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Happy Holidays! Galactic Gateways, Gentle Grace & Gifts Galore – December is Here and So Are You!

A dove outside my Reno condo where I used to live

A lovely dove I photographed outside my Reno condo 2009

For those of you that don’t receive my newsletter updates, are just stumbling upon my blog, or follow my blog, but miss some of my posts and want a one-stop-shop for all the holiday goodies and support I’ve recently been posting on and offering for this month, here’s a link to my December 2012 newsletter update:

Happy Holidays! Galactic Gateways, Gentle Grace & Gifts Galore – December is Here and So Are You!

You’ll find 7 ways you can ring in the new energy and 2013 with conscious, empowering, meaningful, and unique gifts to self and others that will support the changes you desire in your life and assist you in making those profound leaps. This is a fully packed newsletter of tons of goodies and offerings that celebrate you, the new, and support the intrinsic value of creative and healing arts. Please visit the link for more details including Big Discounts and Free Gifts.

Some of these offerings have specials running until 12/12/12, my Cafe Press Shop has a special running until 12/10/12, and there is only 2 weeks to secure a spot for our 12/21/12 trip in Bimini departing 12/16/12. So be sure to check all the dates and details and have fun exploring what calls to your heart.

Wishing you a magickal holiday season!

Save 12% Until 12/12/12 – Crystals Supporting Evolutionary Leaps

Many are preparing energetically for the upcoming December dates of 12/12/12 and 12/21/12. These dates represent doorways of possibility for an evolutionary leap – Gateways! They are opening alignments that provide opportunity to explore your/our power to create a new world. Our crystalline friends are equally working in support of these creations of consciousness and are here to assist those courageous leaps through the gateways.

Many of you may be experiencing symptoms of this Ascension process and if so, you may find as I have, how helpful the right crystal friend/s can be in assistance to you. After all, they are driven by purity of heart in service to the collective highest good.

In support of these energies and shifts, Joyful Earth Crystals is sharing a special to honor each courageous soul and to assist the Earth in its process of transformation.

Between now and 12 pm noon PST on 12/12/12 you can SAVE 12% on everything in our Joyful Earth Crystals Etsy shop. Simply enter “love12” at checkout to apply the discount.

All holiday orders must be received by noon PST on 12/12/12 in order to ship for the holidays, as our shop will be closed for the rest of December while we are in Bimini for 12/21/12 and Allison is visiting family for the holidays.

More crystal beauties will be added to the collection in the coming weeks before 12/12/12 so keep an eye out for my posts and check back regularly at the shop link above.

Tomorrow I will be posting a new individual crystal beauty friend that is spectacular, to say the least, and I assure you will support major leaps in consciousness and experience for the right person. I’m pleased to share that all of the individual crystals have moved on to new, loving friends (including the gorgeous Angel Quartz and the amazing Giant Smokey Quartz so many felt drawn to and received healing from just by viewing them). Only the Regal Amethyst Geode Sphere still searches for its new and rightful, loving home, despite interests, which I will repost tomorrow with its powerful buddy. Divine timing always brings these beauties into alignment with their keepers. They are both amazing and potent spheres, so it seems fit they wanted to be shared together.

For now, I hope you enjoy the holiday sale of lovely crystal pendants, necklaces, and bracelets in the shop. There are a few new pieces already featured and as shared, more to come!

If you have any questions, or to purchase the Amethyst Geode Sphere, you can contact me at

Until tomorrow, crystal dreams and sparkly magick to you!

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