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Sacred Tattoo Designs with Dual Symbolism Superimposed – Whale/Butterfly & Scarab/Earth Mother Goddess

I had the opportunity again to work with one of my cherished clients and friends, Mari. You may remember her from my post “An Inside Look At One Soul’s Sacred Tattoo Experience – Mari’s Journey with ‘Spiritual Skin‘”. It’s been so incredible working with her as she creates her own soul’s journey through sacred body art that speaks to her unique soul essence. We’ve created several pieces together and I was excited to work with her again to create a couple more, which are today’s highlights.

As always, I marvel at the divine timing and what aligns with the process when creating these sacred pieces. It’s always so beautiful when direct messages, confirmations and support come through, as with the recent Incan tattoo designs I created, when Moth showed up to chime in with her wisdom in agreement. The designs also seem to be aligned with Reiki workshops I teach, which then also adds to the potency of the energy imbued within the designs, as well as align with astrological influences like the Moon phases, Cardinal Cross, and other intensified energies.

reiki (3)I’ve been following my client wait list in order, but arrived at working on Mari’s in beautiful synchronicity. Her designs were also graced with these types of energetic influences, as I had begun the first of the two the day before teaching a Reiki 3 Master Teacher Workshop for which I was preparing. I thought that very appropriate and empowering for the essence of this “ring” we were co-creating. More on it below.


Silvery gray of whale shining in the sun at center/top, as she surfaces and spouts

And right as I had begun the second piece for her foot, I was called to take an ocean-side break and was immediately upon sitting down to relax on the beach and read, met by a mother Grey Whale and her baby swimming by, which was so supportive and inspiring, not to mention confirming for the piece that included Whale wisdom in it.


Here you can see a whale watching boat, as well as leisure boat have spotted the whale and her baby, as they move. Whale is in front of the left boat where you see the mist of her spout and darker body surfacing

Not long after, a large pod of Dolphins also came through and I just felt in the flow once again and also knew that the feelings and visions I was receiving from them were to be captured in the piece. More on that below as well.

So it was another interesting and beautiful journey, to say the least, in co-creating these pieces and I’m grateful for the energies the Universe aligns me with, in guiding support during the process.

Since I just shared the Whale images (although not all that great of photos), I thought I’d first share on the foot design that incorporates Whale energy.

When I saw Whale on Saturday it reminded me of that powerful day, just a few weeks back that I blogged about, when the whales were bursting through the waters and jumping and splashing and just in total joy and bliss.

I felt that a Whale (which Mari was wanting incorporated into the design) that is not just one swimming through the seas of experience, but one that is penetrating the very veils of illusions with pure joy of authenticity from heart, was to be. The Whale depicted in this piece is thrusting in joy through the ocean’s surface, but also penetrating the veils between Earth and Cosmos, between self and other, consciousness and unconsciousness – bringing a knowingness and beingness of both at once.

Whales are cosmic beings that use their abilities to communicate through sound and message us about our true origins and authenticity. For more on Whale symbolism please visit: Whale Song

Sacred Tattoo Design - Foot Healing MandalaBut if you look very closely, you will see that Whale is also a Butterfly. For more on Butterfly symbolism you can visit: Butterfly Messengers.

See how Whale’s tail fins are the body of the Butterfly and body is the larger part of her wing, and fin makes up part of her lower wing. I created a spherical shape, but organic in nature with use of flowing water, spirals, energy, leaves and Plumeria (as my client had seen this as a healing Mandala and I also saw it as a portal or gateway).

There are two planets to the right, or could be a Full Moon and Sun. I also felt called to include a simple version of the Hunab Ku to demonstrate the Galactic nature of this piece in harmony with Earth – a return to natural harmony within and without. Hunab Ku is also known as the Galactic Butterfly, which is what is created here both as this more organic Butterfly with Whale as part of her shared essence of her wing AND as the Hunab Ku cosmic essence Butterfly.

