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Whale Song

On our first day of exploration in Canyonlands National Park, Utah, one of the three trails we were guided to take for our introduction to the area included Whale Rock.

I immediately felt connected to the energy there, loved this rock, and felt nurtured and inspired by my deep connection with the whales.

I knew instantly that a song was bubbling up again, and I only do sound channeling when I feel that deep energetic surge.

And since no one was around for miles, and I was alone atop Whale Rock overlooking the expansive view, I began to sing.

The song felt like a communing, reverence, and deep healing, as well as a celebration.

I was swimming in the cosmic abyss with these ancient giants and sharing their wish along with my own.

This is the song that moved through me – a Whale Song.


Whale Song – Creative Inspiration & Conscious Clarity from Within the Depths of You

whale-by-tania-marieWhales have been showing up a lot in my waking life since the end of last year – seeing whales breaching and spouting out in the ocean from the cliffs at the beach. However, Friday, as I was walking with a friend along the beach, a couple of younger whales came to play with us, just literally yards away from the edge of the sand, so that we could see them beautifully surfacing and submerging, over and over. It was such a rare gift.

It also reminded me how when I was a very young child, I had this recurring dream for years that continued into my late teens and early twenties that involved a very dark inner room that had a very large pool of dark water where a very large whale was that I would visit in my dreams. I can still feel the energy around this dream and the smells that came along with it, but it was very deliberate, exaggeratedly in slow motion, and at times some trepidation of this subconscious and primordial depth of shadow and emotion I was exploring and afraid of falling in to.

But fast forward to today, where I no longer have that dream, nor the trepidation, but instead am visited at perfect moments by living whales in conscious time.

Friday’s beautiful gift again had me reviewing their symbolism, which I like to explore each time I encounter an animal friend and guide in my day-to-day.

I thought perhaps you may enjoy to read a little about the messages of whales if you too are visited by them in dream and waking life.

Whales represent grace, power of song, strength, intuition, looking deep within yourself for clear answers, and knowledge from the past. Their songs signify creativity, teaching you to tune in to your creative inspiration and to use it to enhance your life and in service to others. When they show up they may be signaling you to be mindful of your choices and how to align with divine timing, as well as how to use what you have most efficiently.

The whale’s gifts include being a record keeper for all eternity, all knowledge associated with voice, all aspects of the sea, beauty of movement, psychic and telepathic abilities, wisdom, provider, inner depth.

Particularly of interest to me is their use of the rhythm and patterns of sound, as they teach us to hear our inner voices, to be in touch with our personal truths and wisdom, and feeling the heartbeat of the Universe within us.

Whales show you how to submerge deep within yourself to draw from your inner creativity and imagination, but in a practical way so as not to get lost in your imagination, but to live in every-day reality, bringing forth your creative expression tangibly.

When creativity is sparked through whale teaching, it is not simply for sake of creativity, but to awaken the depth of inspiration you can infuse with your own creative intuition to create magickal and powerful formulas for life. It is a reminder of sharing your unique self-expression through all that you do and make your own music, as you flow with the rhythm of you. Whales will teach you how to create with song – something very important in my life indeed.

Avia Venefica of always shares some great perspectives and deep explorations on symbolism and signs, and her feelings into whale symbolism I find to be really insightful.

ashes-and-snow-22Here are things she shares on the symbolism of whales and having whale as a Totem Animal Spirit Guide:

“Where the edge of land ends and the fringe of vast oceans begins is a threshold of mammoth proportions. To garner in-depth understanding of symbolic whale meaning, we’ve got to pay homage to its environment, the oceans of our planet.

The oceans, and water in general holds age-old symbolism of emotional depth. As humans, we all experience an array of emotions. Some are on the surface; we can experience these emotions easily because they float on top of our life-experience as driftwood on the surface of the water. We can observe these top-layer emotions clearly, they are familiar and we deal with them daily. Other emotions, however, run very deep within us. Some emotions we burry beneath the fathoms of our consciousness; these emotions are the leviathans of our being – the lumbering beasts we dare not let surface.

From this perspective, we can easily relate to the depth and breadth of water with the essence of emotions. Given its habitat is the water realms, the totem meaning of the whale largely deals with emotions too. The whale symbolizes emotional creativity, well-being, nurturing as well as emotional depth.

Those who are magnetized by whale energy will tend to be incredibly deep in sensitivity. The depth of feeling whale-totem-people endure can be overwhelming. Whale people are super-perceptive about the feelings of those around them, and this can manifest into an internal pressure that can be quite crushing. The whale can help with overwhelment of feelings and even temper the onslaught of emotions picked up from other people too. If you are extraordinarily affected by the emotions of others, or your own emotions are so intense as to cause discomfort, your whale totem can help.

Why? Because whales are masters of:

Navigation: Moving through emotional depths
Communication: Effectively expressing emotional experiences
Conservation: Using emotional energy for fuel and not being consumed by emotional floods

We’ve all had a scary task to set before us, a heavy task with potentially frightening responsibilities placed on our shoulders. When we turn away from these responsibilities (knowing what we should do, yet refusing) it churns up massive emotional upheaval. We become swallowed ourselves in an emotional quagmire. We stew in our emotional soup, until we reach a boiling point. We all struggle with emotional buildup over choices we need to make, or even those choices we cannot bear to execute. Some of us, after days and nights of stewing within the womb of the soul, finally emerge (spit from the whale, so to speak) with renewed determination and a rekindling of faith. Others of us return to the emotional abyss until we can process our fears and indecision into a more refined state of being.

This kind of emotional swallowing, digesting and processing is key to whale totem meaning. Luckily, the whale can facilitate emotional clarity, and help us navigate through the often ambiguous and confusing seas of emotion. Whales themselves are incredibly nurturing; we see this in how they raise their young as well as their close-knit connection to others in their community herds or pods. Whales, and those with whale totems have a natural affinity for helping, especially promoting well-being within their community. People who are attracted to the whale often feel devoted to a greater cause, and although they may struggle with their own personal emotions, they tend to naturally conjure healing powers towards others in emotional trauma.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you have these tendencies, I encourage you to swim deeply with the whale in your meditations and prayers. Navigating the emotional waters with the whale by your side will afford guidance and clarity.

Whales ask us to embrace the unknown, and that’s precisely why they are so connected to the emotional depths of the oceans. To be sure, our current circumstances are born from an emotional womb. In other words, our reality is intrinsically connected to our thought and our emotional choices. It can be frustrating and confusing to track down the emotional origin of the stuff that’s manifested in our lives, and the whale can help us understand, on a deeper level, the actions that have caused unrest in our daily life.

In many sects of Native wisdom, the whale is symbolic of the beginning, the creation of all life on earth as we know it. They aren’t the only ones. Countless cultures around the globe associate themes of creation, birth and rebirth with the whale. Other symbolic suggestions to add to whale totem meaning include:

Deeper Awareness
Cosmic Consciousness
Emotional Rebirth and Understanding
Nurturing and Devotion to Community
Appreciation for Beauty, (especially song and dance)
The Importance of Balance (emotional and otherwise)”

The whale helps you to find greater and more expansive clarity within your deep emotional world, which will lead you to creative inspiration that is wanting to surface into your life as an adventurous experience, rather than a safe-harbored “wish”.

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