Hopscotching Through Change & Invitation to Join the CEDF for 2022

As the world and our experiences continue to flip on a dime these days, I find it of benefit to remain flexible and trust in my resiliency. I embrace change likely more easily than most, but where big change used to come in much wider, spread out cycles, it seems we’re now experiencing them in quick steps. I almost feel at times it’s like a game of hopscotch.

One-legged jumping from one square of experience to another, sometimes needing both feet together to anchor and ground the next cycle and then hopping quickly away to the next and next step that presents itself the second my foot feels to just have landed at the last spot.

And once I feel I’ve made it through, it’s time to turn around and do it from the next spiral of experience, adding layers upon layers of transformative steps.

It’s a fast moving field of experience these days with the hands of the clock winding round so quickly I truly am feeling the days all merge as one and not separate. I just happen to lay down at the end of a cycle to rest and integrate, but the day moves on and on and on into one long and fluid experience of ONENESS – one eternally, neverending continuum.

In the midst of it all I can feel the call to continue transforming small things in my daily life, as well as my inner world of thoughts, emotions, and patterns. These play a part in making way for the larger transformations that are beckoning, but still remain in process. These preliminary steps can include things like restructuring my days, spending more quiet receiving time, entertaining new possibilities that I never would have before, creating new goals and life plans overall, redecorating, clearing, reorganizing, and even giving away things I love in the name of abundance.

And even Astrid is going through her own changes, as well as receiving some upgrades to her realm. She received a new little castle cubby corner for Winter Solstice and Christmas and then for the New Year I got her a second one with a draw bridge that connects them. These replace her old cardboard cottages and tunnel that have been with her for a while that held the same configuration (two cottages connected by a tunnel in between), but were more fragile and not as solidly anchored.

Can you see where she’s going with this energetically?

In fact, she has been itching for change, because she would often not only chew her cardboard cottages, but then pick them up, toss them, and flip them upside down.

Astrid was enacting The Tower card in Tarot.

She’s been summoning sudden change, personal transformation, huge awakenings, break-throughs, and liberation from the breaking down of old structures with lightning bolt surprise and even chaotic presence. Hmmm, might mom be doing the same?

Sometimes we need to tear down those old foundations all the way down to the root and then rebuild anew. This kind of transformation has much more stability and longevity if we take it down to the core.

And yet this kind of massive change holds promise for something immensely beneficial and new that we can either engage and put in motion ourselves, or have happen to us instead.

Astrid likes to take the cottage by her teeth….her enactment of taking the bull by the horns and both puts into motion and faces the impending changes by meeting them bravely and boldly. She doesn’t wait around for something to happen to her…and quite frankly, neither do I.

Here she is seeing her new castle setup for the first time and curiously checking it out.

She’s taking her time exploring it and I’m awaiting her messaging if she likes where it is or if a whole redo to her castle realm setup is to be in motion while we do some mini Wonderland renovations.

I love that even though these new castles are sturdy and solid, they’re also equally mobile like her cardboard cottages were, so I can easily take them down when travel bunny extraordinaire is in motion again, pack them up, and away weeeeeeeeeeeeee go!

One of her other New Year gifts was this ornament with her name on it.

She seemed to be quite touched by it.

It’s actually a year round ornament I’ll keep out on one of the mini lighted birch trees I got us this Autumn for our shared Wonderland room, which will likely be undergoing a little facelift soon.

In the meantime we’re just taking each day at a time and since they feel seamless to me, I no longer have this sense of impending need to do a particular amount of stuff in a day since the day is ongoing.

I find so many things expanding and one of the things that’s enhanced both the experience of seeing and feeling this playing out, as well as actually putting it into greater motion has been the monthly Collective Energy Dynamics Forum sessions I’ve been doing since November with the group who joined.

These have been quite transformative for everyone involved, which definitely includes me.

The third installment will be going out in the next day or so, which puts us at the halfway mark of our six month cycle together.

I can’t begin to share what these sessions have been like, nor the energy that builds and integrates in the weeks in between, but hearing from the people involved has been confirming to my own experience and answered the “why” behind the strong nudge I had to embrace the guidance to do these.

With the energy of 2022 in full swing, another of the changes that I embraced included an additional nudge that came at the start of this year to open up a couple more spots in the remaining second half of our recorded video sessions in order to allow room for the weaving in of new energies.

Originally there were to be 6 sessions for each of the months beginning November through April. January concludes the first 3 and after seeing how the timing and flow on these have been going, I do feel confident in being able to say “yes” again to the guidance to open some spots.

So, if you were on the fence before about joining, weren’t able to at the time, or now have new motivation or nudge with the onset of 2022 at hand, then I invite you to join our beautiful group for the second half of the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum.

If you’d like to join, the cut-off to register is Friday, January 28th.

I’m only able to welcome in a couple of people since I need to keep the recordings within a certain time length.

When you register, please also send me your 2 questions, which each participant is invited to ask. Depending on how many questions I have each month, determines how many I am able to get through in each session. Many times I’m able to answer both questions and sometimes only 1. Sometimes people only ask 1, and sometimes they just join without question.

