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Choosing to “Gleen” – Messages Surrounding the Upcoming Solar Eclipse New Moon this Sunday 11/3/2013

solareclipse-mysticmamma-comThis Sunday, November 3rd there will be a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio. Very potent and just a few days after celebrating the magickal blessings of Samhain – a day and evening of the thinnest veil between worlds.

And that it was for me last night indeed, as I went to bed with my Strawberry Lemurian Starbrary Crystal under my pillow after infusing it with magickal intention. During the middle of the night those veils did in fact thin and a couple of Star Family members slipped through the dimensions. I was in the dream/wake state of being conscious of what was taking place and experiencing the reality that our night explorations more easily provide us.

Without detailing everything, two extraterrestrial friends emerged from the dark backdrop I was facing at the edge of the abyss – first seeing interesting star formations and shapes of light move across in interesting patterns, then larger and then shifting until an opening of varying color in amoeba-like form spread wider and the two beings slowly materialized through. To make a long experience, short…one stepped closer and then behind me, in response to my welcoming, as I knew he was there supportively to gift me with something – much like in my other experiences where I receive integrative work.

He placed his hands around the back of my neck and upper portion of the area there between neck and Higher Heart, as well as where the start of your neck curves in your shoulders. I immediately felt a deep chill and the sensation of the loving touch and energy.

I then kept seeing and hearing the word “glean” as a message. It was very clear. I remember thinking this morning, was it meant to be spelled as I saw it, with “ea” or did the spelling not matter and it was the word itself I was to remember, as there is also the word “gleen” I later found out?

However, since messages received come telepathically, they can be symbolically conveyed. And I just remembered that in the dream after the word “glean” appeared, I was given the symbolic key code for it in a way for me to interpret it, which was their associating it with my toothpaste. LOL! I love how even my extraterrestrial friends cherish simplicity and humor. So, in the context of what toothpaste we know to do, does – makes your teeth shiny, sparkly, and perhaps whiter by clearing away the layers of grime and old “stuff” – the glean may have been meant as the first definition that corresponds to “gleen” – to glisten and gleam.

I actually didn’t know either word was a real word, until I looked them up this morning. 🙂 In either case, the message seemed fitting. Since “glean” means to gather, learn, find out and discover bit by bit what is left by reapers, perhaps there is a dual message within the simple message of piece-by-piece unfolding the layers to the core of me/you.

There is also the concept of “gleaning the low hanging fruit first, rather than the high fruit” – this to mean doing things one step at a time with what is most accessible and easier, then little by little working your way to the hidden and more challenging things, but with the confidence and abilities learned along the way. You don’t have to do everything now, nor do it all at once! Every little bit counts and is valuable and needed, and one step is more powerful than none at all.

My dear friend Laura Bruno told me to check out her post on “Gleaning” after I posted today’s blog article – synchronicity train strikes again! Her post also shares how “gleaning” the low fruit (collecting leftover produce) can help re-envision the world. Gleaners are volunteers who pick leftover produce and distribute it to the poor. There are also gleaning operations of volunteers that go into the countryside to collect produce and bring it back to their town/community to be distributed, which is reflecting a newly conscious public that is thinking more about not just where their food comes from, but with awareness about the connectivity of the collective Earth.

I’ll let you to explore that in your own way of interpreting. All I know, is that I always receive some kind of message and some I know I’m meant to convey.

strawberry lemurian starbrary4But it is interesting that my Strawberry Lemurian is a Rosetta Stone Starbrary, remember? This to mean that it translates other Star System languages and I slept with it on the eve of Samhain.

And in reference to the definition of “gleen” – to “gleam” – I found the first sentence of MysticMamma’s Astral Insights for the Solar Eclipse New Moon approaching, to be quite synchronous. She writes:

“Embrace the Total Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio! Scorpio is the sign of regeneration and teaches us how to shed our skins and peel away the layers to uncover our gleaming core.”