Air and Water elements being highlighted a bit more, along with Spirit yet with an Earth connecting factor. Mari already has a lot of Fire and Earth and with a serpent on her right leg, this felt very balancing on her left foot where it will go.

I immediately had mentioned to Mari that I was sensing this sort of Polynesian, Mayan, Cosmic quality to the design and that is what I feel manifested. I was also receiving Plumeria as inspiration and when I looked into more of what it symbolized, I realized why.

Plumeria symbolism includes natural beauty, charm, grace, new life, new beginnings, creation and recreation, the Sun, perfection of all things as is, dedication, devotion, love, immortality, healing powers, liveliness, life and birth. They span many cultures in their symbolic meaning and reverence including being very important to both Hawaiian and Mayan cultures 🙂 , but also Hindu, South Indian, Buddhist, Chinese, Vietnamese, etc…

So there is so much celebration of life from the heart of hearts here. And I see it as a gateway she will walk forward into with each step, bringing in a new, vibrant, joyous energy that is birthing with all the shifts and upcoming newness in her life. It is a beautiful new layer of the onion, so to speak, revealing more of her deep personal frequency that is of and beyond this world, which many may not have seen of her yet. Very powerful, but in a gentle and beautiful way of grace and flow. It is centered, but organic in nature and can bring the experience of always feeling centered no matter how things are flowing outside – movement with cycles rather than with a rigid plan. There’s also a sense of abundance and true joy as she activates her Galactic “Nature” even more.

Sacred Tattoo Design - RingThen we move on to the second which is created to be worn as a ring – a wedding band so to speak that celebrates the sacred union with self. Being a ring, it is done in very simple and clear lines (open design line work) – like the henna work I have on my own hand and fingers. Fingers and hands are tricky in being able to ink and how they will wear over time. So it is best to keep them simple and defined.

This design, like the Whale/Butterfly is dual in nature as well, which was tricky. I had immediately for this piece been feeling Egyptian and Earth Priestess/Divine Feminine energy, and that is what is represented.

It took me a while to get the right design that would work dualistically, but also be very simple, yet potent. But it happened and what came through was the energy of the Scarab and the Earth Mother Goddess (Gaia).

For more on Scarab symbolism please see: Sacred Scarab

Within the design at top is a simple Lotus that has a bit of an Egyptian flair to it. I created 3 dots around it, sort of providing a subtle Henna quality, but can also represent the Trinity, Triple Goddess energy, the Maiden, Mother, Crone, etc.

Now if we skip below that and you look at center of the band, there is a simple heart-like design (felt very important to have all things come and stem from the/her heart). This heart acts dually as the body of the Scarab and the body of the more primitive Earth Mother Goddess design. To the left and right are the wings of the Scarab that create the band and will come to a point at back under the finger. I kept them simple but they are spread open to produce freedom energy. They also balance the Scarab/Goddess.

Below, coming just slightly down over knuckle into hand, is a design that could be both a leaf (to draw energy in and be the grounding Earthiness, as well as root of the Lotus), but can also be another set of wings (as the mirror to each other) that have come to rest together creating hands in prayer position, much like that centering at heart we do in meditation, and in receiving and giving blessing and honoring to self and others (Namaste).

Above the heart design is the stylized head of the Scarab, as well as the Goddess. Coming out on both sides are the Scarab’s legs, but also the Goddess’s arms stretched above holding the Sun Disk (Source within her and representative of the Great Central Sun). This reflecting connection to it, honoring of it, and always walking in the reflection and grace of the truth within that Source.

It’s a small piece, but amazing what can be achieved with just the right tweaks. The ring band will sit where a band would usually, with the lower leaf/wings coming down into hand a bit (balancing a design she already has moving up the hand on the right), and reaching past the first finger knuckle to create an elongated design down part of the length of her finger, coming to rest in between the two top knuckles.

Really grateful to support Mari with her beautiful journey. And it looks like we will be partnering again down the road soon. So stay tuned for more with Mari and me. 🙂 I love that I finished writing this at 11:11 am here.

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