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Frequency, DNA and The Human Body

Frequency and sound resonance…some of my favorite things. This article and the video in it by Nigel Stanford – which is very cool! – connect with my post today on Lisa Parks and her exploration with water and thought/feeling frequencies as art: Artist Manipulates 48 Pools of Water with Her Mind

Circles in Triangles – Joy Sacred Geometry Messages

After having a significant dream about the Great Pyramid and Ra just two nights ago and finding a giant, intact, spiral, pyramid- shaped shell over the weekend after a dream about a spiral building I was ascending with crystal grids in it, I found finding Joy in this position (laying within the circular foot of my standing lamp) this morning to be quite interesting and synchronous. And mind you she was in this position only long enough for me to see it and a minute later removed herself.

joy in circle triangleJoy sacred geometry – circle in triangle/pyramid. 🙂

Joy often places herself in purposefully uncanny positions and active engagement, often finding her directly at center of the spirals in my carpet, directly under the small table holding my Crystal Skull, climbing my shelves to get at a particular crystal that is important right now to work with, running to me when I pull out Tarot cards or engage in a distant Reiki session she wants in on assisting, sitting in a place she knows will send a message to me by way of what she is sitting by, facing, or how she is sitting….

Needless to say, I loved her position this morning and just had to share.

These symbols have varying meanings for everyone and I have my own ways of interpreting messages for myself.

But it is interesting that upright triangles represent active male energy and solar power and that the Egyptian gods Ra and Horus (whom I was speaking of yesterday and take on the same embodiment) both are affiliated with it.

Triangles of course are also about creativity, magick, harmony, balance, ascension, manifestation, illumination, and one of my favorite words – integration.

The peak at top symbolizes higher thought, inspiration, enlightenment, oneness of mind, aspiration, focus, and unity consciousness. In this way it helps you focus and center the inner conflicts in order to be in stillness of peace with the wholeness of who you are and within that peace to be guided by your authentic voice.

The triangle symbol expresses itself in terms of clarity, focus, and a doorway to extraordinary, higher wisdom, which is attained by balancing thought and emotion (or the alchemy of polarities combined that create a new opening).

They also represent the symbolism of the number 3, which I am by birth. No wonder I talk about triangles a lot in my workshops when conveying an understanding of our evolution.

The circle is divine perfection, wholeness, infinity, centering, unity, consciousness, feminine energy, the sacred. The circle also involves a more inclusive way of connection and deeper meaning.

The alchemy of the circle within the triangle could be bringing forth an illuminated awareness that takes into account the bigger picture of integrated wholeness, focusing and harmonizing consciousness, and/or divine, centered unity.

Thank you Joy for your guiding wisdom and knowing heart of love.


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