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Empathic Resonance ~ Gemini New Moon 2015 by Adam Sommer

Astrologer, Adam Sommer, shares his take on today’s Gemini New Moon, which I feel you’ll find resonating and supportive.

In his reflective synopsis he shares:

“This Moon falls in the last decan of Gemini (20-30 degrees).  It is in this space where we experience the most extreme forms of polarity. According to the Egyptians, it marked the end of their calendar year. This has to do with the Summer Solstice.  When the Sun leaves Gemini, it enters Cancer, which also is both the highest the Sun will get in the year and the beginning of its descent.  The Lord of Light begins to sink, shrink, and wane.  And so we get images Cain slaying Abel, fallen men on the battlefield, Castor, the mortal twin being struck down, and a wise man laughing as the blade separates head from body.  It is symbolic of the extremes of mortality and immortality or how to work with the tension of our monkey mind and christ consciousness.  It’s a territory where the only discoveries will be found within, and will relate to striking a balance between the mind and heart.”

This seems to mirror my last post I shared about the interesting feeling of experiencing polarities of aversion and affinity at the same time to things – all pointing to getting at the heart of the matter where integrative balance and harmony can be created in that union.

Adam also shares this, which resonates with my own experience:

“In a general sense, I feel this Gemini New Moon will bring up issues like I mentioned above, but also plant a few seeds of wonder relating to what it would be like to step out of the electrical storm, and feel what it’s like to be outside of the cloud. Town and city vs. mountain and stream.  It is going to challenge us to unplug a bit, to bring our minds down a few decibels, allowing for the capacity of warm limbic resonance, open ears, and tearful empathy for what is actually happening around us. We will come face to face with our “evil” twin and learn to satiate them with love and compassion.”

To read his entire article please visit:

Gemini New Moon 2015 “Empathic Resonance” 

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