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It May Not Happen Overnight, but it DOES Happen

Any time someone tells me that they can’t do something, I don’t hear the excuse, but what I do see is their light diminishing a little more with each answer they come up with.

Their life force and spark dimming at the loss of passion flowing through.

Why I don’t hear the excuse is because I don’t believe it.

Anyone whether it has been someone learning how to paint with their toes or mouth because they have no hands, or who has discovered and invented something that ends up helping everyone’s lives that others thought was a crazy idea in the first place, or the single mother who creates a seven-figure at-home business while caring for her children and working part time jobs, the addict who becomes sober and inspires others to do the same while they start over back in college and land an amazing job, the high school drop out that becomes a brilliant entrepreneur and leads others to do the same, the retiree with a love for animals who opens his home to care for the neglected and homeless dogs, the woman told she has three months to live due to cancer and has gone on to live 20 years past that timeline and still going strong, the orphan who makes her way and later opens a home to other girls like her…..

They all do what they do and achieve what they have because they, too, don’t believe in anything others have to say and don’t listen to the roadblocks their sabotaging egos would otherwise have them believe.

When they get frustrated they continue on.

When they cry themselves dry those tears become the force behind their momentum.

When they reach an impasse, they build a bridge.

When a door closes, they knock on another.

When they hit rock bottom, they choose to rise again, and again, and again….

You CAN do the things you want to do and you CAN start doing them today.

Or maybe the way you think it needs to look or be is limiting you and opening to the possibilities can bring in the perfect way.

What lies before you is not a deterrent, but a stepping stone.

Nothing is a sentence…it is all just a message that with shifts and new choices made can be an empowering thing.

And as I mentioned in a previous post a couple of days ago about the pioneering spirit:

Lift yourself up and discover how incredibly more powerful, able, resourceful, resilient, and creative you are than you think.

You don’t need to know how.

The road doesn’t need to be clear.

You simply need to allow your heart to fuel your mind with passion that is food to the creative will.

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