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My Key of Life – Creating Portals with Key and Ankh Sacred Tattoo Symbolism

ankh james tattoo

me getting my ankh tattoo done this saturday with james spooner

It was another transformational weekend here for me including being called off to the mountains yesterday and adding a small potent sacred tattoo to my Spiritual Skin.

This was not an involved piece in the least, but potent nonetheless. For years I felt it would likely at some point be on me and Saturday was the day. I had an Egyptian Ankh placed on my middle (fire) finger, which was something that had only come to me to do in just the few days preceding actually having it done.

It completes a circuit of energy on my right arm running between an other-worldly portal key I created on my forearm, through the serpent, and out through my fire finger with the “Key of Life.”

The ankh is simple and sits like a ring would between the upper knuckles of my middle finger, as pictured. When healed it will not be as dark as it appears, nor my finger swollen a bit ūüôā

These two “keys” have very special personal meaning for me and where they are placed and the timing of having them are very aligned for how I am moving energy in my life, through the things I do and channel, and the realities and experiences I am creating and accessing.

tattooAnyway, I always like to interweave how experiences I go through bring up information and symbolism that others may find of interest and helpful in weaving their own threads of experience. So I hope you enjoy the key and ankh symbolism I’m sharing today.

Being very symbolic, I love what keys represent and see everything as a “key” to alchemy. But to have actual activation “keys” was a very “real” way of making the realities I’m entering become even more tangible for me and bridging the spiritual and physical through the portals they create.

Symbols in life are very much like seeing/seeking keys that unlock doorways, open and reveal more to you and provide access through portals of experience. When you find the “key” you discover ways to solve challenges creatively, receive greater insight to things, and uncover mysteries.

The more we are open to “seeing” the keys/signs/clues, the more we find balance and empowerment. Sometimes the key is something so simple and overlooked, as in a different perspective, and then hidden realms become easily accessed.

Skeleton keys are particularly cool because they are cut in such a way that they can access many and all doors. I see the one I created on my forearm to be symbolic of this idea in a broader sense of Higher Wisdom and Love, Higher Self, and expansive Unity Consciousness that then is being channeled through the Kundalini and Primordial Cosmic Force and Energy of the Serpent, and then through the Ankh that the Serpent breathes life into for the manifestation of emerging life and creation.

Keys can symbolize knowledge, life, and love, as well as to many cultures, curiosity and mystery. It can also both be the route to something by means of selective access (a right of passage) to another level and a way to safe-keep things. It also answers the puzzle created by the maker of the lock.


my ankh, serpent and the bottom of my larger cosmic key

The ankh is also considered a key, known as the “Key of Life.” The ankh represents many things including life, the abundance we all have access to in living life, symbolizes the combination of elements to create life, magic, power, truth, the Divine and Sacred, vision, protection, mystery, hidden wisdom, covenant, provision, afterlife, immortality, unification, ¬†and evolutionary growth.

The sun is represented by the top loop of the ankh that joins at the Earth’s horizon. This union symbolizes life giving force that provides vital growth and abundance – a powerful symbol for the Ancient Egyptians.

The ankh also symbolizes the sacred union of male and female powers – for the Egyptians this was represented as the union between Osiris and Isis (another sacred tattoo I have on my back).

And to the Egyptians it was also a “key” to unlock the gateways into the mysterious realms and the afterlife. This is where the loop at the top is symbolized as a portal that is an opening leading to¬†shifted consciousness and altered states of being.

Needless to say there is a lot in what I’ve created between the three energies on my arm – much more than I am able to expound upon. And I just found out today that a special soul to me very connected to our Egyptian “roots” just got an Egyptian tattoo with ankh in it as well on the right shoulder. Wow.

I like what¬†Joseph “Joe” Panek writes in his blog post:¬†The Egyptian Ankh (As A Symbol). He likes to share about how Ancient wisdom is revealed through symbolism, mythology, metaphor, sacred writings, natural cycles, and everyday life. Sounds like someone else I know. ūüėČ

Here is his post and you can see it at the link above too:

The deeper we look into Nature, the more we come to the realization that there is an invisible life force which permeates all realms of creation. This mysterious life force, or Key of Life, was acknowledged, honored and respected by the Ancient Egyptians and was depicted in their artwork and hieroglyphs by way of the Symbol of the Ankh.

The Ankh, which  represents the eternal process of creating, consists of a T-Shaped Cross surmounted by a Loop.

The T-Shaped Cross Symbolizes the masculine active Seed. The Loop Symbolizes the feminine receptive Womb.

