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Autumn’s Warm Embrace ~ A Magickal Day at Fallen Leaf Lake & Lake Tahoe

peace.jpgYesterday was a stunning and enchanted day as we ventured half way around Lake Tahoe, had lunch in our old home of Incline Village, discovered a new bakery with vegan brownies and cupcakes, explored the area, communed with our favorite ancient rocks where we dipped our feet in the crystal liquid, spread some of Joy’s and Nestor’s ashes, set intentions, and napped in the sun, and ended with a late afternoon hike around Fallen Leaf Lake at the perfect glow of day just before and as the sun went to sleep behind the mountain, which was absolutely magickal.

I even found a giant naturally carved magick sword at the lake’s edge, which was massively heavy, although I managed to pick it up feeling myself back in Arthurian times and reminding me of the Sword in the Stone legend.

sword.jpgHad Merlin left it for me? Or had the Lady of the Lake offered Excalibur to someone who would know it for what it was?

I giggled with joking seriousness to Dave, “does this mean I’ve reclaimed my power?”

I hope you enjoy an Autumn immersion and visual walk through the beauty of our day.



Off to Avalon


Avalon by *Iribel

I have a roundtrip ticket to Avalon today…Avalon, Catalina Island that is 🙂

Avalon is a mystical and magickal Isle in the “other world” of the Faery realm. It is an island that is said to have been the resting spot of great warriors, a calm and peaceful sanctuary and place of healing. It is said the island is where Caliburn (sword of the stone) and Excalibur (sword of the lake) were forged. And where Lancelot, was raised by the Lady of the Lake and where the Holy Grail first stood.

As Miranda Sophia Solace of Avalon Beyond shares:

“This Island is a realm between the worlds, an entrance in to the underworld and has been for centuries and indeed millennia a site of initiation and worship. Featuring strongly in Arthurian Legend, the Isle has captured the imagination of many who have visited there experiencing the peace and rebirth of this ancient mysterious gateway to the Goddess.”

And today, Avalon is where this wee faery will be.

As I live a symbolic life and this morning appears to have misted, clouded gray skies (reminding me of my painting, Mists of Avalon) that I’ll be journeying across the waters on the boat over through, why not it be that this “Avalon” may be my “realm between worlds” for the day. It certainly feels so, and being that it is on the threshold of the Lunar Eclipse Super Moon in Sagitarrius of 5/24-25, it is once again an interesting and powerful symbolism I did not know I was creating when I first made these reservations over a month ago.

Seems to hold a poignant meaning for me today and I’m sure I’ll soon find out what that is.

So I’m off like a faery to my magickal sanctuary just directly across the water from where I live to take a day off to refresh, renew, receive inspiration for the large projects I’m working on, and to kick off this fun weekend ahead.

I’ll write more about the Full Moon energies, some shifts, and other fun stuff over the long Memorial weekend.

Every day is a chance to create a little magick. I hope you are creating your own. It’s always there to embrace.

Mists of Avalon – Portal to the Otherworld

Mists of Avalon by Tania Marie

I wanted to share my newest creation that is now available and will be exhibited at Circa 92 for the opening on 2/25 – Mists of Avalon. As always, cameras can’t quite capture the colors and detail as vibrantly, but this definitely gives you the essence feel. As I’ve shared, music is the process of my inspirations when I create and for this painting I was lead to a particular song that I played continuously, which always takes me to this world between worlds. It brings me to a dimensional visualization experience that takes me to the mystical and magickal Faery realm. It’s a very special place I only go to, to connect with my dear ones there (a special place for Nestor and I) and to get in touch with my essence and joyous self in a dance of etheric and otherworldly splendor so that I may bring that back with me into the now world.

Once I got into that flow and dance, the image came easily, but I did go through an interesting process as I was accessing the way to bring the essence of what I feel from the music into the manifestation of this painting. I also had trouble with the title, until synchronously Laura Bruno posted just as I was asking for help with the title, her blog: Becoming Invisible and The Mists of Avalon! I knew instantly that I had received the answer to my quest – Mists of Avalon  – this was exactly what I had captured in my mind and heart’s eye. The doorway to Avalon was what I had been creating, which is imbued with the energy of what I experience there.

As you read a little inspiration from Miranda Sophia Solace of Avalon Beyond below, I will leave you to experience the piece, as it is a portal that leads to this magickal Isle of Avalon in the “other world” as the mists of the vortex energy reveals the emerging Faery realm. – a place dear in my heart.

“This Island is a realm between the worlds, an entrance in to the underworld and has been for centuries and indeed millennia a site of initiation and worship. Featuring strongly in Arthurian Legend, the Isle has captured the imagination of many who have visited there experiencing the peace and rebirth of this ancient mysterious gateway to the Goddess. 

In England there is a very spiritual and sacred place called Glastonbury which is believed to be the site of the idyllic and magickal Isle of Avalon. Two holy wells or springs are found in Glastonbury, The Chalice Well or Red spring so called because the water is so filled with iron deposits that everything it touches is covered with rust. The other spring is the White Spring whose water is full of chalk leaving a white residue where it runs. These two closely coexisting yet separate sources are held to be symbolic of the blood and the milk of the mother and the Chalice well in later years was thought to be the last place where the holy grail was seen turning the water red with the blood of the crucified Christ. Of course we know, as seekers, that the chalice is the symbol of the cauldron, the womb of the mother and people of all faiths travel to the Chalice Well Gardens to drink the holy water. 

The name Avalon means “The Isle of Apples” with the apple being the symbol of all Beauty in the Celtic tree alphabet or Oghamic system. Glastonbury is dominated by the imposing Tor, a great hill carved thousands of years ago with a labyrinth earthwork processional path. The triple circle symbol on the Avalon sign is called the Vesica Piscis – The vessel of fishes – and is wrought in iron on the well head cover of the Chalice Well. The two inner circles symbolize the physical and non physical planes of existence, the point where they overlap being the vesica, the yonic symbol from which all creation comes forth. By bringing this symbolism and philosophy to the store I have tried to promote an environment of rebirth and refreshment for all our visitors, a peaceful and otherworldly sanctuary akin to the unbelievable feeling which I encountered upon visiting the Beautiful and knowing Isle of Avalon many years ago.” 

I actually have a ring that has a miniature symbol of the ancient cover of the Chalice Well of Glastonbury on it. (pictured left) Devotees of Arthurian Legend recognize this powerful symbol – believed to be a bridge to eternal life. The two intersecting circles, as shared, form the vesica piscis: symbol of feminine divinity, and the union of spirit and matter.

Enjoy your journey as you travel to this mystical land and don’t forget to keep the magick in your heart and to integrate into your experience daily!



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