.

Perhaps you’ll come to see how so much of “living” with intention and presence can have profound effect even in the simple, everyday things you are doing. The more “being” you bring through it all, the more you recognize your creative power and understand what liberation means to you.

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  1. “the next moment isn’t promised and the past is over…..”-TM So simply said and so very true.

  2. Clearly, you, Dave, and the gardens are thriving! Kudos Tania for knowing what brings you joy and moves you forward. I love the reminder to not fight the old, but inspire the new. And the reminder to use being as an anchor and bridge. Thank you. And I love all the flowers blooming in your gardens! 😍

  3. The yard looks beautiful! I love how the path looks like a silver stream. 🙂

  4. Desiree Bergeron

    As always, there is soooooo much that resonated in my heart while reading your amazing share!!
    That path you and Dave put in is incredible!!! 😮😮😱 It flows perfectly with the lay of your land and turned out so professional!! I too, was coincidently doing a little upgrade stonework project here….. I put in some new stone steps that step up to our front porch, AND created a new Stone table……in between our matching Teak Rocking chairs, I topped the Zen-style Teak bench-type side table, with a beautiful stone slab, which doubles as an altar for a gorgeous Quan Yin statue, as well as a roomy table for our snacks, food or tea as we enjoy our porch!!
    That petrified snake….UNBELIEVABLE……soooooo much deep symbolism and powerful stuff!! WOW.
    And the your garden/flowers are more magnificent than ever! Looooooveeeee your mushroom table xx
    Looooooveeeee YOU! xx

    • Aw! And as always I adore your shares and reflections. It’s so fun to know of the synchronous things that flow through us and in general that flow through the collective, so that we know how deeply connected we all are despite any thoughts otherwise. Thank you so much for your sweet words about what we created. It was quite the task, but very worth it and the energy feels really good and supportive for shifts. So cool to hear about your own stone work…I can picture what you did now that I’ve been there hehe! The stone table sounds amazing. I love all the new energies you’re inviting in and creating…and yes! the snake was a wow cherry on top to things recently. I so appreciate you chiming in the joy about the abundance growing here. The energies do feel very different that are blooming through. Love you too!!! big muah!

  5. Gorgeous photos from beginning to end. All I’ll say about the flowers is that if people would just let those little plants be, especially in the lawn, they would be amazed at what appears. Two oriental poppies appeared in my lawn. I recognized them and let them flower, and when they go to seed, I’ll have even more flowers next year 😀. Just go with the flow(er). 😊

    • Thank you so much Kieron! I so chime in with your share here. It’s really amazing what pops up. I never remove so called “weeds” because I find them all so beautiful and exotic looking…the wild and natural is incredible. I love the message: go with the flow/er hehe!! weeeeeeeee!

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