These two principles, when united, bring forth creation, birth and Events throughout all of the seen and unseen realms of the universe.

The “T”, as the the masculine aspect of creation, is similar¬†to the Symbolism of the Tau cross, the double-headed Axe¬†and the hammer of Thor. All of these Symbols contain Three¬†extremities. Three is the first masculine number. Three also¬†represents the Trinity¬†of Creation.

The Loop, as the feminine aspect of creation, is Symbolic of the birth passageway from which all created, or manifested, life emerges.

When the Tau Cross and the Loop are combined they form the image of a key; a key which the Egyptian Neters, the Divine Principles of Nature, hold in their hands.

The Ankh, or Key of Life, therefore Symbolizes the eternal process of continual creation and perpetual manifestation by way of the union of masculine and feminine aspects of Divinity.

In this respect the Ankh is the Breath of Life, the Hermetic Logos and the Aether of the Alchemists which instills life (the soul), into all living matter. Therefore it also represents the Spiritual DNA which stands forever ready to manifest life  throughout all of the visible and invisible realms of the cosmos.

This ever-present and ever-active life force, Symbolized by the¬†Ankh, is eternally and perpetually alive and available throughout¬†all realms of the cosmos. It is a Power which exists¬†whether or not¬†mental or physical “life” is currently being manifested at any specific¬†point in the universe.

In Egyptian artwork we often see one of the Neters holding the¬†Ankh to the nostrils of a person. This gesture, on behalf of a¬†specific Neter, is the bestowing of the “breath of life” to that¬†particular person. This is Symbolic of the “breath of life”, or soul,¬†which enters into our body at birth and which will eventually leave¬†our body when our Current Incarnation¬†comes to its end.

We also see artwork of Neters gazing into Mirrors¬†which are¬†in the shape of the Ankh through which they can view the¬†reflections, results and Consequences¬†of the persons, places,¬†things and Events¬†into which they have temporarily instilled¬†the “breath of life”.

Egyptian men and women wore amulets in the shape of the¬†Ankh in honor of this Divine Creative Process and also to serve¬†as a reminder to be cautious of the Consequences which can¬†result from Thoughts, deeds, Words¬†and Actions¬†which they¬†are responsible for “giving life to”.

If you would like to partner in co-creating your own sacred tattoo design to embody the empowerment you desire, you can contact me at

For more information about the process and pricing please visit: What is a Tattoo Design Consultation

Some people have preferred to read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep, especially if they are new to sacred tattoo designs, before embarking on this journey.

If you are drawn to learn more about sacred tattoos you can order a copy of the book here: Spiritual Skin

It is also available in Kindle and PDF formats here: Spiritual Skin

Sacred Tattoo Designs in the Flesh

I love supporting people in co-creating meaningful and transformatively powerful sacred tattoo designs. The process is so magical and really isn’t something that I can express in words, but the result is always beautiful and deeply moving for client and designer (me) alike. As the energy shifts in our collective experience, more and more people are being drawn to spiritual tattoos and really exploring the process of sacred tattoos in a conscious and all-encompassing way – seeing how it can be such a powerful tool to shifting not only one’s reality, but DNA as well!

If you haven’t read my article on that you can read it here: Sacred Tattoos: Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring

To read more about the process of sacred tattoo designing with me, testimonials and how you can request either a consultation or design consultation visit: Sacred Tattoo Design and Consultations

You can also contact with any questions you may have.

And if you haven’t yet read my book, Spiritual Skin ~ Sacred Tattoos: More than Skin Deep,¬†it is available here: Spiritual Skin along with beautiful reviews from readers who have been touched and transformed by it.

Today I wanted to share a few of the photos from some of my clients, showing their sacred tattoos manifested in the flesh! I love the process of creating, but to actually see and experience the designs come to life in their energetic fullness, is truly magical. I hope you enjoy the photos. I will post more, as clients keep sending them in. To view more of my sacred tattoo designs visit: Tattoo Gallery

After the third session for this sacred tattoo design created for Allison, you can see the design come to life. First session was lining, then shading and color now started. The entire piece will be in color. Can’t wait to see the magic…each step deepens the energy! This design evolved from a previously posted design I shared, that was much smaller and created or her wrist, but as she expanded, so too did her spiritual tattoo to help embody the new energy shifts.

These were the previous stages of Allison’s sacred tattoo design

This is a view of Venus’ sacred tattoo design, which she will also be fully coloring eventually. This photo is after the healing process of the line work.