It doesn’t get any more fun than that! 🙂

And she goes on to share:

“What is essential is to to tap into our own river of truth and know that we each have a unique path to walk in life. This demands courage and the wisdom to understand that our worlds are defined by our own parameters. balanced life magazine cover CAWe are each unique just like each snowflake is unique! (interesting use of symbolism here, as I have an older painting titled, “Uniquely You, Divinely One” pictured to the left, which was featured on the cover of Balanced Life Magazine’s December 2009/January 2010 issue) We each have our intrinsic design that must be encouraged and celebrated. 

Allow what is truest in you to unfold and don’t try to be like anyone else. Radiance is the result of allowing the uniqueness within each of us to shine forth.

So little by little, spiral inward to the landscapes of your mind, and sweep clean the panorama. ▸▸▸ You have all you need inside you to guide you.”

And perhaps that sheds a little light for you, on the message received. So simple, and yet so powerful.

Another synchronicity with MysticMamma’s post is the link with another portion of what I originally was going to share today. It so perfectly weaves into what Astrologer, Cathy Pagano, one of the highlighted readers in the post shares:

“With a Solar New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio, very close to Saturn, this could be a new beginning for many of us, a flushing out of old emotional patterns, probably from many lifetimes.  What kind of emotional openness, along with keen insight into others, do you want to develop in yourself?  And how will you develop it? 

Life really is all about the story you tell yourself, deep down in the underworld of your consciousness—unconscious stories about your beliefs, your hopes, your prime directive; your fears, your dogma, your captivity.  Stories and beliefs which shaped our unconscious when we were children, before we had a say about things.  Why not step back and really look at that old story, and then choose a better story to live by—instead of holding that better story at arm’s length?

What story are you living in?  How do you need to change it?  Most us of repeat the story we’re living in (‘I don’t have enough money’, ‘I feel like a prisoner’, ‘nobody loves me’, ‘I’m afraid and alone’, ‘my life sucks!’, ‘I never have any luck!’ etc.) making it our reality by reinforcing our beliefs.  But we don’t have to choose that story to be in.”

I have to preface what I’m sharing below, by saying, I wrote this portion as the first part of this blog post before even reading any of MysticMamma’s article insights. I then secondly wrote about my last night experience, and THEN I happened upon her article and found the exact correlations to the messages I was guided to share today.


gleenYou saw the “glean/gleen/gleam” correlation above, and here is the correlation with Cathy’s insights on “the stories we tell ourselves and how we can choose a different one.”

Someone close to me last weekend was asking me questions about the work I do and some of my beliefs. They then expressed one of their “stories” which included having a lot of anger built up throughout their life (he was in his 60’s) that continues to affect him greatly, and he shared how his mother had challenges, which then passed to him and his siblings and on to their children later in life. So he understood the cycle and patterns and even said he understood it wasn’t her fault, as that was what she had been raised with. And yet, here he is still feeling a victim of this experience, angry, and unable to change the torment he experiences because of it.

Then he asked me a question about this and when I answered, “Well, there’s a bit more to the process that can help with this, but one fundamental thing I’ve come to believe is that everything is a choice and we can choose NOT to be angry anymore.” He paused for a second, like that truth had hit home and I saw behind his now wider eyes, the wheels turning, as to whether or not to accept that responsibility that seemed both too simple and too much to embrace, and he then instead chuckled it off and edged in very close, sweetening his surprised face, and said in a cutesy, tender voice, “Sweetheart, you’re so full of sh–”

LOL! No joke! That was the extent of the response, which said nothing and everything all at once.

And he went on choosing his story, but the words I spoke, I truly believe, and they may stick in his mind the next time he is overcome in his anger, although he may choose differently.

We do have a choice every moment, but it’s up to us to want to accept that responsibility and up to us how much it really means to us to change our experience. If it really bothers you, are you willing to invest the same amount of effort into a different choice, as you put into the anger, or sadness, or guilt, etc.?

There are so many new doorways you can walk through in the deepening of self-understanding, self-undoing, and self-realization.

If you’d like to read more about the energies of the current transformational aspects being experienced, please continue reading MysticMamma’s Solar Eclipse New Moon in Scorpio – November 3rd full article.

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