Again, these sessions are completely anonymous and also begin with an overview for the month of what I’m sensing as themes energetically and any other pertinent information that channels through to share, along with practical ideas to help. Then I move into the questions, which generally weave an energetic story themselves. And last, I conclude with a bonus gift at the end of each session.

I usually send out the recorded sessions in the first half of each month.

Sessions become discussions of dynamics playing out, how to navigate the collective energy streams, and making more empowered choices through challenges. This is also a way to stay connected, know that you’re not alone and have a dynamic group to unite forces with, as well as to keep a sense of accountability with what ever is important to you and maintain that energy flow. I find that many times when we don’t have a particular practice in place or way of showing up, it can be easy to let things slide or we find ourselves falling into a certain stagnant or darker place with potential of getting stuck. My hope is that this provides some momentum, helps you to navigate the confusing or scarier things, and supports you to keep moving through things or taking steps in some way with changes at hand. Perhaps even, reveals or fuels that silver lining, hope, or inspiration that can be harder to find these days.

I think the sessions also provide answers to the hard questions you might have been afraid to ask, or didn’t know how to, but then someone else does for you and then there’s your “a-ha!” moment revealed.

Change, whether surprising or not, is going to continue knocking on our doors and anything you can put into place to help you or any way you can take the cottage by your teeth like Astrid does, just may make the transitions a lot more fluid and a lot less disruptive.

I encourage everyone to discover the avenues and connections that resonate and support your individual needs. This may not look the same for everyone, but there is something for everyone out there.

I’ll leave you with a few anonymous words, below, from some of the beautiful souls of the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum who so sweetly were open to sharing what the experience has been like for them so far. And if you feel called to join us, you can register at this link:

Collective Energy Dynamics Forum

“I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from the Collective Energy Dynamics Forum, but acted upon a feeling that the reason would reveal itself and it did that and then some. While I listen to Tania share the month’s messages and answer everyone’s questions, it becomes apparent that there’s a huge sense of other presences around her and the information is definitely channeling through her open heart. Not only does the information answer the individual, but she has a way of weaving it to speak to everyone and I find that so many of the things in my own life are made clear through what others bring to the table and through the way Tania integrates the message. These have been very helpful with the changes I’m going through and what’s showing up in the world.”

The incredible support I have received from participating in CEDF, has truly been pivotal and exactly what I needed in my life and during these times. As I continue to expand and experience huge spiritual life-path shifts, it is essential to my evolution, that I be held, seen, and guided by one holding such profound gifts as Tania has. And this is exactly what she does. She is able to channel and hold sacred space for both the individual and the collective, as she weaves the cosmic threads of what we are all personally and collectively experiencing into one flawless flowing seam of perspective…..supportive of the individual and the group. What she creates for us in CEDF is powerful!!

The Collective Energy Dynamics Forum sessions are a chance for you to ask the questions you have that need an open hearted, open minded person to consider.  Tania’s intuition guides her to weave the answers to the questions and some general themes for each session into a cohesive energy package that resonates over time.  I love hearing what the other participants have on their minds.

“Wow is an understatement. The CEDF monthly gatherings have really hit home. Sometimes I don’t even feel I have to ask a question because someone else does it for me! Although it may seem like random questions would emerge, they all hold a cohesive theme that is revealing a story of the collective movement taking place on a much wider scale. I’m also really appreciating the added themes and gifts Tania has woven in and watching and listening you can really feel a shift within as she lights up and embraces everyone compassionately. I’m amazed that she can talk nonstop for so long, but then I guess if you’re coming from spirit and heart, as I feel she is, it makes sense there’s an endless energy supply there.”

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Creating life as a work of art with a magick rabbit by my side. I remember my song. Do you? Artist, Author and Reiki Master Teacher with over 30 years' experience in creative healing arts and metaphysical studies. Tania inspires people globally to return to natural harmony, draw forth imagination to manifest dreams, embody creative empowerment, and live more magickally and abundantly from their most natural frequency – in essence, Tania helps you to remember your song.

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  1. Kudos on embracing the changes for well Tania and the success of your CEDF program. It seems you are touching hearts with your open-hearted wisdom. I’m getting my own nudges to change. I was just given notice by my landlord that she wants me to move out so she can remodel the place. So I’m looking for a new place to live.

  2. Desiree Bergeron

    I completely loved all the examples you gave of your integration and processes happening—I always learn so much when you share about them!! And also hearing about Astrid too—All so reflective and supportive to me.
    And…..CEDF has been amazing! So glad to be a participant, (and to share my experience for others to read about!!) it is phenomenal—YOU are phenomenal.

    • aw! i’m so glad to hear that! i love looking at astrid’s processes so much too, as she really sheds light on so much with her bold approaches. i just adore her and am grateful for such a partner in life. ❤ thank you dearly for your support and presence in it all. it is hugely felt and integral. you rock!

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