Full back view of Venus’ sacred tattoo right after her inking session to get the line work on

Jeanne’s sacred tattoo design completed. The shark was a tattoo she had from long ago, which I incorporated into a new design for her now that her energy has shifted.

Scott’s sacred tattoo in completion

Marie-Pier’s sacred tattoo design

Lynne’s sacred tattoo design

Full arm view of Lynne’s tattoo

One of Gaile’s sacred tattoo designs I helped her create. The other is on the other ankle and was a cover up design for an old tattoo she had. This tattoo pictured is being seen upside down, as it’s a heart with sacred geometry, ankh, feathers and more!

Custom Temporary Sacred Tattoo Designs Available ~ Now Anyone Can Experience The Transformational Energy of Sacred Body Art

Sacred Tattoo Design Created by Tania Marie

After several synchronous nudges and an energetic 2 by 4 from the Universe, I am now making sacred tattoo designs available to anyone who desires their own “Spiritual Skin,” but may not want the¬†permanency of going under the needle, may not like needles, or simply want the ability and versatility to remove their tattoo based on life style or career needs. In this way you can still invoke the energy you desire into your life for the intents you desire on all levels, yet don’t have to make that life long commitment or decision if feeling unsure. It’s a way to also see if getting a permanent tattoo is the path for you, by being able to do a trial run over however long of an extended time you need, while also trying it in versatile places to see where you feel the energy would most be appropriate for you.

While I do help in intuiting these sorts of things, like placement, etc., I do know that unless a person is completely ready for and clear about something, there are those that like the ability to dip their foot in and see how the water feels. I want to make this opportunity available to anyone whether a tattoo aficionado or not, as my intent is to support conscious awareness and integrative healing and empowerment for everyone. A temporary tattoo can be a discreet way, as well as perhaps a less intimidating way for anyone to have their own personal, custom-created, sacred design that can help support transformation in your life, while simultaneously adding a bit of whimsical magick and unique style that embodies a spiritual process of integrated experience for you.

If you’ve admired designs such as the one pictured above and want to experience the power of an intentfully created and energetically infused symbolic and sacred design channeled just for you, then this may be just what you are looking for.

If you haven’t read my article yet, “Sacred Tattoos – Personal Portals to Genetic Rewiring” published on Tattoo Journal here it is again:¬†

This article helps to unveil the potency behind how symbolism can alter your DNA and consequently your life experiences. As the article shares: “People are learning how the vehicle of symbolic, intentful tattoos can alter a person‚Äôs total life experience ‚Äď a concept that Dr. Masaru Emoto‚Äôs findings in ‚ÄúThe Hidden Messages in Water‚ÄĚ unveiled, but is now being expounded upon with unique perspective of the body as a portal.”

Each temporary tattoo will be unique, as they are custom made for you. The design process remains the same. Read about it here:¬†¬†but upon completion of the design, a custom temporary tattoo in bulk quantity and size to your desire will be sent to you rather than you visiting your tattoo artist to get the image inked. And if you’d like more, they can be re-ordered any time, as well as new designs can be created to have options and energetic choices to fit your needs.

The purpose of this is to make this healing body art form available to everyone.

If you are interested in a custom temporary tattoo design, please contact me with inquiries and requests at or you may contact me here on my blog. More information will be provided on my website once I get the information up and posted. For now, just shoot me an email with your questions. 

Emerald Bridge Logo - Activating the Heart Chakra

New Emerald Bridge logo temporary tattoos will be available in a couple of weeks, debuting at the Circa 92 Runway and Tania Marie Art Show. This logo was created to¬†reflect and embody the divine and powerful essence of the Heart Chakra (or Emerald Bridge as I call it) and its integrative, healing synergy. The logo embodies the essence of this energy, as well as is a visual activation and meditative tool to encourage taking courageous steps in following your heart’s joy and to shift into new realities of experience. This to include a new template comprised of: trusting what you choose, living as you feel, co-creative and shared community of loving harmony void of isolation, being in your highest heart always, which allows integration of lower and higher parts of the body to work optimally, and to be courageously vulnerable so that you may boldly share your authenticity with the collective.

Specific sacred design sets of temporary tattoos are in creation and will be available shortly as well, designed with specific energy intents that you may choose from to draw that particular energy into your life experience. These will not be custom to you, but will be collectively channeled and which ever you feel drawn to will hold an energetic footprint that matches your vibrational needs. 

If you have been drawn to the energy of one of my paintings, these can also be created into a temporary tattoo for you as well, since each painting also holds an energetic coding of healing intents and energy. I have had requests for the In Lak’ech series to be created into tattoos, so now this also is a temporary tattoo design option.

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