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This is a simple, but powerful share from Laura Bruno that shows how small tweaks and perspective shifts can make a difference. Some times we don’t want to “see” the answers, or are scared because of what the answer actually means. This is a way to address those blocks to manifesting things you want.

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from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

n. The act of receiving; receipt; admission
n. The state of being received.
n. The act or manner of receiving, especially of receiving visitors; entertainment; hence, an occasion or ceremony of receiving guests
n. Acceptance, as of an opinion or doctrine.
n. A retaking; a recovery.

One thing I suggest to clients with big wish lists and minimal manifestation is to shift the way they pray for change.

“Ask and you shall receive” — except if you’ve engaged major blocks to that reception. If you really, really want something, and you’ve not seen your prayers and intentions manifest in tangible form, then you might want to add something to your prayers. Ask for the ability to recognize an answered prayer, along with the courage and wisdom to receive your answer.

If you ponder all the meanings of…

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Some of My Experiences & Thoughts from Yesterday’s Energy Before Heading Out to Montreal & Toronto

beach3I hope you each had time to tune in yesterday to align within yourself and the Grand Sextile Portal energy. I heard from many that they were all really feeling the energy big time in really expansive and profound ways.

I would have to agree personally as well. What I’ve been noticing is an increase of telepathic exchanges becoming more regular and profoundly taking place. (something I’m super excited about, as it’s my preferred method of communication 😉 ) This has been something I’ve experienced throughout my life, but recently it’s incredibly huge in the exchanges happening daily and yesterday (and this weekend leading up to it) it was like wow! People will respond to something I say in my mind without me speaking it, or instantly message me answering what I was thinking after I just tuned in remotely to say hello and had a question for them. Sure makes communicating clear and efficient and without need for the veils we’re used to keeping up to hide the vulnerable parts of ourselves. We just know directly, at the heart of hearts – our more natural way of being.

Not to mention, the instant manifestation that IS happening increasingly as well. I did a healing attunement yesterday with focused intentions and directly after, things happened. I find that I can merely just think something and it is already in motion. And when I set intentions with my crystals before I sleep with particular ones I am guided to place under my pillow at night, the next morning I awake to things unfolding.

I’ve noticed increased amounts of sleep needed at times for all that is integrating and recalibrating, increased prophetic dreams, connecting with others in dreams, and a lot of instant signs and messages. There also seems to be an increase in direct channeling and quickness to any work that is being done, as well as the experience of a new reality and the feeling of observing those that are not mine.

In general, I feel there’s an increased inner harmony and universal love, a greater sense of clarity and flow, abundant synchronicity and beauty in everything, and a total trust and release of fear, and a feeling of my energy expanding without the self-imposed hindrances to that.

The image of the crashing waves and flowing expansiveness of water amidst the stillness and peace of this image in the post about sums up things. I love all of the footprints in the sand, symbolic of the many journeys we are all on, that leave an energetic imprint on the collective sands of experience.

What are you feeling and experiencing currently? And is it the reality you want to be experiencing?

The more you practice your personal power and connection to the abundant and creative Source of your beingness from which we all are connected to, the more you will learn to refine your skills and connect with the alchemy you are naturally attuned to at the core.

You have never been more supported and loved than you are right now to reclaim the power of your purity.

It’s important to check in with yourself daily and even moment to moment to notice how you are feeling and where your energy levels are. Sometimes you give away your energy and power to things like getting stuck in old (or even present) stories (your own or other’s), are holding anger, frustration, grudges, hurts, disappointments, anxiety, etc. about things that are depleting your energy, rather than fortifying it.

It’s not important to be “right” about something or to obsess about how “wrong” someone else is. Everything has a way of working itself out without you trying to manipulate, control, or act as supreme judge over it. Let it go and focus on the magic you have available to create a new reality.

Trying to escape things by leaving your body, whether literally or through addictions of any kind, will only further separate you from reclaiming your power. Being in your body and fully conscious of all of you, to be able to feel things so you can discern what is you and what is not, being able to utilize your own personal power to achieve certain experiences, and to move in and out of things by an alchemical process YOU create YOURSELF by integrating all of your parts, will bring you into the wholeness of your creative beingness.

Anything that is in the past will need to be freed. You end up hurting yourself in the now, by reliving the hurt you once felt then. You are not as powerful as you could be if your power is being given elsewhere. This is a separation being created between you and your Divine and Highest Self. Once you have targeted the incident and trigger, use your power and any supportive assistance, to your best ability, to do the integrative healing so you can return to your wholeness. You can move through anything. It IS possible to free yourself of what you feel has imprisoned you. You’ve done it before, others have and are doing it…it sometimes just takes an alignment of all elements to create that impetus for change. And this very well could be your impetus for change. The current energetic environment is welcoming you.

I hope you will continue to explore the beauty and power of the Divine Creation that you are and come to embrace how perfectly and courageously you have been created in your own design, as an integral part of the collective experience. When I return I am feeling that some more insights are in store to share and will see where that takes things in the upcoming posts wanting to channel through.

Until then, just so you know, I will be away starting tomorrow morning, Wednesday July 31st through Wednesday August 7th in Toronto and Montreal teaching, creating, and connecting. I feel a huge sense of integrative experiences unfolding while I am away and am really feeling the harmony of what is coming into being. I am excited to tune in with my brothers and sisters there and to support some more opening to empowerment on many levels.

I hope your week is beautiful. I will likely not be posting until I’m back and in the swing of things again on August 8th. That is also when I will be back to business as “unusual” LOL! As my life is anything but ordinary. That being said, I will be able to commence with the work at hand and can take on new requests, commissions, scheduling….then. If you place any orders while I’m gone through my Crystal Illumination shop, they will be fulfilled upon return as well. And then the new will be unfolding with fresh energy integrated from my time away.

I will have email access while I am gone so if you have any questions or want to set something up for when I’m back, you can message me at

Be gentle with yourself and others, and more and more you will come to know the real beauty that IS.

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