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Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal July 29th 2013

mystic mamma merkabaHere we are at the portal that I posted about on the 14th – This is the Big One We’ve All Been Waiting For. Today is the Grand Sextile where the “Mystic Merkaba” formed by two Grand Trines will have profound effect for those who consciously use their awareness to harness the energy.

Take some time out today to tune in to your heart, be extremely present and mindful of your intents, thoughts, and feelings, surround yourself with supportive energy, and release all fears and the old.

Whatever you put out there will be amplified and the more aligned you are in universal heart that takes into account the collective, the more you will find all of your own needs/intents met on an individual basis as well. So beam out your loving intents for the highest good of all concerned and watch things amplify.

The Merkaba/Star Tetrahedron/Star of David is an integrative symbol that bridges all duality – feminine and masculine, heaven and earth, time and space, physical and spiritual, you and others, creating the “as above, so below” unification in the now moment.

It is the key to humanity’s evolution as luminous beings of the “One”.

This is a time to be honest with yourself and to value intuition as much as intellect and reason, realizing how they can work in unification together and as so, are far more powerful. All parts are important and valuable. We just need to learn to utilize them in the perfect balance that then creates alchemy in our lives. Honor and embrace all of your parts and feelings. Confront your fears, blocks and turn back around to face what you have repressed in order to integrate your shadows. Pour out forgiveness and realize that what you are resisting is the doorway to greater intimacy of experience.

This Sextile is a gateway to imagining and creating what you want. Any reality you desire, you can choose to experience no matter what is going on around you or what other’s realities are. The more of us that choose to focus on a more harmonious and abundant reality, the more we will create that collectively as well.

Today is a wonderful opportunity to meditate, focus intentions, do Reiki healing attunements, work with crystals, write in a journal, take a walk in nature to tune in and out….anything that really gets you present and still in your heart to be in your greatest power as an integrated being.

” On July 29th, 2013 when we will experience a RARE Star of David / Star Tetrahedron configuration in the heavens!

It is actually two Grand Trines, one in Water and one is Earth (all feminine) which create this configuration called a Grand Sextile or a Star Tetrahedron. Many names and much symbolism tied into this Sacred Geometry.
The essence is that this mystical configuration of Sacred Geometry opens a portal of energy that is accessible for those who choose to tune in to it. That is the key.

As with everything, nothing magical is going to happen on it’s own. It is up to us to bring the magic, to add our magic to creation.

This energetic portal is an opening in the subtle realms so to tune in to it, all we need is our relaxed awareness. It is simply an opportunity to find a moment of connection, of prayer.  
Visualize Peace
Let’s use this moment to meet in our hearts, in the place of intention, the place of the dreamtime,  and hold a vision of ~~~peace~~~ for our planet. “

The above, in quotes, is from Mystic Mamma. She always brings together some great insights from various astrologers on energetic experiences we are moving through. You can read the entire post and astrologers’ takes on today’s Portal here:

Star of David – Merkaba – Grand Sextile Portal on July 29th 2013


Here are a couple of excerpts from the post that you’ll find when you read it in its entirety above:


“Drunvalo defines the Merkaba as follows: ‘The Merkaba is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in tune with the higher realms. In ancient Egyptian “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body. Mer-Ka-Ba means the spirit/body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of light, (wheels within wheels), spirals of energy as in DNA, which transports spirit/body from one dimension to another.”

“In Hebrew the Merkaba translates to ‘vehicle’ or ‘chariot’. We need this vehicle to travel to other dimensions. The geometric design that makes up the Merkaba Star has been known and utilized by civilizations in Atlantis, Lemuria, Tibet and Egypt…”

“…Starting now the Star of David begins to appear: The Water triangle (Grand Water Trine) appears first – on July 17 – like a glistening triangular liquid gem, a lake being fed by a waterfall and flowing to the ocean. Then on July 29 the Earth Trine descends and anchors the water into the earth realm, as if an island begins to descend into the ocean. “
 ”It is as if we are approaching a body of water or a lake or a fountain with an earthen container – a clay vessel, a glass, bowl or cup – and using the vessel to hold the water, making it useful. The symbol for the Age of Aquarius is the Water Bearer, the one who holds a vessel of Life Giving Waters and pours them upon humanity.”

”The shoreline, where sand meets sea, is also an example of how these energies work together – or a majestic mountain with a peaceful lake at its feet.”

 ”When mixed together, these elements alchemize to make mud, for sinking purposes (sink into your feelings) or to be baked with the sunlight and fire of Spirit and used to  make clay bricks; to build a home and create shelter, support and structure for the human family.”
“Water’s nature here teaches us to persevere, to keep at it, and to watch how we change over time. We can make a beginning now of healthy, real, lasting change…”
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